Boris Johnson

Ed Miliband says of politicians ‘you could find people who look less like Wallace’. Cartoon: Peter Brooks

Boris Johnson minces Ed ‘Image’ Miliband

28 July 2014 9:00

Mr S can only commend Boris Johnson’s column in the Telegraph today. It eviscerates Ed Miliband for his hypocrisy over ‘image’ and ‘substance’. As Boris puts it: ‘Ed Miliband is… Continue reading

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson plays tennis during the International Paralympic Day in Trafalgar Square, central London, on September 8, 2011. Image: BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images

Boris Johnson won’t play tennis with Putin’s cronies

23 July 2014 11:43

‘I think you have to do stuff that actually hits Putin and his government where it hurts. I know about this tennis match – they volunteered me to play tennis… Continue reading

Charlie Brooks. Image: Getty

Sorry Dave, it’s Boris and Farage for Charlie Brooks

19 July 2014 18:58

The other darling of the CLA Game Fair — alongside former Environment Secretary Owen Paterson — was Charlie Brooks (aka Mr Rebekah Wade), who appears to be back on the country scene… Continue reading

Words that come to mind when thinking of Boris Johnson. Picture: Lord Ashcroft Polling.

Uxbridge set to be destination Boris?

11 July 2014 14:28

Mr S likes a flutter. His eyes were drawn to the latest speculation about Boris’s return to the Commons. Ladbrokes are offering 3-1 that the Blond Bombshell will be selected… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Jeremy Paxman’s last Newsnight made me want to be sick

19 June 2014 14:12

Did you not threaten to overrule him, Paxman? Did you not threaten to overrule your editor when he told you that he was going to let you finish your career… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Why do so many of our MPs feel the need to write books?

10 June 2014 17:39

It sometimes feels like there is a never-ending flood of books written by politicians delivered to the Spectator offices. Almost every week a new one – or the invitation to… Continue reading


Boris tribute tavern opens

10 June 2014 12:16

Mr S has oft remarked that you have only made it in life when someone has named a watering hole after you. So congratulations to the Mayor of London, who has joined… Continue reading

Shangri-La Hotel Opens In The Shard

Does Boris Johnson really want to see Tony Blair tried for war crimes?

12 May 2014 17:55

What are we supposed to make of Boris Johnson? I mean, are we supposed to pay attention to what Boris actually says? Or is he permitted to play the game… Continue reading

Will Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson stand in the Newark by-election?

Who could win the Newark by-election?

29 April 2014 19:00

Who stands the best chance of winning the Newark by-election after Patrick Mercer’s resignation? It is a safe Conservative seat, which Mercer has held since 2001. At the last general… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Senior Tory MP: Boris should stop messing our party around

29 April 2014 9:14

I have not asked anyone out on a date for over 35 years. In fact, the last time I did invite anyone out was, like most of my attempts, excruciatingly… Continue reading


Don’t do it Boris!

23 April 2014 11:31

Is Boris Johnson about to announce his intention to stand at the next general election? The well-connected Jason Groves reports today that Boris will make clear his plans before the… Continue reading

Basil Fawlty: still representative of the typical Englander? Photo: BBC.

Modern Britain: little islanders who love the Queen and Richard Branson

14 April 2014 15:03

Who and what represents Britain today? Our country has changed significantly in the last few decades; but, a batch of YouGov polls published this weekend suggest that traditional notions of… Continue reading

Boris Johnson And Michael Bloomberg Launch Mayors Challenge In Europe

What if mayors ruled the world?

12 April 2014 16:11

Once, countries competed. Now, cities do. Take the above video of Stockholm, boasting about being the best place in the world to live and work. As the magician says, ‘it’s… Continue reading

London's mayor Boris Johnson delivers a

Boris Johnson: Maria Miller is being hounded

8 April 2014 8:54

As backbenchers apparently gang up on Maria Miller, she’s seen Conservative and Lib Dem colleagues trying to defend her – and dampen down Esther McVey’s comments – on the airwaves… Continue reading

London's mayor Boris Johnson delivers a

Boris should call a referendum

27 March 2014 17:45

Everyone can see that the West has no idea what to do about Russian power in the Ukraine. Britain, in particular, is at the margins. It is time for the… Continue reading


Tory wars: Cameron invites Boris to have a go, if he thinks he’s hard enough

21 March 2014 7:36

I’m not sure how many winnable Tory seats still need a candidate, but the Prime Minister has invited the Mayor of London to get in the ring. Here’s what he… Continue reading

Gove and Osborne. Image: Getty

Why no Tory can lecture another on leadership challenges

17 March 2014 14:51

The continued speculation about who in the Conservative party is putting the most effort into preparing their leadership hat to throw into the currently non-existent ring is quite amusing. But… Continue reading


It’s time for the Tories to rally to the aspiration agenda

13 March 2014 17:59

School reform is economically essential for Britain’s future success, morally necessary for a fairer, more socially mobile society and politically essential for a centre-right party that wants to show that… Continue reading

Michael Gove and Boris Johnson — the two camps in the ongoing fight to succeed David Cameron.

Podcast: Gove’s last stand, the march of the dog police and the future of conservatism in America

13 March 2014 8:27

Why is Michael Gove under attack from his coalition partners, his own party and numerous enemies? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Toby Young, James Forsyth and Fraser Nelson… Continue reading


Boris Johnson: I’d tax expensive properties and lower business rates

3 March 2014 22:23

Today we glimpsed what Boris Johnson might do if he had more power, in London at least: jack up council taxes for some and lower business rates. In a Communities… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 10.13.32

Boris insists he is ‘united’ with George Osborne

3 March 2014 10:14

After reports that he was furious with George Osborne and David Cameron for trying to call his bluff by telling him to stand as a parliamentary candidate in 2015, Boris… Continue reading


Boris and ballots: what might happen to the Tory party in 2015

14 February 2014 10:42

What are Boris Johnson’s real chances of becoming Tory leader? I examine the Mayor of London’s standing with Conservative MPs in my Telegraph column today – and it is fascinating… Continue reading

London's mayor Boris Johnson delivers a

Boris labels Vince Cable’s comments about London ‘cretinous’ – exclusive details

12 February 2014 11:46

Boris Johnson spoke to the 301 group of largely pro-Cameron Tory MPs last night. The meeting was open to all, but I hear that around 48 MPs turned up in… Continue reading

Boris vs Bob - who was won the battle of the Tubes?

Tube strike called off, but is either side victorious?

11 February 2014 15:03

Londoners rejoice — the Tube strike has been called off. Following discussions through the ACAS arbitration service, the RMT and TSSA unions have called off the second 48 hour strike… Continue reading

Stratford station this morning. Photo: @symeonbrown.

Sorry RMT, there’s no proof the public support the Tube strikes

5 February 2014 8:19

Statistics can be used to prove anything, a wise man (Homer Simpson) once said. It looks like the RMT union are trying to do just that, with a new poll they’ve… Continue reading