Chris Huhne

Clegg’s implicit attack on the Tories

3 May 2011 15:03

Up until a few months ago, David Cameron and Nick Clegg tried to avoid doing big set piece broadcast interviews on the same day. This was driven by a desire… Continue reading


Huhne lays into Cameron and Osborne at Cabinet

3 May 2011 12:16

At Cabinet this morning, I am told that Chris Huhne directly challenged David Cameron and George Osborne about the claims that the No campaign have been making. He asked them… Continue reading


Chris Huhne pitches to the left

1 May 2011 9:34

We’re used to AV platform-sharing by now — so it’s not the fact that Chris Huhne has written an article for the Observer alongside Labour’s John Denhan and the Green’s… Continue reading


The AV scrap enters its final stage

30 April 2011 19:36

There are, as James pointed out earlier, only five days to go until the AV referendum  — and that means both campaigns are priming their final appeals for our hearts,… Continue reading


Exclusive: Yes to AV leaflets printed on ballot machines

25 April 2011 15:25

Chris Huhne’s decision to threaten the Prime Minister with legal action — as I mentioned earlier — is particularly curious because he must be well-aware of the conflicts of interest… Continue reading


A question for Chris Huhne

25 April 2011 13:09

You know a political campaign has gone terribly wrong when a Cabinet Minister threatens defamation proceedings against the Prime Minister. And that is precisely what happened this weekend, when Energy… Continue reading


Will Cameron help Clegg for the coalition’s sake?

25 April 2011 10:59

Politics has never really settled down since last year’s general election — but it still seems especially convulsive at the moment. Only a few weeks ago, Clegg was caught on… Continue reading


The coalition is shaken to its foundations as the Liberal Democrats rage at Cameron, Osborne and the Conservative party

24 April 2011 10:46

The Liberal Democrats are mad as hell at their coalition partners—and don’t seem to care who knows it. Their fury has been caused by what they see as the roughhouse… Continue reading


There are more attacks on Clegg to come

19 April 2011 13:45

As the chances of AV passing diminish, the Lib Dems are complaining with increasing volume about just how directly Nick Clegg is being targeted. Up to now, they have kept… Continue reading


A month to go and still none the wiser

3 April 2011 18:02

It’s supposed to be the day of rest, but there’s no rest for the wicked. The two sides of the alternative vote referendum have been exchanging blows all day. It… Continue reading


Things are getting fraught inside the coalition as AV vote looms

30 March 2011 21:07

Relations between the coalition partners are fraught at present, more of which in the column tomorrow. The main cause of this tension is the AV referendum which is pitting the… Continue reading


An explosive session

30 March 2011 13:20

This PMQs will be remembered for the Cameron Balls spat. As Cameron was answering a question from a Labour MP, he snapped at Balls who was heckling him, shouting ‘you… Continue reading


The yellow bird of liberty stretches its wings

30 March 2011 9:17

Remember when Nick Clegg said that the coalition was shuffling into a new phase? One where his party would would make their presence, and their differences with the Tories, more… Continue reading


Signs of nerves from the Lib Dems

27 March 2011 17:10

Judging by today’s reports, it’s fear and self-loathing in Lib Dem Land. And it’s not just that one of their Scottish candidates has quit the party in protest at its,… Continue reading


Nuclear hysteria

22 March 2011 15:14

The above Japanese video – explaining the nuclear accident to children — makes a lot more sense than many of the hysterical reports we have been reading in the last… Continue reading


Duncan warns of oil price rise and King of future financial crisis

5 March 2011 1:31

There are two important political interviews in today’s papers, Alan Duncan in The Times and Mervyn King in the Telegraph. Duncan, the international development minister, echoes Chris Huhne’s warning of… Continue reading


Tinkering with solar panel subsidy risks making bad policy worse

19 February 2011 18:57

The fallout from Chris Huhne’s sudden review of the government’s system of subsidies for small-scale renewable energy gathers momentum. Solar firms, who built business cases on the system of subsidies,… Continue reading


Wasting away

7 February 2011 13:41

The Independent has a remarkable story today which shows just how public money gets wasted. The paper reports that the Department for Energy and Climate Change has employed a firm… Continue reading


Coalition 2.0

2 November 2010 19:19

Tomorrow’s announcement on university funding is a big moment for the coalition. It will show that the Conservative and Liberal Democrat leaderships have been able to come to agreement on… Continue reading


Ten points about the Spending Review

20 October 2010 15:48

In the end, George Osborne didn’t flinch. The Chancellor is a clever political operator – too clever, sometimes – but the result is a cuts package that has surprisingly broad… Continue reading


Huhne and the universal benefit conundrum

9 October 2010 11:39

Chris Huhne has given an interview to the Telegraph. According to the front page report, the Energy Secretary has nothing to say about nuclear power, new wind farms or energy… Continue reading


Whither the Lib Dems?

21 September 2010 20:39

A striking aspect of the Liberal Democrat conference is how discussion of cooperation with Labour takes place in public while talk of any future work with their current coalition partner… Continue reading


A lot done – and a lot still to do – for Nick Clegg

21 September 2010 13:15

There’s always an after the Lord Mayor’s show feel at conference the today, after the leader’s speech. Adding to this feeling today is that the programme is relatively light; Simon… Continue reading


The Lib Dems face the public

20 September 2010 11:39

The most brutal session the Lib Dems will see is the studio audience currently assembled by Victoria Derbyshire for her Five Live phone-in. It’s a rare event in conference time,… Continue reading


Clegg must resist temptation

16 August 2010 11:16

As Pete notes, Nick Clegg is moderating the debate over the spending review in David Cameron’s absence. It’s an unenviable task. IDS and Liam Fox have been the most cussed… Continue reading