Cui Yongyuan attending the opening session of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in 2014. Photo: Getty

The Chinese are willing participants in state censorship

12 November 2015 17:53

For three decades, Cui Yongyuan has been one of China’s national treasures. As a veteran television presenter for CCTV (China’s…


I’ve come up with the perfect way to deal with TV Licensing officers

12 November 2015 15:33

Faithful readers of this column will know that I do not have a television licence for my flat in London, because…

Birmingham Muslim Community Gather For Friday Prayers

Why is the BBC letting the Islamic Human Rights Commission set the agenda?

11 November 2015 11:32

The farcically named ‘Islamic Human Rights Commission’ has featured here many times before. The last time was earlier this year…

A still from the film Cairo Drive

The films the Arab world doesn’t want you to see

4 November 2015 16:35

‘I want a woman to be President,’ declared one of the ambulance drivers interviewed by Sherief Elkatsha for his film…

China announced the end of its hugely controversial one-child policy on October 29, after decades of strict, sometimes brutal enforcement left it with an ageing population and shrinking workforce, heightening the challenges of slowing growth.

Yet more examples of BBC bias this week

30 October 2015 14:24

Two reports on the BBC Ten O’Clock News this week, both unashamedly partisan. Yes, yes, I know they are not…

Rusty indeed

Peter Hitchens proves to be Russell Brand’s Achilles heel

19 October 2015 17:28

Although Russell Brand has stopped producing his YouTube series The Trews after tiring of being in the spotlight, fans of the…

(Credit: : Joanna Dudderidge)

John Whittingdale ruffles feathers at BBC campaign event with off-piste speech

13 October 2015 10:40

Last night BBC staff and musicians alike assembled at Portcullis House to back UK Music’s Let it Beeb campaign. As guests…


Robert Peston’s new job ruffles feathers at the BBC

9 October 2015 13:08

Earlier this week Mr S reported how Robert Peston’s appointment as ITV’s new political editor had led his former BBC colleagues to…


Coffee Shots: Robert Peston left out in the cold

6 October 2015 12:53

This week it was reported that Robert Peston is leaving his role as the BBC’s economics editor to join ITV as…

Demonstrators at this year's Conservative Party conference in Manchester. Image: Getty

The left’s hatred of ‘Tory scum’ is both stupid and self-defeating

5 October 2015 15:18

Plenty has been written about the hatred some on the left feel towards their ‘enemies’, something on display at the…


Charlotte Church feels the heat on Question Time

2 October 2015 1:53

Last night’s episode of Question Time saw David Dimbleby relocate to Cardiff to join Charlotte Church, Charles Moore, Stephen Crabb, Labour’s Stephen…

Labour Leadership Candidate Jeremy Corbyn Attends Rally For Supporters

Jeremy Corbyn can’t blame the ‘commentariat’ for public opinion

29 September 2015 16:24

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party conference speech started pretty well, with him poking fun at the newspapers’ more apocalyptic predictions of what would happen…

Chris Bryant

Chris Bryant: government ‘fibbing’ about Channel 4 privatisation

28 September 2015 12:54

Although Michael Dugher is now Labour’s shadow culture secretary, his predecessor Chris Bryant is still keeping a close eye on the…


If only middle-class liberals would shut up, we might get a proper debate

28 September 2015 12:10

Why are the audiences for political debate programmes so unrepresentative of the voting population? By which I mean, why are…


Listen: Sarah Montague’s disastrous turn on Today

24 September 2015 10:40

Oh dear. Sarah Montague is not having a good day. The Today presenter managed to make not one, not two,…


Welcome to the new-look Spectator Life – that’s already making the front page news

24 September 2015 10:08

I wanted to let you know about the new issue of Spectator Life that’s out today – free with the…


Listen: Lucy Powell discusses her ‘very new relationship’ with Jeremy Corbyn

14 September 2015 15:59

Lucy Powell is back. As Steerpike reported this morning, Jeremy Corbyn has appointed Ed Miliband’s blunder-prone deputy campaign chief as Labour’s shadow education…

Sorry to inflict this photo of the ghastly 'Blair Babes' on you

Corbyn wins: a delicious humiliation for the liberal Left

12 September 2015 13:06

The groans that must be coming from the newsrooms of the Guardian and the BBC right now! With a descant…


Watch: Tory MP accuses BBC of bias over ‘amateurish’ Newsnight Yemen special

11 September 2015 19:03

With charter renewal looming, the BBC is under increasing scrutiny from the government to justify its licence fee. So it’s…

Migrants arrive in Vienna (Photo: Joe Klamar/Getty)

The truth? Most people don’t want more refugees coming to Britain

8 September 2015 17:24

I had intended to write something about the refugees, the migrants, for this week’s magazine – but we were well…

Bernard Jenkin and James Naughtie.

Listen: Bernard Jenkin vs. James Naughtie on BBC bias and the EU referendum

8 September 2015 10:03

The government’s humiliating defeat on purdah is the first major victory for Eurosceptics in the battle on how the EU referendum is…


Why is the BBC’s latest ‘documentary’ on China fronted by someone who doesn’t know anything about China?

7 September 2015 16:08

The BBC’s latest pretty young face is Billie JD Porter. The 23-year-old is entirely lovable. With her brown roots proudly showing, that…

House Of Fraser British Academy Television Awards - Red Carpet Arrivals

David Attenborough ‘turned away’ from Lord Hall’s BBC speech

7 September 2015 15:44

With the BBC facing the prospect of cuts as a result of the government’s charter renewal, there has never been a more…

Edinburgh International Book Festival

Paul Mason comes to Alex Salmond’s defence over BBC bias

1 September 2015 10:10

With Alex Salmond currently engaged in a war of words with Nick Robinson over the BBC’s ‘disgraceful’ coverage of the…

John Bercow attends Wimbledon

MPs enjoy a summer of freebies

17 August 2015 9:29

With MPs being awarded a 10 per cent pay rise this summer, politicians have been left having to defend their annual salary of…