British television BBC presenter of moto

I suspected the ‘liberal’ fascists would eventually get Jeremy Clarkson

10 March 2015 21:21

I read that Jeremy Clarkson had been suspended by the BBC for ‘a fracas’ with a producer. We don’t know…


Justine Miliband rushes to her husband’s defence

10 March 2015 17:49

Justine Miliband has given an interview to the BBC, a sort of ‘back my husband, my hero’ contribution to the…

Top Gear Live - Sydney Photo Call

Jeremy Clarkson suspended from Top Gear

10 March 2015 17:28

Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended from Top Gear following an alleged ‘fracas’ with a producer. What’s more, there will be…

Jayne Secker and Emily Maitlis attend the Grazia 'News at 10' panel discussion

Revealed: Emily Maitlis’s hairdressing dream

5 March 2015 12:46

Mr S was a guest at last night’s Grazia ‘News at 10’ panel discussion, where Christina Lamb, Jayne Secker, Sue Turton,…


The Delhi rapist’s views must be broadcast, for the sake of India’s daughters and sons

4 March 2015 18:13

British film-maker Leslee Udwin’s video interview with one of the Delhi rapists may not make for comforting viewing, but there…

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 14.53.46

Måns Zelmerlöw’s ‘Heroes’ shows why Sweden rules the pop world

1 March 2015 15:12

This is a blog written after the first screening of Måns Zelmerlöw’s Heroes, which went on to win the Swedish nomination…

Fackbook Acquires WhatsApp For $16 Billion

Monitoring social media is easier said than done

26 February 2015 17:43

The three British girls who packed their bags and took a flight to Turkey have apparently crossed the border into Syria. Their…

Anna Soubry arriving in Downing Street on reshuffle day. Picture: PA

Anna Soubry’s choice of words raises eyebrows

25 February 2015 17:06

After Inside the Commons drew to a close last night, a new row involving the House of Commons documentary developed. Reports…

Netflix's "House Of Cards" Washington DC Screening

House of Cards creator reveals rift with BBC over ‘insensitive’ Margaret Thatcher plot

25 February 2015 8:30

The third series of the American adaptation of House of Cards, which stars Kevin Spacey, will see the programme go…

CCTV footage of two of the girls at Gatwick airport (Photo: PA)

To be ‘groomed’ is to gain instant victim status

24 February 2015 16:01

A minor point, I suppose, but one worth noting. It was stated on the BBC and in the liberal press…


Want to stop nice British girls going to Syria? Then show them the X-rated ‘Joy of Jihad’

23 February 2015 18:15

I’m with Rod on the wannabe jihadi brides going to Syria.  The whole official approach demonstrated by the BBC et…

A photo of Shamima Begum, one of the missing schoolgirls (Photo: Laura Lean/Getty)

Should we actually be worried about the Syria-bound schoolgirls?

23 February 2015 9:42

Are you terribly worried about those three London ‘schoolgirls’ who have gone off to fight for the Islamic State in…


Confirmed: Inside the Commons will reveal ‘rift’ between John Bercow and Robert Rogers

12 February 2015 16:24

Speculation has been rife that John Bercow’s decision to let cameras into the commons for a BBC documentary will backfire on…


Wolf Hall upsets horticulturists with its ‘historical plant inaccuracies’

11 February 2015 15:53

First, Wolf Hall upset a number of members of the Catholic faith with its depiction of St Thomas More. The…


Assad is hoping Isis will make his regime look moderate. This is no accident

10 February 2015 11:48

Jeremy Bowen’s half-hour long interview with Bashar al-Assad is being heavily trailed by the BBC this morning.  And while it…

Catherine Zeta-Jones will star in the Dad's Army film alonside orginal cast member Ian Lavender

Is Ian Lavender not keeping up with who Catherine Zeta-Jones is?

4 February 2015 8:00

As the last surviving member of Dad’s Army‘s main cast, Ian Lavender will be the only actor to appear in…


A modern-day lynching for BBC’s North America Editor Jon Sopel

3 February 2015 17:14

The news that Harper Lee has her long-awaited second novel on the way (just a casual 55 years after her one…

Big Ben and the The Houses of Parliament

Plot thickens over which Tory MP planned to push over cameraman

29 January 2015 12:33

After Mr S’s disclosure that a Tory MP plotted to knock over a BBC cameraman to cease filming for Inside…

First day of new Parliament

Tory MP ‘plotted to knock over’ BBC cameraman

29 January 2015 11:34

Michael Cockerell’s new documentary series inside the House of Commons saw the reporter gain unprecedented access to parliament. However, while many…

Robert Harris is unimpressed by the BBC's lack of books coverage

Robert Harris: BBC’s books coverage is a ‘disgrace’

28 January 2015 9:41

Lord Hall will be glad that he didn’t attend last night’s Costa Book Awards. Robert Harris, who chaired this year’s judges, took…

It was drinks all around when Tony Hall attended Barney Jones's leaving do

No dry January for the BBC’s finest

13 January 2015 18:03

It was no expenses spared last night at One Great George Street to toast the departure of long-time Andrew Marr Show…


Nick Robinson vs Russell Brand: Round Two

13 January 2015 12:28

Last week Nick Robinson took a swipe at Russell Brand’s call for the public to refrain from voting, claiming that it…

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 12.07.10

The BBC: Blaming the Jews for attacks on Jews

12 January 2015 11:08

Heaven forbid that such an atrocity should happen, but suppose white racists attacked a mosque today, murdering four people. Crowds…

Has the BBC changed its picture policy after the Charlie Hebdo debate on Question Time?

BBC to revise its restrictions on depicting Mohammed

9 January 2015 14:09

Last night’s Question Time saw David Dimbleby chair a debate on freedom of expression following the Charlie Hebdo shootings. During the…


Another day, another departure at Newsnight

5 January 2015 13:23

Since Ian Katz took over as editor of Newsnight, an illustrious roll call of staff have left the flagging current…