Climate change

China in a bullshop

7 January 2011 15:22

As if to illustrate Pete’s post about the rise of China and India, Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang has just finished a visit to Spain during which agreements worth 5.7… Continue reading


Will he be back?

6 January 2011 12:55

Clichéd, for sure, but it is the line that’s tagged every story about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s departure from office. Will Arnie return to the political fray or enjoy a sun-kissed retirement?… Continue reading


Putting a stop to taxpayer funded environmentalism

2 December 2010 9:17

It’s that time of year again, time for the world to pay attention to climate change policy for a few weeks.  Most of the year, schemes like the EU Emissions… Continue reading


Carbon omissions

22 November 2010 15:24

With the latest round of international climate change negotiations at Cancun less than a week away, Policy Exchange has published research showing that the UK’s and EU’s performance in reducing… Continue reading


The Big Society in action

28 October 2010 10:45

The Big Society, in so far as it can be defined at all, envisages an empowered people taking responsibility for their local communities. The little platoons’ efforts could determine the… Continue reading


Hunt the heretic

7 October 2010 14:08

Eureka, the science magazine from The Times, is in many ways a brilliant accomplishment. Advertising is following readers in an online migration – but James Harding, the editor, personally persuaded… Continue reading


A hard-headed case of déjà vu

6 October 2010 11:20

It was as if we’d been transported back a week – here was William Hague talking about ‘hard-headed foreign policy’, the very phrase that David Miliband had used before he… Continue reading


Darling: bankers’ super tax failed

2 September 2010 14:08

Honesty is an attractive though rare quality in a politician, and Alistair Darling’s self-awareness and morose delivery always grabs attention. Last night, the former chancellor told a conference of bankers… Continue reading


Huhne backs nuclear energy through gritted teeth

9 August 2010 16:33

You could almost hear the thumbscrews being tightened as Chris Huhne appeared on Today this morning to back nuclear power. The Energy Secretary has an, erm, patchy history when it… Continue reading


Forging a cheaper green policy

27 July 2010 14:57

The debate over climate change is one of the most polarised in UK politics, between those advocating doing everything possible (no matter what the cost) and those who refuse to… Continue reading


Green gold

19 July 2010 18:04

Most of Tim Yeo’s proselytising on climate change must be resisted. He calls for a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions in the short-term, which would paralyse Britain’s already geriatric economic… Continue reading


Why we shouldn’t worry about overpopulation

8 July 2010 18:27

Perhaps the most sinister side of the environmentalist movement is the idea of an “optimal population,” where human life is seen as a menace. The Optimal Population Trust has today… Continue reading


Pacific islands defy apocalyptic climate change scenarios

4 June 2010 12:29

The President of the Maldives can sell his snorkel: he’ll be waving not drowning. The New Scientist carries a fascinating article, examining the research of Paul Kench of the University… Continue reading


Arise Lord Prescott

31 May 2010 11:26

It’s John Prescott’s birthday – or Lord Prescott, as he will soon be. How odd of JP to don the ermine, given that he is on record saying that he… Continue reading


Climate kamikaze

26 May 2010 17:10

Several months ago, European leaders went to Copenhagen to save the planet. China, India and Brazil on the other hand went to the climate negotiations in Denmark to showcase the… Continue reading


Goldsmith’s declaration of independence

15 April 2010 14:55

Make what you will of his political agenda, but I think this is quite a refreshing admission from Zac Goldsmith today: "There are various things I have said in this… Continue reading


A week to forget for Andrew Adonis

26 March 2010 11:31

The weekend cannot come quick enough for Andrew Adonis. What an awful week. The BA strike wrecked travel; the absurd Stephen Byers dragged him into the lobbying scandal; the RMT… Continue reading


Rationalism enters the climate change debate

6 February 2010 15:47

I have been gripped by The Guardian’s climate change investigation and reporting these last few days. We do like to tease George Monbiot but he was one of the first… Continue reading


Oh no, the Tories are consulting Lord Stern

2 February 2010 17:38

According to Laura Kuenssberg, Lord Stern is not an official advisor but confirms that he is consulting with the Tories on their climate change policy. As Iain Martin notes, what… Continue reading


It’s war!

31 January 2010 11:51

Politicians have to shout to be heard over the lurid tale of John Terry’s bordello, but Ed Miliband’s fervour for climate change is sufficiently shrill. He has declared “war” on “sceptics”,… Continue reading


George Monbiot’s Alternative Universe

22 December 2009 1:29

George Monbiot isn’t everyone’s cup of char, not least in these parts. I don’t write much about climate change because the subject* bores me and so I’m happy for Monbiot… Continue reading


I blame Bono for the Copenhagen failure

20 December 2009 12:56

So who or what is to blame for the failure of the Copenhagen gathering to achieve what most people hoped for? Polly Toynbee says that the nature of politics is… Continue reading


The relevance of politics

19 December 2009 12:47

This morning’s papers share a unifying theme: the failure of political leadership to secure a deal at Copenhagen. Now, I applaud politicians for not succombing to enormous pressure and making… Continue reading


The spectre at the climate change feast

17 December 2009 12:19

Today the TaxPayers’ Alliance is releasing a new report which sets out the huge and excessive burden that green taxes impose on families and business across the UK. At the… Continue reading


Should Prince Charles be getting involved in the Copenhagen debate?

16 December 2009 10:30

I’m of the view that climate change is happening and that the evidence suggests that man’s actions are playing a significant role in this. I’m even in favour of a… Continue reading