Why did the BBC give a platform to Anjem Choudary?

17 August 2016 8:12

Anjem Choudary’s arrogance eventually led to his downfall. He was convinced he could stay one step ahead of the authorities…

Olympic Games

Is there something that the BBC isn’t telling us about these Norwegians?

14 August 2016 10:31

A man has set fire to a train in Switzerland and stabbed lots of people. On the BBC News last…

The Government Publishes Its White Paper On The Future Of The BBC

BBC staff ‘whoop and cheer’ John Whittingdale’s sacking

14 July 2016 11:05

During John Whittingdale’s tenure as Culture Secretary, the Tory MP has proved to be the thorn in the BBC’s side. So, it’s…

Keep an eye on BBC journos injecting their political agendas into the Brexit debate

28 June 2016 11:28

A quick update on the BBC TV News. At ten o clock last night the programme ran a report from…


Gove wouldn’t support Osborne’s ‘punishment Budget’

15 June 2016 20:27

One consequence of David Cameron’s refusal to take part in any ‘Blue on Blue’ debates is that he and Michael…


The Andrew Neil Interviews: George Osborne tried to deal with the Turkish question

8 June 2016 20:55

PODCAST: Listen to James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman discuss George Osborne’s performance: In a feisty interview with Andrew Neil, George…


The Andrew Neil Interviews: Hilary Benn dragged out Remain’s immigration agony

6 June 2016 20:33

The first of the BBC’s series of prime-time EU referendum events took place this evening, with Andrew Neil interviewing Hilary…


Corbynistas heckle Laura Kuenssberg at Labour press conference

2 June 2016 11:47

Given that Jeremy Corbyn described the BBC as ‘obsessed with trying to damage the Labour leadership’ in yesterday’s VICE News…

The Government Publishes Its White Paper On The Future Of The BBC

Why does the government want a gay quota for BBC management?

15 May 2016 9:00

Of all the things wrong with the BBC, it would be hard to argue that a shortage of gay people…


Will the human rights industry ever admit that it has Christian roots?

26 April 2016 14:50

Helena Kennedy’s two-part radio programme on human rights was very predictable. She did a lot of hand-wringing. She spoke some passionate…

Izzy Christiansen

Why pretend that female footballers are as good as male ones?

26 April 2016 10:35

Yay – Izzy Christiansen! Yay – Beth Mead! I daresay you were as thrilled as I was to see that…

Don Cheadle as Miles Davis in 'Miles Ahead'

Nice effort, Don Cheadle, but no film will ever do Miles Davis’s defiant, volatile music justice

20 April 2016 17:41

There’s an absolute zinger of a joke currently circulating around the London jazz scene. Miles Davis is being celebrated with…


BBC mayoral debate: Sadiq and Zac try to set the record straight over ‘extremism’ allegations

18 April 2016 23:45

As the European referendum campaign gains momentum, the London mayoral election has had to take a backseat in recent weeks when it…


The BBC sitcom Citizen Khan isn’t Islamophobic – it’s just idiotic

15 April 2016 14:50

If you’ve never watched ‘Citizen Khan’, then count yourself lucky. It’s a sitcom in the loosest sense of the word…

BBC Announces 2,900 Job Losses

The BBC must address its lack of diversity – or risk losing viewers

14 April 2016 8:07

Growing up in my Mum’s house, Wogan was king. Throughout the 1980s leading lights like Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross and…


Watch: Norman Smith’s live BBC broadcast interrupted by Parliament security

23 March 2016 15:02

While PMQs took place in the Commons this lunchtime, outside in the Central Lobby a protest could be heard. Disability campaigners…


Labour’s former election star distances himself from Jeremy Corbyn

15 March 2016 17:26

In 2010, Ross Kemp appeared in a party political broadcast urging the public to vote for Labour in the General Election.…


Andrew Marr accused of EU bias over Boris Johnson interview

6 March 2016 11:59

This week Nigel Farage revealed that he had been left ‘worried’ about Boris Johnson’s ability to campaign for Brexit after…

General Views of BBC Broadcasting House

The BBC has forgotten that journalism is a trade

2 March 2016 22:31

This is written from a small and dank room in the state of Arslikhan, as Private Eye calls it. My…


Video: feisty Brexit teenager leaves Cabinet member Liz Truss speechless on Question Time

26 February 2016 14:22

Despite the In campaign’s best efforts to reach the youth vote with the help of Britain Stronger in Europe board…

Today in audio: Brexit, the BBC and Corbyn’s dress sense

25 February 2016 16:49

David Owen said it was time for Britain to leave the EU. Speaking this morning, the SDP founder said Brexit…

Is the Jimmy Savile report really just an ‘expensive whitewash’?

25 February 2016 15:28

The Dame Janet Smith report into Jimmy Savile has already been labelled an ‘expensive whitewash’ by a lawyer representing 168…

The BBC isn’t much help for navigating through the Tory EU wars

23 February 2016 13:46

Trying to navigate your way through the internecine wars in the Conservative Party over the referendum? Please allow the BBC’s…


Watch: George Galloway clashes with Jo Coburn on Daily Politics

22 February 2016 14:43

Over the weekend a number of Brexit activists walked out of an anti-EU Grassroots Out rally after George Galloway was…

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The BBC has become obsessed with sex

16 February 2016 11:01

So Pope John Paul II had a mistress. That’s not quite what the BBC’s Panorama asserted, but they chucked around…