Boris Johnson

Political Leaders Vote In The EU Referendum

Sarah Vine accidentally sends secret Tory leadership email to a member of the public

29 June 2016 17:06

Oh dear. This morning Sarah Vine surprised Daily Mail readers after she declared in her column that both she and…

May and Boris

Tory leadership race: Who is backing who?

29 June 2016 8:07

The race to be the next Tory leader is underway. Boris Johnson and Theresa May are the firm favourites –…

May and Boris

Tory leadership contest: the state of the race

28 June 2016 18:40

Westminster is at its fastest-moving and most unstable for years. Portcullis House and the tea rooms are buzzing with MPs…

"The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History" by Boris Johnson - Book Launch Party

Jo Johnson backs Boris

27 June 2016 18:44

Jo Johnson has declared his support for his brother’s leadership bid. In a statement to The Spectator, the minister for…

Brexit lies are opening up a terrifying new opportunity for the far-right in Britain

27 June 2016 14:54

The Tory leaders of Vote Leave, those supposedly civilised and intelligent men, are creating the conditions for a mass far-right…

Coffee House shots: Tory turmoil, Jexit and Boris’ bid for No.10

27 June 2016 12:32

As the spate of resignations from the Labour shadow cabinet continues this morning and the rival candidates in the race…

Political Leaders Respond To The UK's EU Referendum Result

Senior Tories push for longer leadership contest

26 June 2016 11:18

The Tory leadership contest is looking decidedly sedate compared with the ructions in the Labour party this morning. But tomorrow…

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Will Boris, Gove and the Brexit band of brothers run for No 10 together?

25 June 2016 11:27

Westminster is still digesting what happened on Thursday night. But before Britain can turn itself to the big question of…

EU Referendum - Signage And Symbols

Vote Leave now need to repay the people who voted for their cause

24 June 2016 13:52

My part of north London feels like the morning after England get knocked out from the World Cup. People look…


Boris Johnson’s victory speech: ‘we can find our voice in the world again’

24 June 2016 11:34

I want to begin this morning by paying tribute to David Cameron who has spoken earlier from Downing Street. I…

BBC Hosts EU Debate At Wembley Arena

Boris Johnson’s closing speech was the defining moment of the campaign

22 June 2016 14:46

For me, last night provided the defining moment of the campaign. I was in the audience of 6,000 or so…


Coffee House shots: Who will triumph in tonight’s final TV showdown?

21 June 2016 16:57

As many as eight million people are expected to tune into tonight’s BBC Brexit debate, where Boris Johnson, Sadiq Khan…

David Cameron and Boris Johnson visit to Newark

Boris makes it clear he isn’t interested in a coup against David Cameron

18 June 2016 10:31

The murder of Jo Cox was a moment that leaves you numb; an MP paying the ultimate price for the…

The Mayor Of London Visits Singapore

I’m no bottle blond: Boris denies dying his hair

12 June 2016 9:15

There has been speculation for a while that Boris’s fabled mop may have had a touch of the Marilyn Monroe to it.…

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Going for Boris just makes the Remain side look rattled

11 June 2016 10:35

All sides of the Remain campaign are turning their fire on Boris Johnson at the moment. But these attacks are,…

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Brexit: the triumph of the right

10 June 2016 16:34

The only arguments that matter in politics today are the arguments on the right. The only futures that are possible…

(Credit: Ben Glaze)

Friday caption contest: Boris attack!

10 June 2016 12:40

Just in case last night’s Boris-bashing in the ITV debate wasn’t enough, Labour have decided to take another jab at…


What the papers say: Did ‘Operation Batter Boris’ go too far?

10 June 2016 8:16

The takeaway point from last night’s EU referendum showdown was the extent of the personal attacks on Boris. The former…


EU referendum TV debate – Leave and Remain face off in ITV showdown

9 June 2016 19:57

Fraser Nelson, James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman review the ITV debate: Welcome to Coffee House’s coverage of ITV’s EU referendum…

Boris Johnson, Vote Leave Campaign in Stratford-upon-Avon

Tonight’s EU debate won’t just be uncomfortable for Boris Johnson

9 June 2016 15:47

Tonight’s TV clash on the EU referendum is being billed as Boris Johnson being ganged up on by a group…

Today in audio: ‘Remain’ fights back as PM warns of Brexit ‘bomb’

6 June 2016 17:16

Momentum in the ‘Leave’ campaign seems to be growing after Brexit took the lead in two polls out today. There…

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Brexit could leave Britain with the worst of both worlds – like Norway

6 June 2016 12:27

This is a translation of an article I wrote for the Norwegian daily VG Never since the German attack on…

Specsavers National Book Awards

Caitlin Moran promises to run for Parliament if Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister

31 May 2016 12:55

Although George Osborne is currently lagging behind Boris Johnson in favourability polls, he can take heart that an intervention by an…

Photo by Stefan Rousseau - WPA Pool/Getty Images

The week in EU deceptions

29 May 2016 14:36

This has been another fine week for EU deceits, lies and misrepresentations. The chutzpah of the week award must go…

Boris Johnson Delivers Stump Speech For The Vote Leave Referendum Campaign

Is the Leave campaign going around in circles?

23 May 2016 22:01

Boris Johnson took in a car factory as part of his day of campaigning for Vote Leave in Yorkshire. The…