Civil service reform

Francis Maude is trying to undo some of the gumming up of Whitehall. Picture: Getty

One area where Labour and the Tories have started agreeing

11 February 2015 19:31

With less than three months to go to the election, politics is pretty partisan at Westminster at the moment as PMQs today demonstrated. But there is one area where there… Continue reading

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Whitehall needs reform – and the Prime Minister needs to lead it

11 December 2013 13:41

James Forsyth is right. Whitehall does need reforming. But he is wrong to present this in stark terms of ministers versus mandarins. The real position is more complicated, and not… Continue reading

Michael Gove

The Gove guide to composition

30 June 2013 15:26

Michael Gove is not the only minister to be frustrated by the poor quality of letters drafted for his signature. One minister was horrified to find his reply to the… Continue reading


Civilising the civil service

30 May 2013 13:24

Is Universal Credit on the brink of disaster? It’s rather too early to tell whether this mammoth reform of the benefits system really is doomed, in spite of last week’s… Continue reading

Those defending the civil service hold the education department up as an example of radical reform being successful. But it hasn't been without its battles. Picture: Getty

War in Whitehall or plumbing problems?

18 January 2013 14:11

Is there really war in Whitehall? Tensions between ministers and civil servants have certainly spilled over at some departments, but there has, as you might expect, been a backlash over… Continue reading

Whitehall sources see the Times investigation into the civil service as a 'watershed moment'. Picture: Getty

The Whitehall watershed moment

15 January 2013 16:55

Those pushing for reform of the civil service have been heartened still further today by the number of interventions from politicians of other parties on the need for change. Yesterday… Continue reading

Francis Maude announced further reforms to the civil service today. Picture: Getty

Francis Maude strikes conciliatory note in stand-off over senior civil servants

20 December 2012 13:58

Francis Maude’s latest plan to get the civil service working more effectively sounds very sensible: so sensible, in fact, that it’s a wonder it has taken so long. The problem… Continue reading

Francis Maude is trying to undo some of the gumming up of Whitehall. Picture: Getty

The gumming up of Whitehall

17 December 2012 12:36

Tony Blair is paying a visit to journalists in the Commons this week for a festive lunch. Last week, David Cameron complained to lunching hacks about the ‘gumming up’ of… Continue reading