Chancellor George Osborne Hosts Annual Christmas Party For Charity

The anatomy of a political lie: ‘tax-free childcare’

18 March 2014 11:52

Today’s announcement of childcare subsidy, up to the value of £2,000 per kid under the age of 12, is welcome news. As The Spectator argued last week, this is perhaps… Continue reading

Debt 2000-2018

David Cameron rebuked for telling porkies about the national debt

1 February 2013 14:16

Where was Andrew Dilnot in the Gordon Brown era? The head of the UK Statistics Authority has just rebuked the Prime Minister for telling porkies about debt on his ITV… Continue reading


Son of Brownies

13 November 2011 19:11

How generous of Ed Balls to publish a transcript of his interview on the Politics Show earlier, so that we can amble through it on a Sunday evening. It contains,… Continue reading


Balls’ Brownies

26 September 2011 17:24

In his speech today, Ed Balls proved himself worthy of the "Son of Brown" tag, slipping in more than a few "Brownies". I thought CoffeeHousers would be interested in some… Continue reading


The Miliband deception

29 October 2010 17:24

Ed Miliband’s speech in Scotland this afternoon was a strange beast. So much of it was typical of the new Labour leader: for instance, the incessant stream of words like… Continue reading


Osborne must make the workings of the OBR even more transparent

9 July 2010 9:22

Forget the hubbub about Gove’s schools list, the most damaging story for the government this week could well be on the cover of today’s FT.  Alex Barker does a great… Continue reading


Different Miliband, similar deceit

28 June 2010 17:52

First, David Miliband was telling Brownies about the public finances.  Now, his brother’s at it too.  Here’s what he told the Daily Politics earlier: "Over thirteen years, Labour did increase… Continue reading


Miliband the conman

28 June 2010 14:40

Who’d have thought it? There’s David Miliband getting all self-righteous about the "cons" in George Osborne’s Budget, when – oh dear – he slips in a small con of his… Continue reading


A new Brownie Buster

31 March 2010 18:56

Michael Scholar: hero. The newish head of the UK statistics authority is finally coming to the aid of the statistics nerds who have been protesting that Gordon Brown makes things… Continue reading


The cuts unveiled

10 December 2009 15:25

Well, as expected, the IFS have put the lie to Darling’s claim that the budgets of non-ringfenced departments would be "pretty much flat".  Here’s how Nick Robinson reports it: "The… Continue reading


The Darling deception

10 December 2009 10:25

Alistair Darling normally strikes us as an honest man dropped into an impossible situation. But whether he misspoke, or whether he set out to mislead, he told a lie on… Continue reading


Your guide to the PBR Brownies

9 December 2009 9:09

How can you tell if you’re being lied to on budget day? Normally its easy: Gordon Brown’s lips move. But, today, there’s a handy guide. You can compare Darling’s fiction… Continue reading


Exam result shock: Balls fails

27 August 2009 9:04

You know how it is.  You start reading an article by Ed Balls – in this case, in today’s Guardian – and, before long, you’ve come across so many deceptions,… Continue reading