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The Heathrow saga: What the papers are saying

26 October 2016 9:21

Heathrow’s third runway has won the backing of the Government but the long-running saga over the airport’s expansion rumbles on.…

Heathrow’s third runway gets the go-ahead from the Government

25 October 2016 11:18

As was widely expected, the Government has backed plans to expand Heathrow. Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said the decision to approve…

We’re too busy vilifying Putin and Russia to notice our own misdeeds

22 October 2016 15:42

I have been wondering these last few weeks whether it would be cheaper to excavate a basement and buy a…

Boris’s Royal Yacht obsession shows his weakness for vanity projects

14 October 2016 13:24

I would like to think that the lack of obvious progress on negotiating a post-Brexit deal with the EU is,…

Stop The War Coalition Protest Against Air Strikes In Syria

Stop the War stay away from the Russian embassy – ‘we won’t contribute to the jingoism and hysteria’

12 October 2016 10:00

Although little was agreed upon in yesterday’s debate on Aleppo with regards to a no-fly zone, one thing the Foreign…

Morten Morland's depiction of the Syrian crisis as a Guernica, the cover image of the current Spectator. Andrew Mitchell drew the same analogy in the Commons today

Aleppo, what can be done?

11 October 2016 17:17

There was a sombre mood in the chamber this afternoon as MPs gathered to discuss the ongoing humanitarian crisis in…


The three Europhiles take on the three Brexiteers

11 October 2016 12:52

Today it was a case of the ghosts of governments past as George Osborne, Michael Heseltine and Vince Cable were…

How Boris and Britain can help Africa to thrive again

8 October 2016 10:46

It’s almost 60 years since Ghana became independent from Britain. The world celebrated as the sun began to set on…

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (L) pres

The Spectator took on Chancellor Merkel and President Erdogan – and won

4 October 2016 16:37

Hurray!  It is not often one gets good news, but here is some.  Jan Boehmermann, the German comedian who read…

Rachel, Boris and Jo Johnson (Photo: Getty)

Gender equality low on the agenda in the Johnson household

3 October 2016 17:07

Spare a thought for Rachel Johnson. After the Mail on Sunday columnist was invited to speak on gender equality at…

Coffee House Shots: Theresa May’s big Brexit speech

2 October 2016 18:15

The Conservative party conference has started and Theresa May has kick-started this year’s gathering with her big speech on Brexit.…


A Boris speech that made you think

2 October 2016 18:07

Boris Johnson’s speeches at Tory conference have normally been dedicated to making the audience laugh. As Mayor of London, he…


Full text: Boris Johnson’s conference speech

2 October 2016 16:52

I was at the UN general assembly in NY the other day and talking to the foreign minister of another…

Theresa May’s Brexit silence isn’t going down well

30 September 2016 10:29

Theresa May has said she won’t be providing a ‘running commentary’ on Brexit. That refusal, the Prime Minister insisted, was…

Recep Tayyip Erdogan - Boris Johnson

How much does Boris Johnson care about free speech in Turkey?

27 September 2016 18:01

Ankara Shaking hands with Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday must have been one of the most toe-curling moments Boris Johnson…


Boris Johnson refuses to apologise for his President Erdogan poem

27 September 2016 11:45

Back in May, Boris Johnson was awarded first prize in the Spectator’s ‘President Erdogan Offensive Poetry competition’, for the following…

German Chancellor Angela Merkel (L) pres

When Boris finally meets Erdogan, I hope they discuss his rude poem

26 September 2016 19:14

In March of this year the Turkish government complained about an item on German television which was critical of Recep…


Alan Duncan struggles to preserve his modesty

25 September 2016 10:55

In the EU referendum campaign, Alan Duncan penned a piece for the Telegraph entitled ‘why this lifelong Eurosceptic is now…

Rebekah Brooks, CEO of News UK, attends The Times CEO summit in London

George Osborne warns that he won’t ‘fumble’ his next leadership bid

23 September 2016 14:14

Well, that didn’t take long. George Osborne has had dinner with the FT and the write-up shows him as ambitious…


Is Boris worrying that Brexit will never happen?

23 September 2016 10:13

Theresa May has made one thing clear: Brexit mean Brexit. But when will the Prime Minister actually pull the trigger…

(Photo: Getty)

The Brexiteers will always blame everything but Brexit

13 September 2016 10:27

The worst men always find themselves in others. If they are instinctive liars, they accuse their opponents of lying. If…

Operation "Euphrates Shield" against Daesh

After years of desperation, at last there is a glimmer of hope in Syria

10 September 2016 10:29

Sat on the dusty ground with the heat of the sun beating down on her, Nur looked exhausted. Arms wrapped…


Is May dropping the ‘Leave’ campaign’s immigration policy?

5 September 2016 7:53

‘Brexit means Brexit’, Theresa May has repeatedly reassured us. But it seems Brexit might not mean an introduction of a…

Picture: Getty

The Cabinet’s Brexit talk

3 September 2016 10:32

So, where are we at on Brexit? Well, we know that Theresa May wants immigration control as part of the…

Former U.K. Defence Secretary Liam Fox Interview

Listen: Liam Fox boasts of Foreign Office land grab

22 August 2016 12:25

For weeks there have been reports of simmering tensions between Theresa May’s three Brexiteers. After the Prime Minister appointed David…