EU flags in Brussels. Getty Images

How Brussels’ sanctions could bleed Britain dry

14 November 2014 13:32

London is at risk of another blow from Brussels. Currently, the UK Supreme Court is hearing a sanctions case involving the Iranian Bank Mellat, which could prove pivotal in the… Continue reading

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David Cameron has no choice but to defy Brussels

26 October 2014 11:59

If the European Commission had come to Britain demanding another £90 million because this country’s economy had performed better than expected, it would have been a political headache for David… Continue reading

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8 ways the EU might spend that 1.7 billion surcharge

24 October 2014 15:12

So the EU wants Britain to pay a 1.7 billion surcharge for the heinous crime of having an economic recovering. How dare we object? Just think of all the good… Continue reading

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Cameron: We’re not paying this EU bill on the 1st of December

24 October 2014 14:55

A visibly riled David Cameron railed at the European Commission’s ‘completely unacceptable’ behaviour in demanding another £1.7 billion from Britain by the 1st of December. He warned that he certainly… Continue reading

A Ukip supporter in March 2013 (Photo: Getty)

Ukip’s unsavoury Polish ally in the European Parliament

22 October 2014 11:57

One of the best arguments against European political integration is the people with whom British political parties end up allied in the European Parliament. For reasons of parliamentary influence and,… Continue reading

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The argument about Britain in Europe is just the same as the argument about Scotland in Britain

5 August 2014 10:28

I know some readers have tired of Scotland’s independence debate. That is understandable, even forgivable. It has, after all, been rumbling along for 40 years. There may only be six… Continue reading


After the horrific tragedy of MH17, Europe must wake up to the threat posed by Vladimir Putin

19 July 2014 23:04

How many more civilian planes need to be shot down over European airspace before Europe’s leaders get serious about the threat posed by Vladimir Putin’s Russia? As the smoke clears… Continue reading


Ed Miliband adopts a rope-a-dope strategy on Europe

12 March 2014 13:05

Hopi Sen is not alone. There are many people in this country supremely indifferent to the whole and vexatious question of whether or not there should be a referendum on… Continue reading


David Cameron talks nonsense about vetoing future EU enlargement

20 December 2013 22:35

Fair’s fair. Ed Miliband might be a fish-faced ninny but that doesn’t let David Cameron off the hook. And not just because he’s trailing a fish-faced ninny in the polls.… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Delivers His Keynote Speech At The Conservative Party Conference

What is David Cameron for?

18 December 2013 14:45

A mischievous question, I know, but one prompted by Janan Ganesh’s latest Financial Times column. It is eight years since David Cameron became leader of the Conservative party and three and a… Continue reading


Scotland and the EU: Mariano Rajoy should just jog on.

28 November 2013 10:47

It’s bad enough being lectured by politicians from Edinburgh or even London. That, I suppose, is to be expected however. Irritating but normal. It’s rather different when foreigners – real… Continue reading

Berlin Senior Citizens' Week

World Without Borders: Lebensraum for German Pensioners

18 September 2013 12:33

Borders matter less than they used to. That’s not always apparent in this country protected as it is by the sea but on the continent frontiers are, once again, increasingly… Continue reading


Tory Wreckers Will Shipwreck David Cameron on the Coast of Belgium

25 June 2013 20:36

Do you understand what David Cameron’s Europe policy is supposed to achieve? If so, you’re way ahead of me. I’ve said before that I think Europe will cripple Cameron unless… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Makes Speech On The UK's Position In Europe

Europe will end David Cameron’s political career

13 June 2013 13:27

Poor old David Cameron has never been blessed with attractive options on the European front. But for a while it was possible to suppose that it might not ruin his… Continue reading

All the reporters wanted to talk about was Cyprus - but all the commissioner wanted to talk about was his green paper. Image: Getty

How long will capital restrictions last in Cyprus? ‘Can’t say’

25 March 2013 14:51

To the European Commission headquarters this morning for a briefing with Michel Barnier, the Frenchman who is commissioner in charge of banking. The press pack wanted to talk about –… Continue reading

Fishermen Sort Catch At Peterhead Harbour

Scotland's position in europe is weaker than the SNP would have you believe

26 February 2013 20:13

Nicola Sturgeon, arguably the SNP’s most effective asset at present, went to Brussels today to deliver a speech about Scotland’s future relationship with the EU. Most of it was as… Continue reading

Members Of The Royal Family Attend The Commonwealth Day Of Observance At Westminster Abbey

Are the Tories united on Europe? Pull the other one.

15 February 2013 14:17

Party unity is one of those things you can measure by the frequency with which the idea is mentioned. The more often it is talked about, the less it exists.… Continue reading

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UK Prime Minister David Cameron Visits The North West

David Cameron's Europe "Strategy" is Going to Fail - Spectator Blogs

14 January 2013 14:45

This is unfortunate, not least because the Prime Minister is a greater realist than many of his erstwhile supporters. They, too often, seem to be another bunch of Bourbons. They… Continue reading

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Dav

EU Shocker: The United States agrees with the British Government! - Spectator Blogs

10 January 2013 12:51

Good grief. Are we supposed to be surprised that senior officials at the US State Department take the view that Britain should, all things considered, remain a member of the… Continue reading

President Of European Commission Receives Honorary Degree

Scottish Independence and Europe: Who does this Barroso guy think he is? - Spectator Blogs

11 December 2012 12:10

Today’s Think Scotland column takes a gander at the rumpus over an independent Scotland’s accession to the EU. Until recently the SNP promised that said accession would be automatic. Now… Continue reading

British European deputies and Euroscepti

Britain, Scotland, Norway and Europe: lands of magical Sovereignty-Unicorns - Spectator Blogs

12 November 2012 12:38

Even the cheapest, Poundland crystal ball will tell even a blind observer that Europe is pretty soon going to be a pretty hefty problem for almost all of Britain’s political… Continue reading


Labour’s Disingenuous Flirtation with an EU Referendum

21 May 2012 11:50

Apparently the Labour leadership is considering making a commitment to hold an In or Out referendum on British membership of the EU sometime in the next parliament. Guido says this would… Continue reading


Tory Plans for an EU Referendum are Baffling and Incoherent

10 May 2012 13:45

I wish the Conservative party’s attitude towards european policy made more sense. To be more specific, I wish the Prime Minister’s attitude made more sense. One can respect the views… Continue reading


Europe is being strangled by the Franco-German alliance

2 March 2012 11:34

David Cameron’s complaints at last night’s EU meeting about the lack of a growth agenda have, in part, been addressed by the new draft conclusions. Cameron — who was supported… Continue reading


The Irish Ask Another Brussels Question

28 February 2012 15:56

And, as we know, Brussels has a habit of changing the answer any time anyone offers the wrong inconvenient answer. Nevertheless, the Irish government’s decision – made on the advice… Continue reading