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Citizen Brand

27 August 2014 12:58

So it turns out the revolution will be televised after all. ‘Brand’, a full length documentary about the comedian turned political activist Russell Brand, is heading our way next year.… Continue reading

Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall — a true great

13 August 2014 11:15

As so often, no one put it better than Papa. Here is Ernest Hemingway talking of all the movies made from his novels and short stories: ‘The only two I… Continue reading

6th Annual Stand Up For Heroes - Show

What’s your favourite Robin Williams one-liner?

12 August 2014 10:49

Mr S was saddened to hear of the death of Robin Williams — a man who contributed to the gaiety of nations. People wax lyrical about Williams’s ability to inhabit… Continue reading


Bullingdon Club: the movie

15 May 2014 17:44

At first glance Mr S thought that he might be watching Labour’s latest class-war party election broadcast: rich kids at Oxford University trashing restaurants, tussling with the law and generally… Continue reading

Marlon Brando and Katy Jurado photographed in the 1950s, at the height of the former's 'elbow time' career.

Does Country Life know their derrière from their elbow?

23 April 2014 16:46

Fun times for our country cousins over at Country Life: they have compiled a list, drawn up with the help of Jeremy Paxman and Jilly Cooper, of dos-and-don’ts to guide… Continue reading

'Noah' is a thoroughly weird take on the Old Testament. [Image: PARAMOUNT PICTURES / THE KOBAL COLLECTION ]

Russell Crowe and Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’ is thoroughly weird

2 April 2014 14:30

The Archbishop of Canterbury has had himself photographed with Russell Crowe, after attending the screening of Noah in which Russell C has the title role. ‘A great visit…impressive,’ he tweeted… Continue reading

Zvetelina Vassileva (Desdemona) and Johan Botha (Otello) in San Francisco Opera's 2009 production of Otello. Photo: Lance Iversen, The Chronicle

Televising theatre and opera will not attract new audiences. It will repel them

28 March 2014 16:52

Always try to get the worst seats for the opera. Upper circle. Foyer. Toilet. The nearest bus stop. The further back the better. You’ll regret it if you don’t. There… Continue reading

(Photo: Councilman Adam Richardson and Alderman Matthew Richardson presenting Mr. Kermit T. Frog with his ceremonial Key.)

Arise, Kermit, Freefrog of the City of London

27 March 2014 13:35

Move over Dick Whittington and his cat, the City of London has a new folklore hero. Yesterday Kermit the Frog was made Honorary Bridge Master of Tower Bridge. Mr S… Continue reading

A healthy looking Matt Damon attends a photocall for "The Monuments Men" at The National Gallery. (Image: Getty)

Matt Damon’s monumental diet

18 February 2014 10:51

Mr S doesn’t usually notice A List waists, but he wasn’t totally surprised when he heard that Matt Damon was on a diet during the filming of Monuments Men. While your… Continue reading

Shirley Temple has died at the age of 85. Here she is pictured in London in 1965. (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

Shirley Temple, 1928 – 2014, remembered in The Spectator

11 February 2014 11:44

Shirley Temple has died in California at the age of 85. She was known as America’s little darling after she appeared in her first film at the age of three.… Continue reading

play image

Spectator Play: The highs and the lows of what’s going on in arts this week

4 October 2013 17:18

The latest adaptation of one of Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh’s books is Filth  - a film so filthy that Deborah Ross had to ‘endure’ the film ‘from behind her hands’.… Continue reading

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William Boyd, author of 'Solo', says that James Bond would have changed with the times. (LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

Bond, progressive Bond

27 September 2013 16:38

Film fans look away now. Last night the latest author to add to the Bond legacy said that he did not think his version could work on the silver screen.… Continue reading

Vinnie Jones on his debut for... Wales. (Chris Cole/ALLSPORT)

Vinnie Jones does not do irony

3 September 2013 17:53

Thuggish footballer turned terrible actor Vinnie Jones has gone all man-down-the-pub over the state of the nation. Speaking from his LA home to the Radio Times, the US immigrant said:… Continue reading

57th Annual Writers Guild Awards - Inside

How long until novels are published with video inserts?

