Chris Huhne

The coalition gets political

11 August 2010 12:32

The joint Tory Lib Dem press conference to attack Labour’s legacy was a sign of how comfortable the two parties are becoming together. Chris Huhne and Sayeeda Warsi’s message was… Continue reading


Huhne backs nuclear energy through gritted teeth

9 August 2010 16:33

You could almost hear the thumbscrews being tightened as Chris Huhne appeared on Today this morning to back nuclear power. The Energy Secretary has an, erm, patchy history when it… Continue reading


Green gold

19 July 2010 18:04

Most of Tim Yeo’s proselytising on climate change must be resisted. He calls for a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions in the short-term, which would paralyse Britain’s already geriatric economic… Continue reading


Assorted LibDem-ery

19 June 2010 19:24

Alastair Campbell is right on two counts.  First, that this snippet from George Parker’s Budget preview is pretty fascinating: "Senior Lib Dems whisper that Vince Cable, the Lib Dem business… Continue reading


Stop the press! Danny Alexander didn’t break the law

31 May 2010 10:54

There’s something Galsworthian about Danny Alexander, the man of property. A downy press secretary for the Cairngorm National Park bought a south London hovel in 1999, re-designated it his second… Continue reading


David Laws resigns

29 May 2010 19:15

It was inevitable, but this is hugely regrettable as Laws is a star performer and I feel he has been the victim of a media gay-hunt that belongs to a bygone era. The… Continue reading


Who’s using whom?

10 May 2010 12:15

Another day of live political theatre, staged live at College Green. Given that Cameron last night negotiated a confidence-and-supply deal – ie, enough to keep him in a minority government… Continue reading


So now we know how Boris feels about coalition government

10 May 2010 9:08

Aside from a few quips about Walls sausages and Meccano, Boris has kept his views relatively private since the events of last Thursday.  But you can always count on the… Continue reading


Grayling wins the perceptions battle

20 April 2010 16:29

Another day, another TV debate – only this time it was Alan Johnson, Chris Grayling and Chris Huhne behind the lecterns, talking crime on the Daily Politics.  Just like yesterday’s… Continue reading


Clegg blows a golden opportunity

7 April 2010 9:12

Nick Clegg won’t get many opportunities to sell himself to voters and he has just been demolished on the Today programme. All things to all men, Clegg was all over… Continue reading


Cameron must win outright

15 March 2010 13:54

Heaven forbid that the Tories and LibDems end up in coalition – but the Guardian asked me to write a piece war-gaming what would happen if they did. The result… Continue reading


EXCLUSIVE: What was said in Question Time

22 October 2009 22:06

First question on the Second World War. Is it fair BNP hijacked Churchill? Straw says in the war Britain defeated a party based on race like the BNP. The BNP… Continue reading


Is bad publicity really better than no publicity?

22 September 2009 16:13

The Liberal Democrat’s party conference is the one occasion when they are guaranteed what they need most: publicity. This year has seen them dominate the headlines, albeit negatively. Unashamedly public… Continue reading


The Lib Dems: not as nice as you think

20 September 2009 12:58

A story that has escaped largely unnoticed this weekend is the creation of the Liberal Democrat party’s sinisterly named ‘anti-Tory attack unit’. Sam Coates has the details in the Times: ‘Nick… Continue reading