Bill of Rights

Liz Truss confirms there will be a British bill of rights. But we still don’t know when

22 August 2016 13:18

It’s been over a month since Theresa May stood on the steps of Downing Street. And yet the process of…


One human right should not be able to extinguish another human right

1 June 2015 9:55

The Human Rights Act (1998) has a big fan base. In legal, political and celebrity circles there is much enthusiasm…

Keir Starmer, the outgoing director of Public Prosecutions, informing us which laws he'll enforce.

We need a British Bill of Rights – so we can hear less from the likes of Keir Starmer

13 October 2013 10:32

In his five years as Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer  has shown a striking appetite for (self-) publicity and given…

The European Court of Human Rights

Improve human rights by quitting Strasbourg court, Tory Bill of Rights advisers argue

18 December 2012 18:37

As expected, today’s report from the Commission on a Bill of Rights offered little. With a membership evenly split between…

Chris Grayling wants a robust response to the European Court, but will he get his way?

18 December 2012 9:16

It’s a big day for Chris Grayling: the long awaited Commission on a British Bill of Rights reports today. But…

Parliament is not sovereign

16 February 2011 14:10

Enough is enough. The British Bill of Rights is set to return: a consequence of the government’s running battle with…

Time for a new approach to the EU

19 October 2010 13:25

All eyes are on the spending review, but yesterday another potentially huge challenge landed in the Coalition’s in-tray: the prospect…

The Bill of Rights would be useless anyway

19 May 2010 12:48

I would like to defend the coalition from allegations that there has been a deplorable Tory concession on the Human…

Trouble averted or trouble ahead?

19 May 2010 9:15

“The biggest shake up of our democracy since 1832.”  That’s how Nick Clegg is describing the legislative package that he’s…

What should be in the British Bill of Rights?

22 November 2009 17:42

The success or failure of Cameron’s EU policy rests in part on the promised British Bill of Rights. What is…

A Grieve error

2 November 2009 17:28

The Conservative leadership claims that a British Bill of Rights would serve to guide judges in interpreting the European Convention…