Bill Clinton

Jeremy Corbyn Visits The North East

Clinton on Corbyn: ‘the maddest person in the room’

8 November 2016 15:12

Although Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers is rooting for Donald Trump tonight, it’s widely thought that — out of the two…

The women who paved the way for Hillary’s bid for the White House

19 September 2016 12:37

If Hillary Clinton wins she will be the first female president of the United States, taking over from the first…

Democratic National Convention: Day Two

Bill Clinton tries to solve Hillary’s inauthenticity problem. Did it work?

27 July 2016 7:56

So there we have it: Bill has backed his ‘best friend’ and wife Hillary Clinton for President. That he would…

Triangulators Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. Image: Getty

The Tories’ adoption of the Living Wage is entirely bogus

6 September 2015 10:00

Was there ever a more unilluminating political idea — for voters rather than practitioners — than triangulation? For those readers…

Tony Blair and Alan Johnson... the glory days?

The joke that stunted Alan Johnson’s career

13 January 2015 17:52

To the Oldie literary lunch where Mr S dined alongside the magazine’s editor Alexander Chancellor and Alan Johnson. Talk soon turned…


No, the Syrian civil war is not "Obama's Rwanda"

28 February 2013 15:30

Today’s Question To Which the Answer Is No is asked by Will Inboden over at Foreign Policy. To wit: Has…


Bill Clinton: The Great Communicator on Top Form - Spectator Blogs

6 September 2012 16:47

Barack Obama is a great orator  – something of which we shall doubtless be reminded tonight – but Bill Clinton…

US President Barack Obama(L), accompanie

Clinton hurts Obama

2 June 2012 15:15

Bill Clinton — the man who was such a thorn in Barack Obama’s side during the 2008 Democratic primaries —…

Gripped by ‘Dominion’

2 September 2011 11:27

What on earth is ‘Dominionism’? Lots of Americans who first heard the word just a few weeks ago are suddenly…

Osama Bin Laden’s death: the world responds

2 May 2011 10:32

We have already seen Barack Obama’s statement on the death of Osama Bin Laden. Below is more reaction from across…

From the archive: the consequences of Nato bombing Kosovo

25 March 2011 18:12

There are two reasons to return to the Kosovo Conflict for this week’s hit from the archives. First, of course,…

Cameron’s principled stand over Libya

13 March 2011 10:03

Slowly, David Cameron seems to be mutating into a hawk over Libya. I’ve been increasingly impressed with the way he…

The growing clamour for intervention

11 March 2011 17:37

In the last two days, Nato and European leaders have declared that Gaddafi must go, but both have baulked at…

Victory, but there’s little triumphalism as Republicans look to court America

3 November 2010 9:05

Hysteria has lapsed into disaffection: it was a bleak night for President Obama. But, despite the apparent immediacy of a…

Obama 2.0

14 October 2010 17:16

The piece in the New York Times magazine this weekend on the Obama presidency illustrates how far he has fallen.…

Next time, do a Bill

23 April 2010 10:32

So it’s all down to the next debate. The election will probably be decided in 90 minutes, each segment of…

The trials of being in a power couple

11 August 2009 12:32

It seems Hillary Clinton is smarting from her husband’s Korean coup. Exhibit A: her Q&A session with Congolese students yesterday,…

Not a patch on our scandals

11 July 2009 10:17

Inspired, perhaps, by The Spectator’s list of the top 50  political scandals, Bloomberg has run a list of the ten best…