Britain’s Christian culture has risen above the recent religious brawl

3 May 2016 16:05

Our political culture contains some tension between Jews and Muslims. And some secular anti-Semitism, particularly on the left, and some…


The BBC should commission a Christian version of Woman’s Hour

2 May 2016 16:48

In his new book God is No Thing: Coherent Christianity, Rupert Shortt notes that religion is in some ways taken…

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Can Islam move away from theocracy?

31 March 2016 11:13

Terrorism is a distraction. It’s a distraction from the big question of our day, about Islam and violence. Only a…


British Christians must start to think and act like a minority

29 March 2016 12:06

Rights compete for privileged status in a liberal society. The right to redefine one’s gender, for instance, conflicts with a…

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Could Britain’s evangelical Christians ever support a Trump-like figure?

14 March 2016 17:51

Building walls, banning Muslims, mass deportations. However bad things appear in UK politics, we console ourselves with the thought that…

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Dan Walker’s creationism shouldn’t disqualify him from breakfast TV

11 February 2016 17:48

According to the Times, Dan Walker, the new BBC Breakfast presenter, is ‘a creationist’. A ‘senior BBC figure’ is quoted…

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In the case of Bishop Bell, the Church has shown real compassion

8 February 2016 15:25

Christian columnists of left (Giles Fraser) and right (Charles Moore, Peter Hitchens) agree: Bishop Bell has been most sorely wronged.…


Is it Islamophobic to record ‘Christianophobic’ hate crimes?

5 February 2016 18:03

A freedom-of-information request by Sikhs has turned up some curious statistics from the Metropolitan Police. They show that of the…

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Does an understanding of Britain’s cultural debt to Christianity develop with age?

21 January 2016 16:56

There’s a spate of statistic-based stories about Christianity in decline. Recently we heard that under a million Brits now attend…

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A truly liberal society would tolerate the Anglican church’s views on sexuality

20 January 2016 12:54

Given how apocalyptic the predictions were, Anglicanism’s make-or-break meeting about issues of human sexuality last week proved something of a…


Britain is losing its religion, but nobody seems that bothered

19 January 2016 16:46

This evening, if you have time and are around central London, there is an interesting lecture at the British Academy…

Archbishop Justin Welby preaches in Canterbury Cathedral (Photo: Chris Ratcliffe/Getty)

Gay marriage isn’t splitting the Anglican Communion – it’s holding it together

15 January 2016 10:21

My line on the Anglican crisis is a bit eccentric. I think there are now grounds for hope that the…

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Britain needs Christianity – just ask Alan Partridge

24 December 2015 18:26

Are we really, as David Cameron claimed in his Christmas message, a country shaped by ‘Christian values’? Yesterday’s Evening Standard poll…


David Cameron says Christian values make Britain successful. Why?

24 December 2015 15:17

David Cameron’s Christmas message is being reported as one of his most Christian public statements yet, with the Prime Minister…

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Justin Welby on imposter syndrome, American exceptionalism and what makes churches grow

24 December 2015 10:37

In the Spectator’s Christmas treble issue, Michael Gove speaks to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. Below are some outtakes from…


Biblical art, like Christianity, is always renewing itself

22 December 2015 13:22

This sign adorns a local church in Harlesden. I suppose it could be called a Pop Annunciation. Who says religious…

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Atheism may be fashionable, but most intelligent people believe in God

22 December 2015 10:00

Have we ever needed Christianity more than we do today? It’s a rhetorical question, for sure, because the loss of…

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Twenty years on, I’m homesick for the Christian cult I left

20 December 2015 11:08

When I was 21, I lived with a cult for a year. It was a commune really, a tight-knit group…

Conservative Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 4

‘Creeping intolerance’ towards religion could push young British Muslims to Islamic State, Cabinet Minister warns

9 December 2015 8:59

What do politicians find it harder to admit to doing in Britain today: smoking weed or praying? Welsh Secretary Stephen…


Why it is wrong for Christians to eat their wives

6 December 2015 9:00

In his column last week, Rod Liddle suggested that an alleged fatwa by a Saudi Arabian cleric had said it…

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Can Christianity incorporate Daleks into its iconography?

3 December 2015 15:37

The Times has a story for the first week of Advent, about baby Jesus and golden Daleks.  An artist called…


There’s a good reason why humanism should be taught in schools

1 December 2015 15:08

A confusing story about RS (religious studies in schools) from last week has come to my attention. A group of parents…

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Has ‘Islam’s reformation’ really begun?

19 November 2015 16:02

Usama Hasan, an imam attached to the Quilliam Foundation, argues in the Times that Islam is steadily adapting to modernity.…


Will Michael Gove dare to bring Christianity into his prison reform plans?

13 October 2015 15:48

This April, Michael Gove wrote in The Spectator: ‘To call yourself a Christian in contemporary Britain is to invite pity, condescension…

Mark Zuckerberg and Angela Merkel at a UN lunch on Saturday

Facebook posts about the migrant crisis should be the least of Angela Merkel’s worries

1 October 2015 13:05

So the German Chancellor has just been caught on microphone talking with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg: German Chancellor Angela Merkel…