Chuka Umanna


Watch: The Spectator’s Brexit debate

28 April 2016 15:54

In the largest event in The Spectator’s 188-year history, 2,200 people packed into the Palladium this week to watch our…

Today in audio: Gove’s case for Brexit

19 April 2016 17:03

Michael Gove has been making his case for Brexit and doing his best to knock the stuffing out of the…

Andy Burnham addressing at Q&A at St Pancras Parish Church in London, 24 August 2015.

An evening with Andy Burnham and his conventional Labour supporters

24 August 2015 22:10

Andy Burham’s rally this evening had only one similarity with Jeremy Corbyn’s last week: it was held in a place…


Chuka’s struggle

7 July 2014 12:55

Chuka Umunna was on the receiving end of an internet storm after he suggested that people who vote UKIP are…

Chuka Umunna struggled to name business people who are supporting Labour

The only Labour business supporter that Chuka Umunna can name is a Labour peer

9 December 2012 14:07

Chuka Umunna’s interview on The Sunday Politics today highlighted several of the problems facing the Labour party. When Andrew Neil…

Chuka reaches out to the union paymasters. Photo: Getty Images.

Labour conference: Chuka Umunna plays good cop with trade unions

1 October 2012 17:30

Ed Balls channelled the bad cop with the trade unions this morning, warning conference that ‘there will be difficult decisions…


Your guide to the Warsi allegations

28 May 2012 12:38

What is Baroness Warsi accused of? The main allegation in yesterday’s Sunday Times is that, in early 2008, Warsi was…


The View from City Hall

5 May 2012 12:30

Yesterday evening, I was at City Hall in London to watch the Mayoral proceedings unfold. While the evening delivered the…


A matter of honour

27 January 2012 9:35

Condemnation’s coming from all sides for the £963,000 bonus awarded to RBS’s Stephen Hester, on top of his £1.2 million…


Cable teaches Umunna a lesson about the past

23 January 2012 17:21

If you were in a particularly soggy mood, you’d almost feel sorry for Chuka Umunna. He’d managed to force Vince…

Miliband tries to re-energise the Opposition

7 October 2011 12:56

The Labour reshuffle is an attempt to bring more energy and aggression into Ed Miliband’s top team. It is also…

Rehsuffle rumours

29 September 2011 15:02

Those now leaving Liverpool are indulging in some shadow Cabinet reshuffle speculation. This chatter has been sparked both by the…

Boundary review leaked

12 September 2011 15:54

The Boundary review, which was embargoed, has been leaked. Here are some immediate headlines from the proposals: George Osborne’s Tatton…

Osborne quells some dissent with his latest ruse

8 February 2011 9:10

This morning’s newspapers would have made grim reading for the government. The Department for Transport has been forced to reverse…

Dorrell: I have reservations about the Health Reforms

17 January 2011 15:48

Stephen Dorrell, the former Health Secretary and current Chairman of the Health Select Committee, and Chuka Umanna appeared on the…

Clueless Chuka

18 July 2010 18:14

Given that the Labour leadership campaign is so dull, we should thank Chuka Umunna for cheering us up with his…