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David Cameron announces his resignation after the EU referendum

Did the ‘rise of populism’ really cost David Cameron his job?

10 December 2016 9:30

When The Spectator was founded 188 years ago, it became part of what would now be described as a populist…

Matteo Renzi (Photo: Getty)

Italy will soon be haunted by its inability to reform

5 December 2016 18:09

Matteo Renzi has resigned from being Prime Minister of Italy but he has not resigned from the Democratic Party.  He…

Beppe Grillo says he’s ready to govern after Renzi resigns

5 December 2016 8:06

It started with a blog, and it could end up with a new Prime Minister. Beppe Grillo’s 5-Star movement, which…

Luigi Di Maio (Photo: Getty)

Italy’s own populist revolution may be about to begin

1 December 2016 16:44

Golden boy, Luigi Di Maio, is the 30-year-old, slickly dressed leader of the Parliamentary Italian Five Star Movement (M5S), Italy’s…

Beppe Grillo and Nigel Farage after meeting for lunch this week.

A letter to Nigel Farage about Beppe Grillo

1 June 2014 14:53

Nige, I write to warn you about a certain Italian with a big disturbing beard called Mister Beppe Grillo —…


Europe rose up in protest against the EU — here’s your guide to the new rebels

25 May 2014 20:09

Daniel Hannan wrote in the Spectator earlier this year about the pirate parties of Europe I once shared a car…

Illustration: Stephen Collins.

Will 2014 be the year of the populist party?

16 January 2014 10:44

With Ukip widely expected to win big in May’s elections, 2014 may well be the year of the populist party.…

Beppe Grillo, the Comedian-turned-politician. Photo: Getty Images.

What next for the anti-euro parties?

22 April 2013 15:53

It’s not a surprise that since the eurozone crisis began, support for eurosceptic parties has risen across the European Union.…

Beppe Grillo

Why I love Beppe Grillo

28 February 2013 12:54

‘Crazy Italians!’ you might think.  Offered the choice between Bunga Bunga Berlusconi, an ex-Communist and a Brussels stooge, one in…


The View from 22 — Carry on Westminster, Lib Dem growing pains and Vatican scandals

28 February 2013 8:55

Is ‘inappropriate behaviour’ simply a way of life in Westminster? Following on from the Lord Rennard-Lib Dems allegations, Julie Bindel…

Supporters cheer comedian-turned-political agitator, Beppe Grillo, as he arrives for his final rally in Rome. Picture: Getty

Weary Italian voters can teach UK politicians lessons

26 February 2013 9:32

Italian voters are clearly cheesed off: with the Establishment, and with the country’s austerity programme. The explosion onto the scene…

Beppe Grillo, the Comedian-turned-politician. Photo: Getty Images.

Italian elections: anti-politics on amphetamines

24 February 2013 19:37

Rome Italians go to the polls today, and Beppe Grillo still seems to be the name on everybody’s lips. Grillo…