Communications Data Bill

Apple Hosts Event At Company's Town Hall

What are we willing to do to make our intelligence agencies’ job easier?

19 February 2015 16:45

Ottawa. Sydney. Paris. Copenhagen. Four major Western cities attacked in five months by Islamist terrorists and all committed by perpetrators…


The emergency surveillance legislation will make us safer

11 July 2014 9:24

Isabel wonders whether it is a good thing that all main parties allied in passing emergency surveillance legislation into law…

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The Snooper’s Charter is back – and Nick Clegg will kill it again

25 June 2014 11:38

That Theresa May is now making a last-ditch effort to revive the ‘Snooper’s Charter’ should come as no surprise to…

Snooping Bill

Snooper’s Charter could resurface after 2014 Budget

25 June 2013 8:50

There’s talk this morning of the intelligence budget taking a cut in tomorrow’s spending review announcement, but what about the…

Will the Communications Data Bill achieve its aims, or harm our technology sector? Photo: Getty Images.

The Snooper’s charter threatens Britain’s burgeoning technology boom

20 June 2013 13:00

Ministers are still mulling how they can collect communications data, and while quite rightly the debate about the ‘Snooper’s Charter’…


Forget the spies: councils want the Snooper’s Charter, too

11 June 2013 17:27

The Tories aren’t giving up just yet on the Communications Data Bill, and Keir Starmer’s intervention, reported in the Sun…

GCHQ to reveal links

Trust me, I’m a Foreign Secretary, says William Hague on Prism

10 June 2013 17:46

William Hague’s statement on Prism was a masterclass in not answering the question. Hague calmly, but determinedly, stuck to the…

Senate To Vote On Debt Limit Bill, After House Passed It

Prism controversy will deepen coalition divisions over the snooper’s charter

8 June 2013 15:26

GCHQ’s use of the US monitoring system Prism is threatening to turn into a major political row. Douglas Alexander is…


The snoopers’ error

8 June 2013 10:00

Eeek! The snooper’s charter is back from the dead! And still, for some reason, its advocates don’t seem able to…

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Why Cameron’s warning on Syria leaves me feeling nervous

3 June 2013 17:18

David Cameron’s Commons statement today contained two blunt warnings. In a significant escalation of the argument over communications data, he…

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Even a limited snooping bill is causing the Home Office trouble

3 June 2013 14:30

David Cameron is giving a statement in the Commons this afternoon on, among other things, the Woolwich killing. He may…


Snooper’s Charter battle returns, and it’s going to be even messier than before

26 May 2013 12:10

David Cameron warned in his Downing Street statement on the Woolwich killing against forming ‘knee-jerk responses’ to the atrocity. But…

Nick Clegg explains that he's blocking the Snooper's Charter.

The only thing that remains of the Snooper’s Charter is unlikely to need legislation

25 April 2013 12:03

Even though Nick Clegg made a big song and dance this morning on LBC about blocking the Snooper’s Charter, there…

"Are you boys going to come quietly?" Theresa May takes on the cops

Theresa May tries to calm Snooping Bill nerves

24 April 2013 11:40

It seems the Home Office is growing a little bit nervous about its flagship Communications Data Bill. I understand that…

Snooping Bill

How the Snooping Bill could end up dead in the water – sooner or later

23 April 2013 18:19

When Cabinet met this morning, ministers didn’t discuss the Communications Data Bill, which the government hopes to get into the…

Snooping Bill

The scattergun Snooping Bill won’t help tackle crime, or protect people

19 April 2013 13:57

Over a year ago, the Government proposed to increase the available powers of surveillance – giving authorities the ability to…


Govt keeps Snooping Bill campaigners in the dark

19 April 2013 9:13

It’s not looking good for the Snooping Bill. The legislation is currently being re-written after serious concerns were raised with…


Snooper’s charter faces rocky road

12 April 2013 18:27

We’re only a few weeks away from the Queen’s Speech, yet there’s one significant piece of legislation from this session…

HMRC cashpoint

Big Brother (and HMRC) is watching you

21 January 2013 10:38

It’s the anniversary of George Orwell’s death today – and HMRC seem to be marking the occasion with adverts in…

Home Office Minister James Brokenshire today said the government would make changes to the Data Communications Bill. Picture: Getty

Home Office minister: We can change snooping bill quickly

11 December 2012 9:07

After Nick Clegg and Labour rejected the draft Communications Data Bill, Home Office minister James Brokenshire appeared on the Today…

Nick Clegg is calling for the draft Communications Data Bill to be re-written following a highly critical report. Picture: Getty

Communication problems: Back to drawing board for controversial snooping bill

11 December 2012 0:03

The joint committee examining the controversial draft Communications Data Bill has reported back, and it’s not good news. The report’s…


Tory MP in battle with ministers over ‘snooping bill’ safeguards

9 December 2012 10:34

Coffee House has learned that a Tory MP is engaged in a fight with the Home Office on safeguards for…

Theresa May attacked critics of the Communications Data Bill yesterday. Picture: Getty

Theresa May makes a weak argument on the Communications Data Bill

4 December 2012 19:54

Despite a committee of both Houses of Parliament having yet to report after several months of inquiry, the Home Secretary…

Theresa May today defended the government's Communications Data Bill. Picture: Getty

Theresa May upsets the Lib Dems and David Davis in one fell swoop

3 December 2012 18:25

Theresa May has upset quite a few people from across the political spectrum with her comments in the Sun today…