Compassionate conservatism

David Cameron Announces Financial Boost For Mental Health Services

Top Tories form social justice caucus to plot ‘all-out assault on poverty’

26 January 2016 7:09

David Cameron has decided that social justice will be his key legacy theme as Prime Minister, with his autumn conference…

Prime Minister David Cameron Reacts To The Scottish Referendum Decision

Once upon a time David Cameron had a story to tell; he needs to remember it and tell it again

30 September 2014 20:11

It is easy to inflate the importance of speeches made at party conferences. Particularly when those speeches are the last…


Want to make welfare a ‘moral mission’? Stop toting it as a weapon.

19 February 2014 9:48

Quite naturally, a piece from the Prime Minister claiming that welfare reform is ‘at the heart… of our social and…

George Osborne and Danny Alexander leave the Treasury to deliver the spending review.

Spending review – a response from a Tory marginal

28 June 2013 9:01

If there was one thing the spending review has proved, it is that the Conservative-led coalition is a compassionate government.…


Barwell wins bill battle against mental health discrimination

11 February 2013 16:11

Gavin Barwell’s bill to end discrimination against those suffering from mental illnesses received its third reading in the House of…

The Conservative Party Annual Conference Concludes With The Prime Minister's Keynote Speech

David Cameron to Ed Miliband: Come and have a go, if you think you're hard enough - Spectator Blogs

10 October 2012 13:25

For months now, David Cameron and his government have been pursued around the ring. Chased by Labour and harassed by…

Members Of The Cabinet Attend Their Weekly Meeting

The benefit cap is a key test of compassionate Conservatism

16 July 2012 21:45

David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s railways announcement wasn’t the only attempt today by the coalition to bounce back from the…

Compassionate conservatism the key to gay marriage pledge

17 September 2011 12:22

When David Cameron spoke to the Carlton Club political dinner on Thursday night, he stressed that the Conservatives must not…

David Aaronovitch and the social conservative consensus

6 January 2011 18:34

David Aaronovitch is one of the preeminent voices of the liberal-left in this country. He is no social conservative and…

The man who would be shadow international development secretary

26 August 2010 12:05

Guido says that Gordon Brown wants to become shadow international development secretary. This rumour is uncorroborated, as far as I…