The Scottish Saltire and the nationalist flag of Catalonia are held aloft at a rally in Glasgow

It’s no surprise Spain has already blocked Nicola Sturgeon’s half-baked Brexit plan

22 December 2016 15:37

It should come as no surprise that the Spanish government has so swiftly rejected Nicola Sturgeon’s proposal of a bespoke Brexit…

Pablo Iglesias speaks at last week's inaugural meeting of the Spanish Congress (Photo: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty)

As Catalonia turns up the heat, Madrid’s politicians are ever more divided

17 January 2016 17:48

Almost a month on from an unprecedentedly divisive general election, Spain seems further away from forming a new government than…

President of Catalonia Artur Mas celebrates as the Catalanist coalition 'Junts Pel Si' (Together for the Yes) claim victory in the regional elections held in Catalonia on September 27, 2015 (Photo: Getty)

Spain’s hunger for political change may be just what Catalonia needs

27 October 2015 14:54

Some unjustified assumptions inform the Spanish government’s anti-Catalonian rhetoric: that it will be in power long enough to prevent Catalonia leaving Spain; that…


I’ve finally found a point for St George’s Day

23 April 2014 16:52

We (the English that is) share our patron saint’s day with the Catalans. On Sant Jordi’s day Barcelona fills up with…

Following yesterday's election, separatists now control the Catalan parliament. Image: Getty

Free Catalonia!

26 November 2012 9:29

OMG to Catalonia! (Geddit?; I’m quite proud of that. Pathetic, I know). A congenial centre-right and far left alliance in…