Nick Boles

Nick Boles: Where the Tories were wrong on modernisation

8 November 2012 17:39

Few people have been more important to Tory modernisation than Nick Boles. He co-founded Policy Exchange, the think tank that has developed most of its policy ideas, and has been… Continue reading

Spectator Cover Art

The View from 22 – Barack Obama’s hollow victory and remodernising the Tories

8 November 2012 9:46

Is there something underwhelming about Obama’s reelection? In this week’s cover feature, John O’Sullivan discusses impact of changing demographics of the America electorate and the challenges this poses for the… Continue reading


Fox defies the hounds

10 October 2011 17:43

To the joy of the Tory benches, Liam Fox has just come out swinging in the House of Commons. In his initial statement, Fox apologised to the House for allowing… Continue reading


The Live Aid Tories

5 October 2011 20:08

If one hype video was weird, the other shown to delegates in Manchester this afternoon (but designed to be seen on blogs and Facebook and so on) was good politics… Continue reading


Not just a wily Fox, but a watchful hawk with time on his side

3 June 2011 13:06

Liam Fox is fond of reminding us that he didn’t come into politics to cut the armed forces. A wistful look falls across his face when he says it –… Continue reading


Going big on the Big Society

23 May 2011 11:10

You certainly can’t fault David Cameron for his perseverance. Six years after pushing the thinking behind the Big Society in his pitch for the Tory leadership, and three relaunches of… Continue reading


Cameroons livid with Ken

18 May 2011 15:57

It is hard to overstate the fury with Ken Clarke in the Cameroon circle today. One well-informed Tory source just told me, ‘they [Cameron and Osborne] just can’t wait to… Continue reading


Fox letter: storm in a fair trade, biodegradable cup

17 May 2011 13:54

David Cameron probably let out a sigh when he was informed that yet another letter from Liam Fox had been leaked to the press. And when the Defence Secretary called… Continue reading


Cameron’s threadbare praetorian guard

8 March 2011 18:36

One of the worst kept secrets of David Cameron’s leadership is that some in the inner circle don’t think much of the members of the shadow Cabinet who are now… Continue reading


From the archives: The resignation of Alastair Campbell

21 January 2011 18:04

No need to explain why we’re looking back on the resignation of Alastair Campbell for this week’s entry from The Spectator archives. The piece itself is merciless stuff from the… Continue reading


Déjà vu

21 January 2011 10:44

Tony Blair is beguiling the Chilcot Inquiry once again. He was majestic last time – quick witted, sincere and convinced. There was nothing in that benign hearing room to alter,… Continue reading


Boles beats his old drum

3 January 2011 19:33

To accompany Fraser’s suggestion that Cameron and Clegg are planning a merger, it is notable that the ubiquitous Nick Boles has renewed his calls for a formal pact. Previously, Boles averred that… Continue reading


Coulson to stay

23 November 2010 12:25

The indefatigable Paul Waugh reports that Andy Coulson plans to break Tom Watson’s delicate heart: the government’s communications director is not going to resign for whatever it is that he… Continue reading


The ’22 bares its teeth

9 July 2010 15:23

Tim Montgomerie reports that the 1922 Committee is to launch its own inquiry into the Tories’ election campaign. This, as I understand it, is in addition to the party’s official… Continue reading


Tony Judt’s Manifesto for the Left

20 March 2010 10:58

Anyone who cares about political debate should read the essay by the historian Tony Judt in today’s Guardian. It is an astonishing piece of work which argues for a renewal… Continue reading