Philip Hammond’s ‘sombre’ speech acknowledges the impact of Brexit on businesses

3 October 2016 16:07

Philip Hammond’s speech has had a mixed reaction from his MP colleagues, it is fair to say. A number have…

Why are so few big business leaders for remain?

23 February 2016 11:43

How come so few big business leaders signed up to David Cameron’s letter in favour of remain? As the Daily…

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A heartwarming story of Christmas blackmail

21 December 2015 10:00

I thought you might enjoy a little parable for Christmas, so here goes… The boardroom clock said twelve minutes to…

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What makes a minister keen to cut spending?

17 September 2015 13:46

Not even Jeremy Corbyn can distract ministers from the fact that in the next few months, they’ll be announcing huge…


Coffee Shots: Jeremy Corbyn goes corporate

29 June 2015 18:27

Never let it be said that Jeremy Corbyn is the most anti-business of the four Labour leadership candidates. The left-wing…


The Labour leadership checklist

19 May 2015 13:04

There seems to be a checklist for Labour leadership hopefuls which all of them are very keen to tick off.…

Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband Speaks At The Scottish Labour conference

Labour’s business battle shows how small its circle of support is

4 April 2015 13:08

I have never been impressed by round robin letters, so if Ed Miliband had shrugged off the letter to the…

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Speech At The Science Museum

Should Labour dismiss a letter from 100 business chiefs?

1 April 2015 10:35

The Labour reaction today to the Telegraph’s high-volume splash on 100 business leaders warning about the dangers of a Labour…

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Gives A Speech On The Economy

Ed Miliband to Cameron: show us your EU renegotiation policy

19 February 2015 15:07

Ed Miliband has sent an angry letter to David Cameron this afternoon, demanding that he ‘set out in detail a…

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Labour finally starts to articulate its vision for British business

10 February 2015 13:59

Why isn’t Ed Miliband at the British Chambers of Commerce annual conference? Ed Balls tried to defend his boss this…

Ed Balls Kill Bill

Balls forgetting Bill is far less of a problem than Bill being Balls’ only supporter

4 February 2015 9:04

To be fair to Ed Balls, everyone forgets names from time to time. ‘His surname has just gone from my…

Britain Alliance Boots

Why Labour thinks its battle with Boots is important – and what it needs to do next

3 February 2015 20:01

Labour seems pretty keen to prolong its row with Boots chief Stefano Pessina. We’re on day three now. After Boris…

The Labour Party Conference Continues

Can Labour afford a battle with Boots?

2 February 2015 8:46

Is Labour wise to go to war with the head of Boots for warning that a Miliband government would be…

Ryanair Announces Large Order Of Boeing Planes

Michael O’Leary, my favourite anti-hero

8 November 2014 16:33

Michael O’Leary of Ryanair has long been an anti-hero of this column. I loved his airline when it was consistently…

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The horrid, helpful egg-freezing scheme at Facebook and Apple

16 October 2014 13:08

Was the chief operating officer of Facebook, one Sheryl Sandberg, involved, do you reckon, in the company’s exciting invitation to…

The EU's sanctions seem to fall some way short of David Cameron's ambitions. (GEORGES GOBET/AFP/Getty Images)

Europe split over sanctions against Putin’s Russia

22 July 2014 19:07

The European Council has spoken! We must all come back on Thursday after it has considered its approach to fresh…

A £20 million prize (and a supermodel to boot)

Does the man who saved Burberry from the chavs deserve £20 million?

22 July 2014 10:00

There isn’t a single item of Burberry in my wardrobe, I’m afraid, so I was unaware until this week of…

Chelsea Flower Show - Day 2

Monty Don, Kirstie Allsopp and Bear Grylls – we get the TV shows we deserve

22 May 2014 18:04

We’re now on day three of the Chelsea Flower Show, and this year the BBC have taken their coverage to…

Harriet Green (l) and Jenny Dawson (r) at last night's Women of the Year Awards.

Women will inherit the earth

13 May 2014 15:44

Mr S unleashed his inner-feminist at the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman of the Year Awards last night. Veuve Clicquot president…

Chancellor George Osborne Visits Pharmaceutical Company Pfizer

Pfizer’s already beaten Ed Miliband. Now it just needs to offer the right price

6 May 2014 16:52

Pfizer will almost certainly have to offer more than its second bid of £50 a share for rival drug giant…

Co-operative Group Difficulties Continue After Lord Myners Resigns

Last rites for the Co-op Bank? As group announces record losses

17 April 2014 9:15

‘Care, respect, clarity and reassurance’ are what the Co-operative funeral service says it offers the bereaved, and the parent Co-op…


Nigel Farage missed the point about ‘young, able women’

20 January 2014 16:09

Nigel Farage isn’t afraid ‘to court controversy’ over the issue of women’s pay. Speaking on the issue of equal pay,…

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HS2 is a grandstand project – and the sums just don’t add up

24 October 2013 13:06

HS2 is a solution looking for a problem. Since its conception, HS2 has been a tale of shape shifting as…

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EU red tape push will give Cameron cover for renegotiation

15 October 2013 9:06

The government’s business taskforce will give a presentation today to Cabinet on its report on slashing EU regulation. David Cameron…

An Alternative View Of The Labour Party Annual Conference

Ed Miliband’s give and take away business strategy

24 September 2013 8:46

Far be it from anyone to criticise a party that wants to build more homes, but Ed Miliband’s plan to…