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Which London mayoral hopeful has a ‘plethora of erotic art’?

21 May 2015 16:27

With Ivan Massow currently vying to be the next Mayor of London, the businessman released a campaign video this week explaining who he is and why he is running. In… Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament

Louise Mensch backs George Osborne to be the next Tory leader

15 May 2015 12:42

All this talk from Labour and the Liberal Democrats about who will be their next party leader appears to have got to the Tory camp. Although the dust is yet to… Continue reading

David and Samantha Cameron re-entering 10 Downing Street earlier this afternoon. Image: Getty

The reshuffle has begun – but the real excitement will happen on Monday

8 May 2015 17:49

David Cameron has reappointed several of the most senior members of the government. George Osborne stays as Chancellor, Theresa May remains Home Secretary, Philip Hammond Foreign Secretary and Michael Fallon… Continue reading

London mayor Boris Johnson arrives to speak at a Conservative Party election rally in Hendon on May 5, 2015 in Twickenham, London.

Election podcast special: 48 hours to go

5 May 2015 15:42

In today’s election special podcast, Fraser Nelson, James Forsyth, Isabel Hardman and I discuss David Cameron’s election rally with Boris Johnson in Hendon and whether the Mayor of London has been underused during the… Continue reading

London Mayor Boris Johnson and Prime Minister David Cameron arrive at the Advantage children's daycare nursery on April 22, 2015 in Surbiton, England.

Podcast: the election where everybody loses and Boris’s vision for conservatism

30 April 2015 9:11

With one week to go, are the Conservatives back on track to being the biggest party? In this week’s View from 22 podcast, Fraser Nelson and James Forsyth discuss the state of the election… Continue reading

Ed Miliband's Speech To Scottish Labour Party Conference

Miliband avoids the Scottish question

26 April 2015 10:41

On the Andrew Marr show this morning, Ed Miliband fended off questions about any post-election deal with the Scottish National Party. He had two lines of defence. First, he said… Continue reading

(Photo: Getty)

Boris is being careful with his dinner invitations

23 April 2015 11:00

One of the main risks of wheeling Boris out this week was that he was never just going to be asked about this election in interviews. The Mayor and candidate… Continue reading

London Mayor Boris Johnson and Prime Minister David Cameron react as they join a hand-printing session with children at the Advantage children's daycare nursery on April 22, 2015 in Surbiton, England.

Boris hits the campaign trail — and admits being Tory leader would be a ‘wonderful thing’

22 April 2015 17:10

The Tories’s not-so-secret weapon has finally been deployed. Boris Johnson hit the campaign trail with David Cameron today, solving a jigsaw puzzle, painting with some children (above) and exuding a… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Revealed: Why the Tories have a big London problem

22 April 2015 9:42

This afternoon something rare will happen in this election campaign. David Cameron will campaign in London. While bus-ing and jetting all around the four countries that make up the United Kingdom, the… Continue reading

Boris Johnson during a visit to the Husseini Mosque in 2008 (Photo: Daniel Berehulak/Getty)

Islamic extremism doesn’t need a rebrand

21 April 2015 11:11

I have been wondering why nobody so far in this election seems to have made any mention of what most people recognise to be the biggest security problem facing this… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 09.01.24

Watch: Ed Miliband treated like rock star by screaming girls. Seriously

19 April 2015 9:14

You have to hand it to Justine Thornton. After her interview, where she alerted the world to Red Ed’s status as a bit of a boulevardier having secretly dated the… Continue reading

IMAGE FREE FOR USE ---Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel

Is the Tory Trident row an example of a ‘dead cat’ strategy?

9 April 2015 15:06

Are the Tories throwing dead cats into the election debate? This question only makes sense if you recall Boris Johnson’s 2013 description of a strategy deployed by an ‘Australian friend’… Continue reading


Stanley Johnson struggles with history in his memoir

25 March 2015 12:57

After Boris Johnson got his dates muddled while discussing his biography of Winston Churchill on LBC yesterday, it has come to Mr S’s attention that a selective memory could run in the family. Speaking… Continue reading

IMAGE FREE FOR USE ---Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel

Has Boris Johnson read his own book?

