Chris Huhne

Tories hit back at Huhne and his policies

20 September 2011 18:34

Chris Huhne can always be guaranteed to grate. Several Conservatives have cracked wry smiles at the energy secretary’s comments about the “Tory Tea Party tendency”. Mark Pritchard quipped that plenty… Continue reading


The Lib Dems quietly debate the NHS

20 September 2011 16:30

Chris Huhne’s tough guy act aside, the major event in Birmingham today was the Lib Dems’ NHS debate. When Andrew Lansley’s contentious NHS reforms were derailed earlier this year, Liberal Democrats… Continue reading


Huhne, the Lib Dems’ black comedian

20 September 2011 14:22

Today we got the black comedy follow up to Sarah Teather’s stand-up routine.  Chris Huhne is going to drive down our energy bills! For those of us wondering how families… Continue reading


Time to leave the EU?

20 September 2011 12:50

Today’s Lib Dem attack on their coalition partners comes from Chris Huhne, who rails against a "Tea Party tendency" in Conservatives sceptical of the European Union. His premise is that those… Continue reading


Clegg’s leadership conundrum

17 September 2011 16:40

If Nick Clegg has decided that he won’t run for re-election, what are the implications? Today’s Daily Mail serializes a book by Jasper Gerard about the party, where he claims Clegg… Continue reading


Huhne ramps up the rhetoric on 50p

11 September 2011 10:42

Chris Huhne’s comments to Prospect magazine about the 50p tax rate are typically provocative. The millionaire, former City boy accuses the Tories of wanting to abolish the 50p tax rate… Continue reading


Cameron’s energy price headache

5 September 2011 9:07

The list of things that will be Big Politics when Parliament returns from its summer break is growing all the time: growth, the post-riot clean-up, the undeserving rich, multiple squeezes,… Continue reading


The Huhne story returns

17 August 2011 19:04

The news that the Crown Prosecution Service has asked Essex Police to make further inquiries into the whole allegation that Chris Huhne asked his then wife to take speeding points… Continue reading


Huhne pooh-poohs rising energy bills as ‘nonsense’

10 July 2011 15:04

Chris Huhne was on the Andrew Marr show this morning. As you might expect on a day when the Sunday Telegraph broke the news that fuel bills will boom by 30… Continue reading


The phone hacking scandal tests the ties that bind the coalition

7 July 2011 13:39

Gosh, this phone hacking scandal is moving at a pace. Fresh from the wire comes news that even the government is reviewing its advertising contracts with the News of the… Continue reading


Where now for the Huhne story after Sunday Times hands over tape?

29 June 2011 19:31

Roy Greenslade’s report in the Evening Standard that The Sunday Times will hand over to Essex Police the tape of Chris Huhne talking to his estranged wife Vicky Pryce that… Continue reading


Cameron should cleanse his Cabinet of the undead

22 May 2011 10:10

Chris Huhne "cannot be sure" whether he might, after all, have been driving his car that fateful night. Ken Clarke cannot be sure why he spoke about rape in that… Continue reading


Laws calls for unity — but faces trouble

18 May 2011 17:24

The personal and the political. They mesh to readable effect in David Laws’ interview with the Times (£) this morning, his first since resigning from government last year. There are… Continue reading


Cameron’s personnel issues

17 May 2011 12:49

The past fortnight has been instructive in just how little control David Cameron has over the make-up of his Cabinet. Every choice he makes, it seems, has to be weighed… Continue reading


The battle over the 4th carbon budget

16 May 2011 17:58

At the weekend, it appeared that Chris Huhne had won his battle with Vince Cable and George Osborne over whether or not the government should sign up to the 4th… Continue reading


The Huhne story takes another turn

16 May 2011 17:49

The Chris Huhne story has moved along a fair bit today. It is now being openly reported that it was Huhne’s estranged wife Vicky Pryce who allegedly took the points,… Continue reading


Huhne digs his feet in

16 May 2011 13:11

Chris Huhne has, at last, responded to the allegations set against him — and he has done so with some defiance. In a statement this afternoon, the Energy Secretary said… Continue reading


The Huhne story speeds up

15 May 2011 10:07

Looking at today’s papers, it is clear—as Pete says—that Chris Huhne’s political career is in real danger. The most striking thing about the Mail on Sunday and Sunday Times stories… Continue reading


Huhne falls victim to another secret microphone

15 May 2011 9:55

The vultures appear to be circling closer and closer to Chris Huhne — does he have enough strength to shoo them away? After all, he was already diminished by last… Continue reading


A mixed bag for the coalition at PMQs 

11 May 2011 13:27

So much for the de-Flashmaning project. At PMQs, a tetchy Cameron doled out his usual number of insults, comparing Ed Miliband to Eddie the Eagle Edwards. Frankly, I don’t think… Continue reading


Huhne on the rack

8 May 2011 10:01

It may not be reflected in the popular vote, but politics is still mostly about the Liberal Democrats this morning. We have Ed Miliband’s latest sally for their affections. We… Continue reading


Lessons for the Lib Dems

6 May 2011 16:48

Chris Huhne’s behaviour still has everyone at Westminster talking. Earlier in the week, senior Liberal Democrats were saying that once the voting had happened, Paddy Ashdown and the party president… Continue reading


Clegg versus Huhne, at a local level

6 May 2011 11:02

While the Lib Dems lost control of Nick Clegg’s city of Sheffield to Labour, losing 9 councillors, they won every seat up for election Chris Huhne’s constituency of Eastleigh. They… Continue reading


Is Chris Huhne proving coalitions don’t work?

4 May 2011 10:56

This country’s not used to coalitions. So when we got one we were sceptical. When it worked, we remained sceptical. When it worked really well, taking decisions that a majority… Continue reading


The significance of today’s Cabinet bust-up

3 May 2011 19:42

On the Today Programme this morning, David Cameron stressed that for all the tensions about the AV referendum, ministers were still capable of sitting round a table and working together.… Continue reading