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A hard-Left anarchist tears into Isis and its liberal apologists. Blimey

15 November 2014 17:44

Update: He’s called Martin Wright and you can see a clip of him speaking here at a Class War event in 1985. In it he reveals that he used to support… Continue reading

Lord Haw Haw

Why has fascism failed in the United Kingdom?

16 May 2014 12:08

Because, well, just look at them. These Young Spodes are not quite the Master Race are they? And this is the problem with extremism: it cannot avoid being ridiculous. I… Continue reading

Murtaza Khan (Photo: YouTube)

Islamist extremists shouldn’t be allowed to preach hate at British universities

29 April 2014 11:28

More evidence has emerged that Islamic Societies at universities are continuing to host extremist preachers in front of segregated audiences. Last month, students at the University of Westminster invited Murtaza Khan,… Continue reading


Nick Griffin supports the Golden Dawn in Athens as the BNP falls apart

10 January 2014 16:42

One hundred and twenty eight days from now, British voters will head to the polls to have their say in elections to the European Parliament and local elections. Between now… Continue reading


Tommy Robinson: Zionist puppet, Neocon Fraud and Wahhabist Stooge.

8 October 2013 15:56

If you ever want a laugh, read the websites of Britain’s collection of far-right political groupings. It is worth doing so if only to remind yourself that the “threat” from… Continue reading

Polish Work Force Leads to Largest Migration In Centuries

Today's easy question: Why won't minorities support right-wing parties? - Spectator Blogs

11 December 2012 17:40

I’m afraid that I can’t help but feel some of the comments left responding to this post go some way towards answering a question Daniel Hannan asked recently: why do… Continue reading

The BNP Hold A Campaign Meeting Ahead of The General Election

Another Hateful Decision by the European Court of So-Called Human Rights - Spectator Blogs

8 November 2012 12:18

How much longer must we put up with this kind of thing? A bus driver who was fired for being a member of the BNP has won a long legal… Continue reading


Let’s talk about this

10 May 2012 12:42

What a strange place Britain has become. You sometimes need some time away to realise quite how strange. Take yesterday’s main story: the latest paedophile rape-gang case from the north… Continue reading


It’s poverty, not race, that ought to concern us more

6 January 2012 12:50

My Daily Telegraph column today is about how poverty is a greater problem in Britain than racism, which I describe as an ‘almost-vanquished evil’. This has drawn some criticism, not… Continue reading


Tackling the far right

20 August 2011 9:32

The English Defence League marches are heinous, but tolerated by the English authorities. Not so in my homeland, where the Scottish Defence League have been told by Edinburgh council that… Continue reading


The systematised madness of AV

20 April 2011 16:31

This morning on BBC Breakfast Nick Clegg made his key argument for AV: it will make politicians work harder for the vote, he said. The point is that politicians will… Continue reading


Burning the Koran Again

15 April 2011 23:17

Dan Hodges disagrees with me (and with Dan Hannan) and argues that, yes, we should definitely imprison people for burning books. Certainly if that book is the Koran. And perhaps… Continue reading


AV will not help the BNP and everyone’s vote counts the same.

30 March 2011 23:46

The Alternative Vote isn’t a great voting system but neither is First Past the Post. I suspect inertia and boredom and a lack of outrage will help swing the day… Continue reading


Eric Illsley announces his resignation

12 January 2011 14:27

With the Labour party motioning to unseat him, and David Cameron and Ed Miliband speaking out against him, it was always likely to end thus for Eric Illsley. The receipt… Continue reading


Who got good value-for-money in the general election?

2 December 2010 14:36

Coffee House has wrung today’s party expenditure figures through the calculator to produce the colourful graphs below. As the headings suggest, they show how much was spent by each party*… Continue reading


An odious spectacle

22 July 2010 17:33

Seeing Nick Griffin playing the ostracised martyr on television is sickening, and underlines the futility of banning him. Some 8,000 are invited to the Queen’s garden party, there was zero… Continue reading


Barring Griffin was an error, Your Majesty

22 July 2010 13:49

I sympathise with the Palace, who were put in a tight position by Nick Griffin’s attendance at a Garden Party in his capacity as an MEP. But he should not… Continue reading


Balls: we have to be more bigoted

6 June 2010 18:14

Meet Ed Balls, the candidate for Mrs Duffy. As the race for nominations closes, the Labour leadership candidates are beginning to focus on party members. With varying degrees of conviction, the contenders have… Continue reading


Will Nick Griffin become a victim of his own expense claims?

17 March 2010 16:46

If two things fuelled the rise of the BNP last year, then they were probably the mainstream parties’ reluctance to talk about immigration and a general disillusionment with Westminster politicians… Continue reading


BNP fails to publish European parliament expenses

12 March 2010 15:45

I’m aghast. I never imagined that even Griffin and Brons would fall at the first, and eminently negotiable, jump. The Telegraph reports that Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons have given… Continue reading


Immigration: The BNP are Winning and Britain is Losing

25 February 2010 14:21

One of the odder aspects of contemporary politics is the amount of attention lavished upon the goons at the BNP. Anyone would think they were about to win the election.… Continue reading


Many BNP voters’ concerns are legitimate and should be recognised as such

24 February 2010 16:55

Frank Field was characteristically forthright on the Today programme this morning. “I don’t believe, given the strains (on the economy), we will be able to maintain an open door policy… Continue reading


The Battle Against the Extremists in East London

19 November 2009 22:33

I have written about the battle against the neo-Nazis and radical Islam in this week’s Jewish Chronicle. This is such an important issue that I am cross-posting the two pieces.… Continue reading


The liberal centre’s continuing confusion on challenging the BNP

17 November 2009 16:18

My recent post about the BNP has offended liberals as well as the hard right. Liberal Conspiracy’s Sunny Hundal writes: ‘David is highly confused. This is because he says: "The… Continue reading


No longer a racist party, but a party of racists

14 November 2009 19:05

The Guardian reports that the BNP membership is going to vote overwhelmingly in favour of allowing non-whites to join the party. The BNP’s electoral success entitles it to a fair… Continue reading