24 March 2015 15:07

Boris was waxing lyrical about Winston Churchill during his weekly LBC phone-in earlier when it all went a little wrong. Discussing the ‘many different phases Churchill’ went through ‘in his… Continue reading

Elizabeth I could have taught David Cameron a thing or two about naming successors (Photo: Getty)

Learn from Elizabeth I, Cameron: a named successor is a shroud

24 March 2015 14:54

As Fraser Nelson says on this morning’s Spectator podcast, David Cameron will likely be regretting yesterday’s announcement for the rest of his premiership. He’s not a ripe watermelon; highlighting that he… Continue reading

David Cameron and Boris Johnson. Photo: Getty Images.

David Cameron: this will be my last election. Theresa, George or Boris may succeed me

23 March 2015 18:29

With just days to go until the general election campaign, David Cameron has declared that this is last time he’s leading his party into battle. It’s not clear why he felt the… Continue reading

Mr S's pick of the political lookalikes (Pictures: Susan Scott Agency)

Wanted: Nigel Farage lookalike

18 March 2015 10:00

As the election approaches, politicians will find their diaries packed with various events. It’s an equally busy time for those born with the gift of looking like a politician. ‘I’m… Continue reading


The ‘Darknet’ is dangerous. It’s also deeply democratic

12 March 2015 14:39

The ‘Darknet’ is in the spotlight. Over the past few months, stories of paedophile rings, drug empires and terrorist organisations have set pulses racing as investigative journalists have begun dipping… Continue reading

Arsenal's English defender Sol Campbell

Sol Campbell: It’s time to increase MPs’ salaries

28 February 2015 8:30

This week Sol Campbell was named as a bookies’ favourite to be the next Tory candidate for Kensington after Sir Malcolm Rifkind stepped down following a cash for access scandal. While Rifkind’s resignation… Continue reading

London Mayor, Boris Johnson is shown around the Aura residential development which is under construction in the Edgware district of north London on February 20, 2015 in London, England.

The Tories need to put Boris front and centre of the campaign — the numbers prove it

25 February 2015 15:46

Have you seen Boris Johnson? The Mayor of London has been surprisingly absent from the Conservatives’ floundering campaign so far. He was not chosen to be member of the core… Continue reading

Boris was on best behaviour during a trade tour to America (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty)

Boris boards plane with mysterious blonde

25 February 2015 12:37

Boris Johnson was on best behaviour during a recent trade trip to the USA. But the minute his top aides left his side, out came the Mayor’s famous charm. While waiting for a flight back to… Continue reading

Penny Mordaunt

Politicians needn’t be so afraid of saying what they think

20 February 2015 17:27

Politicians know they need to be more natural, less spun, and more honest about what they think. But most of them carry on sounding unnatural, spin-doctored and cagey because they’re… Continue reading

George Osborne and Boris Johnson stop for breakfast. Photo: @George_Osborne.

Coffee Shots: George takes Boris out for breakfast

20 February 2015 12:33

Boris and George have been painting London town red this morning. First, the Tory duo took over the Tate Modern at the crack of dawn to show off a very large,… Continue reading


Why Boris Johnson doesn’t want a Tory leadership contest this year

13 February 2015 15:57

Even though Boris is building up support for his leadership campaign, he doesn’t want to have to stand in one this year. He needs David Cameron to remain Prime Minister… Continue reading

Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Boris Johnson woos Tory MPs with a ‘rucksack clanking with booze’

9 February 2015 12:22

Boris Johnson’s campaign to woo Tory MPs is continuing as the General Election approaches. I hear that he held another one of his suppers for colleagues at his home in… Continue reading