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Alexander Chancellor, inventor of the modern Spectator, on his last day in the job. A 27-year-old political columnist, Charles Moore, was next up.

How I became editor of The Spectator (aged 27)

23 March 2014 17:44

Thirty years ago this weekend, I became editor of The Spectator. In the same month, the miners’ strike began, Anthony Wedgwood Benn (as the right-wing press still insisted on calling… Continue reading

Dr Evan Harris was drinking with the enemy last night...

Evan Harris glugs with the enemy

20 March 2014 12:45

Gongs all round at the Paddy Power Political Book of the Year Award at the Imax cinema in Waterloo. It was a bumper night for Spectator writers. Congratulations to Charles… Continue reading


People want revenge on energy companies

11 October 2013 9:07

Friends of mine called Georgiana and Mouse Campbell recently bought a new house. In the period between completion and moving in, Mouse arranged for British Gas, who supplied the electricity,… Continue reading

Simply vote fodder?

Take it from a teenager: 16-year olds shouldn’t be able to vote

27 September 2013 10:30

Like Charles Moore in this week’s Spectator, I am inclined to wonder whether there is ‘any conceivable good reason’ why 16-year-olds should have the vote. As a teenager interested in… Continue reading

Boris Johnson was on fine form at last night's GQ Man of the Year Awards.

Boris Johnson and the ‘Aztec death ray’

4 September 2013 17:51

As Mr Steerpike reported late last night, the gloves were off between Russell Brand and Charles Moore at the GQ Man of the Year awards. But that was not the… Continue reading


Justin Welby, a very political Archbishop

13 July 2013 10:23

In this increasingly secular age, you would expect the Archbishop of Canterbury to be a figure of diminishing importance. But Justin Welby is fast becoming the most politically influential Archbishop… Continue reading

Sadiq Khan's response to Charles Moore's article on Islamic extremism exposes a root of the problem. (PAUL ELLIS/AFP/GettyImages)

Sadiq Khan has unwittingly highlighted the problem of Islamic extremism

24 June 2013 12:46

Sadiq Khan MP had a piece in the Telegraph last week attacking an excellent piece by Charles Moore in the same paper the Saturday before. In his piece Sadiq makes a… Continue reading

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Charles Moore has it just right on Woolwich

15 June 2013 18:51

There is a terrific piece in today’s Telegraph by Charles Moore which I very much recommend. It is titled ‘Woolwich outrage: we are too weak to face up to the… Continue reading

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Maggie Maggie Maggie, wanted out out out

8 May 2013 11:39

To Chelsea to hear Charles Moore lift the lid on his Thatcher biography. While the crowd at the Cadogan Hall loved the anecdotes and insight, it was Moore’s revelation that,… Continue reading

Guardian Bookshop - Thatcher

Tonight: Charles Moore in conversation with Andrew Neil

7 May 2013 10:54

You know something is going right with the world when Charles Moore’s biography of Margaret Thatcher is Number 1 in the Guardian bookshop. Little wonder: even if you’re no fan… Continue reading

Maggie At Bournemouth

Mind your language, Mr Rawnsley

29 April 2013 12:17

The weekend press offered some rave reviews of Charles Moore’s Thatcher biography. Craig Brown, who is not given to hyperbole, compared Moore’s book to a work of art, while the… Continue reading


How Michael Heseltine won his first showdown with Margaret Thatcher in government

22 April 2013 18:38

The extracts in the Telegraph of Charles Moore’s biography of Margaret Thatcher have confirmed that this will be one of the most important political books of recent times. One of… Continue reading

'Margaret Thatcher in The Spectator 1975-1990' includes a selection of photos and cartoons from Baroness Thatcher's premiership.

Introducing our first ebook: Margaret Thatcher in The Spectator 1975-1990

10 April 2013 9:17

No publication understood the Thatcher project better than The Spectator. We backed her for the leadership in 1975 when no other national publication would. We understood her opportunities, foibles and… Continue reading

Horses clearing 'The Chair' at last year's Grand National. Image: Getty

Do changes to the Grand National fences really make the race safer?

3 April 2013 12:19

The strange story that jockeys have been asked to ride more slowly in the Grand National on Saturday has not been explained. The demand to make the fences safer has… Continue reading


Should the United Kingdom become an independent country?

27 March 2013 9:18

Last week, Alex Salmond announced the date for the referendum in Scotland, 18 September 2014. The question is phrased to his advantage. ‘Should Scotland become an independent country?’ it asks.… Continue reading

The Francis Report into the failings at the Mid-Staffordshire NHS Trust is published today. Picture: Getty

Where’s the outrage?

9 February 2013 14:38

There’s normally no shortage of outrage in our politics. In Britain today, we specialise in working ourselves into a bate. This is what makes the lack of outrage at what… Continue reading

Savile Arrives

Did Jimmy Savile nonce the entire country?

12 January 2013 17:30

A very good article indeed by Charles Moore in today’s Torygraph, regarding Operation Yewtree and the astonishing news that Jimmy Savile nonced the entire country. You can read it here. There is a middle way, surely,… Continue reading

David Cameron may face problems trying to negotiate with the EU. Photo: Getty Images.

The Conservative renegotiation strategy

27 October 2012 9:00

In The Spectator this week, Charles Moore argued that David Cameron — despite his oft-stated desire to renegotiate the terms of Britain’s EU membership — doesn’t actually have a European… Continue reading

Former Prime Minister Baroness Margaret

Margaret Thatcher and the Tory party’s change on Europe

23 October 2012 22:08

Charles Moore’s biography of Margaret Thatcher promises to be the most important British political book in decades. Tonight, we got a preview of it when Charles delivered the Centre for… Continue reading


A question of motivation

31 March 2012 9:55

Flitting through the opinion pages this morning, there’s one headline that stands out far more than any other. It’s on Charles Moore’s column for the Telegraph, and it reads, ‘Even… Continue reading


The two types of Tory modernisation — and which one’s on the rise

25 February 2012 16:14

There have always been two types of Tory modernisers. Both wanted to talk about issues that the party had neglected — public services, the environment and the like. But the… Continue reading


The sort of influence we can live without

10 December 2011 16:02

David Cameron’s decision, in the wee hours of Friday morning, to make clear that he would veto the proposed treaty change will have many far-reaching effects. One is that other… Continue reading


The significance of the Iron Lady

3 December 2011 11:31

Charles Moore’s essay on the Iron Lady in today’s Telegraph is required reading. Here’s how he starts: ‘The best way to understand why a feature film about Margaret Thatcher might… Continue reading


Now will we learn the truth about Saif’s British ties?

20 November 2011 11:00

Now that Saif Gaddafi has been captured, the race will be on to interview him from a prison cell and ask what his business was with the various figures of… Continue reading


Thoughts for the day

29 October 2011 14:11

Charles Moore and Matthew Parris, Spectator columnists both, represent two of the distinct philosophical and intellectual tradition that make up the Conservative party these days. Their columns today should give… Continue reading