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A bold idea that might just help the Tories win a majority

12 February 2015 12:11

Iain Duncan Smith has come up with a bold idea that might just enable the Tories to break out of the inch by inch, trench warfare of current British politics.… Continue reading

Michael Gove's secret is out

Charles Moore puts Michael Gove’s ‘jazzy’ ringtone to the test

16 January 2015 12:19

Ever since Michael Gove was scolded at Cabinet for bringing his noisy mobile phone into the room, everyone’s been trying to find out what the ringtone is. Cabinet sources various… Continue reading

Rare Roman Souvenir Acquired By The British Museum

The great David Ekserdjian deserves a museum of his own

8 August 2014 14:28

Ever since Mr Blair’s New Dawn of 1997, the dominant idea in public policy towards public collections has been ‘access’. The doctrine is more than half-right: art, antiquities etc paid… Continue reading

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Paul Dacre (Photo: Getty)

Stonegate fare-dodger: it wasn’t Paul Dacre

2 August 2014 19:02

The mystery is over. A man named Jonathan Burrows has been exposed as the Stonegate fare-dodger. Our own Charles Moore must share a train with this enterprising man. Back in… Continue reading

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Is it time for ‘nose-peg Toryism’?

24 July 2014 16:24

Before the election in 2005, the magnificently grand Polly Toynbee made a generous offer to Guardian readers reluctant to vote for Tony Blair after Iraq. ‘There is much to be… Continue reading

Geoffrey Howe - his sacking was the last time a Prime Minister got this reshuffle so wrong

Video: Charles Moore – we’ve just seen the worst reshuffle in 25 years

15 July 2014 19:00

This must be the worst reshuffle since Mrs Thatcher demoted Geoffrey Howe in 1989. Unlike that one, its errors are unforced. This year, David Cameron had established a surprisingly strong… Continue reading


What’s the fuss about Juncker? Better a drunken, useless federalist than an effective, sober one

5 June 2014 17:17

David Cameron is surely right to think that Jean-Claude Juncker is not the man to relieve the European Union’s woes, but I wonder if it is worth a fight. It… Continue reading

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Why Charles Moore could be wrong about the changes at Horse and Hound

25 May 2014 10:24

As Charles Moore has reported in his Spectator’s Notes this week, changes are afoot at equestrians’ favourite publication, Horse and Hound. Speculating on the decision to replace their editor with… Continue reading

British Prime Minister David Cameron (C)

Charles Moore’s tax avoidance tip

15 May 2014 9:55

Last week, volume one of my life of Margaret Thatcher won the Elizabeth Longford Prize for Historical Biography. This made me feel greatly honoured, because I knew and loved Elizabeth… Continue reading

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Miliband, Cameron and the importance of intellectual self-confidence

10 May 2014 11:08

Is intellectual self-confidence a good thing? Ed Miliband was teased in parliament by David Cameron for claiming to possess it, and teased again by Lord Finkelstein in his notebook for… Continue reading

Hugh Dalton circa 1945. (Photo by Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

When politicians were more than mere politicians

21 April 2014 14:00

A friend has sent me a copy of a memo sent by the Financial Secretary to the Treasury (William Glenvil Hall) to the Chancellor of the Exchequer (Hugh Dalton) on… Continue reading

'It would be appalling lèse-majesté if aspersions were to be cast on Paul Dacre, the editor of the Daily Mail, who lives nearby. The guilty man is reported to be a hedge-fund manager.' Says Charles Moore.

Who is the Stonegate fare-dodger?

19 April 2014 14:00

Much speculation where we live about the identity of the Stonegate fare-dodger, one stop up our railway line. He recently paid £43,000 to Southeastern, the franchise holder, to escape criminal… Continue reading

Alexander Chancellor, inventor of the modern Spectator, on his last day in the job. A 27-year-old political columnist, Charles Moore, was next up.

How I became editor of The Spectator (aged 27)

23 March 2014 17:44

Thirty years ago this weekend, I became editor of The Spectator. In the same month, the miners’ strike began, Anthony Wedgwood Benn (as the right-wing press still insisted on calling… Continue reading

Dr Evan Harris was drinking with the enemy last night...

Evan Harris glugs with the enemy

20 March 2014 12:45

Gongs all round at the Paddy Power Political Book of the Year Award at the Imax cinema in Waterloo. It was a bumper night for Spectator writers. Congratulations to Charles… Continue reading


People want revenge on energy companies

11 October 2013 9:07

Friends of mine called Georgiana and Mouse Campbell recently bought a new house. In the period between completion and moving in, Mouse arranged for British Gas, who supplied the electricity,… Continue reading

Simply vote fodder?

Take it from a teenager: 16-year olds shouldn’t be able to vote

27 September 2013 10:30

Like Charles Moore in this week’s Spectator, I am inclined to wonder whether there is ‘any conceivable good reason’ why 16-year-olds should have the vote. As a teenager interested in… Continue reading

Boris Johnson was on fine form at last night's GQ Man of the Year Awards.

Boris Johnson and the ‘Aztec death ray’

4 September 2013 17:51

As Mr Steerpike reported late last night, the gloves were off between Russell Brand and Charles Moore at the GQ Man of the Year awards. But that was not the… Continue reading


Justin Welby, a very political Archbishop

13 July 2013 10:23

In this increasingly secular age, you would expect the Archbishop of Canterbury to be a figure of diminishing importance. But Justin Welby is fast becoming the most politically influential Archbishop… Continue reading

Sadiq Khan's response to Charles Moore's article on Islamic extremism exposes a root of the problem. (PAUL ELLIS/AFP/GettyImages)

Sadiq Khan has unwittingly highlighted the problem of Islamic extremism

24 June 2013 12:46

Sadiq Khan MP had a piece in the Telegraph last week attacking an excellent piece by Charles Moore in the same paper the Saturday before. In his piece Sadiq makes a… Continue reading

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Charles Moore has it just right on Woolwich

15 June 2013 18:51

There is a terrific piece in today’s Telegraph by Charles Moore which I very much recommend. It is titled ‘Woolwich outrage: we are too weak to face up to the… Continue reading

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Maggie Maggie Maggie, wanted out out out

8 May 2013 11:39

To Chelsea to hear Charles Moore lift the lid on his Thatcher biography. While the crowd at the Cadogan Hall loved the anecdotes and insight, it was Moore’s revelation that,… Continue reading

Guardian Bookshop - Thatcher

Tonight: Charles Moore in conversation with Andrew Neil

7 May 2013 10:54

You know something is going right with the world when Charles Moore’s biography of Margaret Thatcher is Number 1 in the Guardian bookshop. Little wonder: even if you’re no fan… Continue reading

Maggie At Bournemouth

Mind your language, Mr Rawnsley

29 April 2013 12:17

The weekend press offered some rave reviews of Charles Moore’s Thatcher biography. Craig Brown, who is not given to hyperbole, compared Moore’s book to a work of art, while the… Continue reading


How Michael Heseltine won his first showdown with Margaret Thatcher in government

22 April 2013 18:38

The extracts in the Telegraph of Charles Moore’s biography of Margaret Thatcher have confirmed that this will be one of the most important political books of recent times. One of… Continue reading

'Margaret Thatcher in The Spectator 1975-1990' includes a selection of photos and cartoons from Baroness Thatcher's premiership.

Introducing our first ebook: Margaret Thatcher in The Spectator 1975-1990

10 April 2013 9:17

No publication understood the Thatcher project better than The Spectator. We backed her for the leadership in 1975 when no other national publication would. We understood her opportunities, foibles and… Continue reading