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The Spectator podcast: When the right goes wrong

30 April 2016 8:30

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The Spectator podcast: When the right goes wrong

28 April 2016 8:10

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Today in audio: Jeremy Hunt stands firm ahead of junior doctors strike

25 April 2016 17:20

Jeremy Hunt has been facing questions in the Commons ahead of tomorrow’s junior doctors strike. The Health Secretary said the…

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Theresa May has revealed she is a reluctant member of the In campaign

25 April 2016 13:52

One of the worst kept secrets at Westminster is that Theresa May has a distinctly low opinion of Boris Johnson.…

Boris Johnson Leads 48Hour Brexit Blitz Of Campaigning

Is the Leave campaign turning into Project Grouch?

25 April 2016 13:48

Monday mornings are miserable enough as it is, but this morning the Leave campaign decided to treat us to the…

Replica Of The Triumphal Arch At Palmyra Revealed

The hounding of Boris for his ‘Kenyan’ comment is the dumbest Twitterstorm yet

25 April 2016 13:37

Normally, Twitterstorms, those unhinged uprisings against a politician or celeb who has dared to make an outré utterance, are best…

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There’s nothing ‘racist’ about Boris Johnson’s Obama comments

22 April 2016 17:39

Nick Cohen is predictably over-the-top in his response to Boris Johnson’s piece about President Obama’s intervention in the Brexit debate…

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Boris Johnson’s attack on Barack Obama belongs in the gutter

22 April 2016 14:58

Boris Johnson is a former editor of this newspaper, and as such has the right to be treated with a…

The Spectator podcast: Obama’s Brexit overreach

21 April 2016 7:54

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Did Stephen King write the In campaign’s script?

19 April 2016 12:16

One of the most striking things about the debate on Britain’s future relationship with Europe is that the case for…

Boris Johnson Leads 48Hour Brexit Blitz Of Campaigning

Has Boris finally realised why Turkey shouldn’t join the EU?

18 April 2016 14:44

So good to see Boris Johnson making the obvious case for Brexit, namely that the Turks are at the door.…

'pretty much the whole Cabinet'

Tories’ ‘ludicrous’ phone bank email falls flat with voters

18 April 2016 10:37

As CCHQ try to gather momentum behind Zac Goldsmith’s mayoral campaign, they are hoping that they can count on Tory supporters to…

G7 Leaders Meet For Summit At Schloss Elmau

Boris v Barack on Brexit

16 April 2016 10:55

The US President flies into town next week to wish the Queen a happy 90th birthday and to encourage Britain…

The Spectator podcast: tax vs sex

16 April 2016 9:30

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Don’t be jealous of my brother’s whopping tax return

16 April 2016 9:30

With hindsight maybe it was silly for me to bleat, ‘As everyone knows, the Johnsons are neither posh nor rich’…

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Referendum camps try to enthuse voters as official campaign starts

15 April 2016 9:14

Rather like the 2015 General Election campaign, the EU referendum campaign feels as though it has been going on rather…

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Vote Leave given designation as official Brexit campaign

13 April 2016 15:18

After months of waiting, the Electoral Commission has announced that Vote Leave has been given the official designation for the…

uk x eu

Will the EU referendum be a fair fight?

12 April 2016 7:57

It is the most important decision that the Electoral Commission has ever taken: who to select as the lead campaign…

David Cameron defends £9m spend on EU leaflets

7 April 2016 13:25

David Cameron has defended the £9m government leaflet promoting the EU as ‘money well spent’ and ‘necessary’, as the Tory…

Like Iceland and Switzerland, post-Brexit UK could do a trade agreement with China, but do Brexiteers really want to copy these agreements? (Photo: Getty)

Boris and the Brexiteers are talking nonsense about Britain’s trade policies

1 April 2016 9:35

Meet Boris Johnson, Britain’s new chief trade negotiator. I admit it is an effort to imagine Boris in that parish,…

The Spectator podcast: Eugenics, Tory wars and poetry

31 March 2016 8:25

We’re delighted to have Berry Bros sponsor our flagship podcast. For some years now their ‘Good Ordinary Claret‘ has been The Spectator’s house red, served to all our guests…

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Are Boris’s admirers prepared to have their hearts broken?

29 March 2016 17:52

When I was 18, I had my first tutorial on Anglo-Saxon history. I cannot remember the details but the don…

Day 2 - Paralympic Torch Relay

In defence of Boris Johnson

27 March 2016 10:10

It is good that Matthew Parris has taken on Boris. The Mayor has had too easy a press in many…


Would Brexit mean Boris as PM? If so, should we worry?

26 March 2016 15:08

This time last year, Matthew Parris was about the only commentator predicting that the Tories would win a majority. In…

Rachel, Boris and Jo Johnson (Photo: Getty)

Jo Johnson on the debate dividing the nation: ‘it’s brother against brother’

18 March 2016 13:02

While Boris Johnson is firmly behind the Out campaign in the EU referendum, his father Stanley, sister Rachel and brother Jo are…