Climate change

Huhne, the Lib Dems’ black comedian

20 September 2011 14:22

Today we got the black comedy follow up to Sarah Teather’s stand-up routine.  Chris Huhne is going to drive down our energy bills! For those of us wondering how families… Continue reading


Let Them Eat Carbon

16 September 2011 15:50

After a Spectator debate on climate change in March, Fraser Nelson wrote about whether or not we should try to engage in the debate ourselves or “trust the expert”. Simon Singh had… Continue reading


Huhne pooh-poohs rising energy bills as ‘nonsense’

10 July 2011 15:04

Chris Huhne was on the Andrew Marr show this morning. As you might expect on a day when the Sunday Telegraph broke the news that fuel bills will boom by 30… Continue reading


The danger of unbalanced trade with China

27 June 2011 17:07

The Chinese premier seems to like cars; the Chinese in general seem to like cars. China has bought MG in Britain and Volvo in Sweden, to which it has just… Continue reading


In England’s green and pleasant land

30 May 2011 15:02

What do the TUC, heavy industry and the European Commission have in common? This is not the start of a bad joke; the answer is that they all oppose the government’s… Continue reading


The battle over the 4th carbon budget

16 May 2011 17:58

At the weekend, it appeared that Chris Huhne had won his battle with Vince Cable and George Osborne over whether or not the government should sign up to the 4th… Continue reading


Monbiot’s mission

5 April 2011 16:30

George Monbiot is undergoing an astounding and very public transformation. Last week he overcame the habit of a lifetime and fully endorsed nuclear power as a safe energy source. He… Continue reading


When it comes to global warming, rational debate is what we need

31 March 2011 15:37

We had a sell-out debate on global warming at The Spectator on Tuesday and, as I found out this morning, the debate is still going on. The teams were led… Continue reading


Tinkering with solar panel subsidy risks making bad policy worse

19 February 2011 18:57

The fallout from Chris Huhne’s sudden review of the government’s system of subsidies for small-scale renewable energy gathers momentum. Solar firms, who built business cases on the system of subsidies,… Continue reading


Debunking the Antarctica myths

17 February 2011 9:04

In January 2009, Nature magazine ran the a cover story (pictured) conveying dramatic news about Antarctica: that most of it had warmed significantly over the last half-century. For years, the… Continue reading


A flooded world

17 January 2011 16:41

It looks like the opening of a Hollywood disaster film. The South African government has declared parts of the country disaster areas, after 40 people died in floods in a… Continue reading


China in a bullshop

7 January 2011 15:22

As if to illustrate Pete’s post about the rise of China and India, Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang has just finished a visit to Spain during which agreements worth 5.7… Continue reading


Will he be back?

6 January 2011 12:55

Clichéd, for sure, but it is the line that’s tagged every story about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s departure from office. Will Arnie return to the political fray or enjoy a sun-kissed retirement?… Continue reading


Putting a stop to taxpayer funded environmentalism

2 December 2010 9:17

It’s that time of year again, time for the world to pay attention to climate change policy for a few weeks.  Most of the year, schemes like the EU Emissions… Continue reading


Carbon omissions

22 November 2010 15:24

With the latest round of international climate change negotiations at Cancun less than a week away, Policy Exchange has published research showing that the UK’s and EU’s performance in reducing… Continue reading


The Big Society in action

28 October 2010 10:45

The Big Society, in so far as it can be defined at all, envisages an empowered people taking responsibility for their local communities. The little platoons’ efforts could determine the… Continue reading


Hunt the heretic

7 October 2010 14:08

Eureka, the science magazine from The Times, is in many ways a brilliant accomplishment. Advertising is following readers in an online migration – but James Harding, the editor, personally persuaded… Continue reading


A hard-headed case of déjà vu

6 October 2010 11:20

It was as if we’d been transported back a week – here was William Hague talking about ‘hard-headed foreign policy’, the very phrase that David Miliband had used before he… Continue reading


Darling: bankers’ super tax failed

2 September 2010 14:08

Honesty is an attractive though rare quality in a politician, and Alistair Darling’s self-awareness and morose delivery always grabs attention. Last night, the former chancellor told a conference of bankers… Continue reading


Huhne backs nuclear energy through gritted teeth

9 August 2010 16:33

You could almost hear the thumbscrews being tightened as Chris Huhne appeared on Today this morning to back nuclear power. The Energy Secretary has an, erm, patchy history when it… Continue reading


Forging a cheaper green policy

27 July 2010 14:57

The debate over climate change is one of the most polarised in UK politics, between those advocating doing everything possible (no matter what the cost) and those who refuse to… Continue reading


Green gold

19 July 2010 18:04

Most of Tim Yeo’s proselytising on climate change must be resisted. He calls for a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions in the short-term, which would paralyse Britain’s already geriatric economic… Continue reading


Why we shouldn’t worry about overpopulation

8 July 2010 18:27

Perhaps the most sinister side of the environmentalist movement is the idea of an “optimal population,” where human life is seen as a menace. The Optimal Population Trust has today… Continue reading


Pacific islands defy apocalyptic climate change scenarios

4 June 2010 12:29

The President of the Maldives can sell his snorkel: he’ll be waving not drowning. The New Scientist carries a fascinating article, examining the research of Paul Kench of the University… Continue reading


Arise Lord Prescott

31 May 2010 11:26

It’s John Prescott’s birthday – or Lord Prescott, as he will soon be. How odd of JP to don the ermine, given that he is on record saying that he… Continue reading