27 August 2013 10:30

In Charlie Kauffman’s Bafta lecture (a startlingly honest reflection on film writing, and well worth a listen), the screenwriter, producer and director stresses that it is of the utmost importance,… Continue reading

Elmore Leonard has died aged 87.

Elmore Leonard dies aged 87

20 August 2013 15:18

Elmore Leonard has died aged 87. Leonard began his career as a hack and ended it as a modern master. His rule was: ‘if it sounds like writing, I rewrite it’. His writing became… Continue reading

The Championships - Wimbledon 2013: Day Thirteen

Two film stars watch some tennis. World goes mad!

10 July 2013 10:41

The first Briton in 77 years won the Wimbledon championships on Sunday, but this is perhaps incidental; did you spot the real thing of note? That Bradley Cooper and Gerard… Continue reading

Benedict Cumberbatch at a photo call for the adaptation of Parade's End that aired last year. (NICOLAS MAETERLINCK/AFP/Getty Images)

Benedict Cumberbatch takes over the world

1 May 2013 15:09

What do you do if you wake up to discover your colleagues implying that you have it easy? If you’re Benedict Cumberbatch, you just stick to your Star Trek script… Continue reading

The late Richard Griffiths in London in 2004. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Chin chin, my dear friend

2 April 2013 12:05

It was a heavy weekend for actor Richard E Grant. Toasting the life of his old friend and Withnail and I co-star Richard Griffiths, the famed teetotaler found his own way… Continue reading

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Lurhmann, Baz Lurhmann

28 March 2013 16:48

Baz Lurhmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby (above) may yet enrage purists; but it seems that the Australian director already has his eyes on another product. Speaking exclusively to Spectator Life,… Continue reading

Douglas Alexander speaking in Gaza in March 2009, when he was International Development Secretary. (MOHAMMED ABED/AFP/Getty Images)

When art imitates Wee Dougie Alexander

18 March 2013 15:14

Is Labour MP Douglas Alexander paranoid or very candid? The Shadow Foreign Secretary told a group of luvvies and great minds at the Names Not Numbers festival in Suffolk that… Continue reading

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Alfred Hitchcock pictured in Cannes in 1972. (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)

The Last Days of Alfred Hitchcock

28 February 2013 10:14

For the last 40 years it’s been impossible to interview Anthony Hopkins without him doing his Tommy Cooper impression. He’s obsessed with the bloke, constantly interrupting Silence of the Lambs… Continue reading

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Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond.a

Brave, the Oscars and the Scottish Cringe.

25 February 2013 13:47

Hurrah for Brave, the little movie that could! And did! All Scotland salutes her Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Another triumph for the plucky underdogs at Disney-Pixar. That, at any rate,… Continue reading

Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift pose in an old still from the film 'A Place In The Sun' (1951). Image: Getty

Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor: beyond chemistry

6 February 2013 17:00

Regularly voted one of the greatest American novels of the last century, Theodore Dreiser’s moralising epic An American Tragedy (1925) hasn’t aged well. Adapted for the cinema as A Place… Continue reading

We look at Lincoln through glass that is dark in places and rose-tinted in others. ‘Truth’ is elusive in such light. Image: Getty

Abraham Lincoln ‘somehow’ became the great redeemer

29 January 2013 14:00

Abraham Lincoln, in Walt Whitman’s celebrated phrase, contained multitudes. M.E. Synon showed yesterday quite how many there might have been. There is evidence of prejudice, callousness and corruption. Yet there… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Abraham Lincoln, the ‘specious humbug’

28 January 2013 10:38

This post by M.E. Synon is the first in a series about Stephen Spielberg’s Lincoln. A counter-argument will be published tomorrow, followed by a comparison of screen and literary adaptations of the… Continue reading