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Podcast: Cameron’s Northern Alliance, Christianity and the left, and the end of two-party politics

27 February 2014 9:54

Is David Cameron’s new gameplan to look to the northern states for allies? Fraser Nelson is joined on the podcast by Stephen Booth of Open Europe, to discuss the influence that people… Continue reading

Britain ought to give more support to those who leave minority faiths.

Ex-Muslims are living the British dream – Britain should support them

28 November 2013 11:07

There was an excellent Radio 4 documentary on yesterday in which Sarfraz Manzoor interviewed a group of people you don’t hear much about – ex-Muslims. Like all good radio documentaries,… Continue reading

Dr George Carey reckons that the Anglican Church is doomed, and he should know.

The CofE doomed? Only because it’s surrendered to phony soullessness

19 November 2013 18:10

The Church of England is doomed, Lord Carey has said, warning that Anglicanism is just ‘one generation away from extinction’. To be fair people have been saying this for a… Continue reading

Prince George at his  christening with the Archbishop of Canterbury today. Photo: Getty Images

Will Prince George work his magic on the Church of England?

23 October 2013 18:04

Well, Prince George has already done his bit for the Church of England. Simply by getting baptised he will bolster a sacrament that pretty well defines Christianity and is, like… Continue reading


Archbishop Welby poaches the Queen’s spinner

20 September 2013 12:44

As Mr Steerpike reported last week, the Archbishop of Canterbury has been seeking an apostle to spread the good news to the media. Today it has been announced that Alisa… Continue reading

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The Guardian’s latest crush: Justin Welby

20 August 2013 13:52

The Church of England has had some surprisingly good press recently. Who knows how these things happen, but the media seems to have decided to stop attacking its homophobia, and… Continue reading

Archbishop Of Canterbury Justin Welby Visits Israel And The West Bank

Justin Welby pleases both left and right with clever Wonga comments

25 July 2013 18:53

Justin Welby is a clever man. His comments about payday loan companies in Total Politics have managed to please both the left and right, which is no mean feat on… Continue reading


Justin Welby, a very political Archbishop

13 July 2013 10:23

In this increasingly secular age, you would expect the Archbishop of Canterbury to be a figure of diminishing importance. But Justin Welby is fast becoming the most politically influential Archbishop… Continue reading

'Some Issues in Human Sexuality' was a compromise: so the church shouldn't go for another such fudge, argues Alan Wilson. Picture: PA

It’s time for the Church of England to drop the culture wars

30 April 2013 15:14

Almost three thousand years ago the Prophet Amos asked ‘can two walk together except they be agreed?’ How can the Church of England, pragmatic and volunteer-led but with complex legal… Continue reading

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Move over, Dawkins. The atheist spring of the last decade is wilting.

19 April 2013 16:09

I couldn’t get Richard Dawkins to reply to Theo Hobson’s excellent article on ‘the new new atheists’. Probably, he didn’t see my message. Or maybe he thought it beneath him. Or maybe like God he… Continue reading

David Cameron leaves Downing Street for Parliament earlier this evening. Image: Getty

Can Christians still have Holy Matrimony?

5 February 2013 22:52

That’s that then. Marriage will change, one way or another. Progress has won. Cue lots of right-on politicians talking about how proud they are to have ushered in such a… Continue reading

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Will the European court force churches to conduct gay weddings?

5 February 2013 17:21

Would the European Court of Human Rights force churches to conduct same-sex marriages against their will? That’s the professed fear of some opponents of the Same Sex Marriage Bill being… Continue reading

Justin Welby was invested as Archbishop of Canterbury this morning. Image: Getty

Church of England 2.0

4 February 2013 16:47

Welcome Rt Rev Justin Welby, who became the 105th Archbishop of Canterbury this morning at St Pauls. The Church of England’s first tweeting ABC has been a bit quiet online… Continue reading

Gay rights protesters outside a Church of England event in 2003. Picture: Getty

Gay bishops and women bishops are not the same issue

6 January 2013 18:24

This being the Ephiphany, churchgoing Anglicans will be on the receiving end of any variety of sermons on the visit by the three kings to the infant Christ. There won’t,… Continue reading

Christians are free to practise their faith openly in this country, but many fear increasing persecution. Picture: Getty

Are Christians being persecuted in Britain?

2 January 2013 17:46

Douglas Murray makes a striking point on his Spectator blog about the violent persecution that many Christians face across the globe, while the Church of England fights over gay marriage… Continue reading


The man behind the Alpha Course

24 December 2012 14:00

Christmas is one of the few times of year when those unaccustomed to attending church feel prompted to join their local congregation for a few carols. But what will they… Continue reading

Justin Welby will meet MPs and peers on Thursday to discuss women bishops. Picture: Getty

Justin Welby to face MPs and peers on women bishops row

11 December 2012 16:34

Justin Welby is certainly a bold chap: I understand the man set to take over from Rowan Williams as Archbishop of Canterbury is due to meet MPs and peers on… Continue reading

Gay Marriage Becomes Legal In The UK

A storm of nonsense: gay marriage opponents lose their wits - Spectator Blogs

10 December 2012 13:01

My word, the latest kerfuffle over gay marriage runs the gamut from dumb to dumber. Here, for instance, is Cristina Odone: He may get away with bullying a great many –… Continue reading

Justin Welby returns to his seat after addressing the General Synod of the Church of England, which includes the House of Laity. Image: Getty

In defence of the CofE’s House of Laity

22 November 2012 11:52

Even friends of an Established church like myself – though I’m a Catholic – should think twice about the wisdom of the idea after the naked political interference in the… Continue reading

Justin Welby returns to his seat after addressing the General Synod of the Church of England, which includes the House of Laity. Image: Getty

The Church of England is becoming a church in England

21 November 2012 9:22

This morning’s newspapers (and indeed the airwaves) are full of apocalyptic predictions about the future of the Church of England. The failure of the General Synod to ordain women bishops has… Continue reading

An unlikely rebel: Justin Welby opposes gay marriage

The Church of England rejects women bishops

20 November 2012 19:40

Gulp. The General Synod of the Church of England has, against almost all expectations, rejected the ordination of women bishops. This seems to represent an early defeat for the incoming… Continue reading

New Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. Picture: PA

Why Old Etonian Justin Welby is good news for the CofE

8 November 2012 13:11

So, another Old Etonian at the apex of the British establishment: Justin Welby, the Bishop of Durham, will be the next Archbishop of Canterbury. It’s sweet, in a way. All we need… Continue reading

Diamond Jubilee - Service Of Thanksgiving

Gay marriage, the CofE and the Tories

12 June 2012 16:00

There was, as Freddy has said, something inevitable about the Church of England’s response to the imminent prospect of gay marriage. A convinced Anglican, who also has intimate knowledge of… Continue reading

The president of the European Court of Human Rights

Another reason to part ways with Strasbourg

12 June 2012 15:00

Even for people on the same side of an argument, opinion is often wildly divided. Among those of us who believe government should support civil marriage equality, this morning’s papers… Continue reading

The Dalai Lama Visits The UK

On the road to disestablishment

12 June 2012 12:00

There’s an inevitability about the Times’s big splash (£) this morning: Gay Marriage Plan Could Divorce Church From State. The Church of England’s historic role as ‘religious registrar’ for the… Continue reading