Coffee Shots

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Coffee Shots (boozy edition): Nick and Vince’s lock-in

3 June 2014 12:16

After a tricky few weeks, Nick Clegg and Vince Cable have decided to thrash things out over a pint of ale. At 11am. The pair are hanging out in a… Continue reading

Britain Germany

Coffee Shots: Ever closer union?

27 February 2014 13:41

Things certainly seemed cosy between Angela Merkel and her favourite ‘naughty nephew’ when David Cameron greeted the German Chancellor in Downing Street earlier. So what on earth was said between… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Osborne invents new gesture for economy

21 February 2014 12:17

What is the Chancellor describing here during an event in Sydney? Or perhaps this is a new hand gesture to deploy against Ed Balls at Treasury Questions?

Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband Focuses On The Economy

Coffee Shots: What’s Ed Miliband organising in a brewery?

3 February 2014 16:24

Ed Miliband certainly looks a little shifty as he examines the products of Five Points Brewing Company in Hackney. Mr Steerpike is very keen for readers to suggest what he’s up… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 13.21.23

Coffee Shots: Leslie comforts Balls

28 January 2014 16:04

Ed Balls had a tricky time at Treasury Questions today. But fortunately, it seems he had his colleague Chris Leslie watching his back. Or, more specifically, his backside. Mr Steerpike… Continue reading

Robert Halfon (top left) is in the House.

Coffee Shot: Stay classy Harlow

6 January 2014 15:18

Did Robert Halfon, the Tory MP for Harlow, get a new suit for Christmas? He was resplendent in this russet/chestnut suit at today’s Education Questions. Had he not been wearing short hair, he… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Ed Miliband foams at the mouth

18 November 2013 15:57

Foaming at the mouth is rarely a good sign. In dogs, it can indicate nausea, anxiety or (at worst) rabies. But what about in a Leader of the Opposition? Should… Continue reading

Chancellor visits the Midlands

Coffee Shots: George uses his loaf

25 July 2013 9:25

George Osborne was a busy boy last night, visiting a number of #hardworking people ahead of today’s GDP figures. P.S. Mr Steerpike was thrilled to be reminded that there are… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Extreme royal baby broadcasting

22 July 2013 15:40

Until more real news emerges from the Lindo Wing, there isn’t much broadcasters can do. But Mr Steerpike spotted one cameraman trying to suggest events were moving faster than they… Continue reading

Cameron And Theresa May Visit Hertfordshire After Results Show A Reduction In Crime In The UK
Ed Miliband's Speech On Reforming Labour's Links With Unions

Coffee Shots: Ed Miliband mends union mess with Sex and the City strut

9 July 2013 13:37

Mr Steerpike was impressed to see that Ed Miliband took on the ultimate power walk this morning on the way to his Big Speech on trade unions.


Coffee Shots: Wimbledon special

7 July 2013 21:48

Forget the expressions of joy and pain flitting across Kim Sears’ and Judy Murray’s faces as Andy served, volleyed and leapt to win Wimbledon: David Cameron and Alex Salmond’s reactions… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 11.30.27

Coffee Shots: Shock Unite resignation

5 July 2013 11:58

Lib Dem MP Martin Horwood resigns from Unite after taking offence at jokes made by Labour MP Ian Davidson about ‘snivelling liberals’ in the House of Commons. Here is the… Continue reading

"I heard that you were short of air cover in Afghanistan, so the guys at DFID made you something..."
Ed Miliband. Picture: Getty

Coffee Shots: Miliband speaks

1 July 2013 12:00

Mr Steerpike is dying to hear Coffee House readers’ captions and comments on what was exciting Ed Miliband so at this recent event.

Picture: Getty

Coffee Shots: You’re pulling my Clegg

28 June 2013 12:00

What were David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband chortling about at Buckingham Palace this week, Mr Steerpike wonders?


Coffee Shots: any pickle with that, minister?

27 June 2013 16:01

Eric Pickles is a very popular figure around Westminster. This picture explains why. It is also 1,000 times funnier than the knackered ‘Eric Pickles is a fat northerner’ jokes that… Continue reading

Michael Gove on a school visit. Picture: Getty

Coffee Shots: The sponging minister

27 June 2013 12:00

One of the pleasures of Mr Steerpike’s job is stumbling across little photographic gems like this shot of Michael Gove, above. It would be selfish not to share them with… Continue reading