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Paul Mason comes to Alex Salmond’s defence over BBC bias

1 September 2015 10:10

With Alex Salmond currently engaged in a war of words with Nick Robinson over the BBC’s ‘disgraceful’ coverage of the Scottish referendum, there is one former Beeb employee he can… Continue reading

John Bercow attends Wimbledon

MPs enjoy a summer of freebies

17 August 2015 9:29

With MPs being awarded a 10 per cent pay rise this summer, politicians have been left having to defend their annual salary of £74,00o from sceptics who point out that the boost comes at… Continue reading

Alan Yentob and Camila Batmanghelidjh (Photo: Simon James/GC)

The perfect storm: a right-on charity run by a right-on woman and a right-on BBC executive

10 August 2015 15:31

The BBC’s Creative Director, Alan Yentob, seems to have spent the last week or so dashing from studio to studio in an attempt to influence the corporation’s broadcasters from saying… Continue reading

Investigation In Jimmy Savile Allegations Continues

The BBC is biased in favour of the establishment, not the government

9 August 2015 13:30

The BBC was created out of the ether in 1922. Its first director general, Lord Reith, inhabited a cupboard some six feet in length and presided over a staff of… Continue reading

Quentin Letts

BBC ‘environment analyst’ explodes on Twitter as BBC presenter mocks Met Office’s climate prophecies

6 August 2015 22:16

Climate change is the subject of a complex debate in which, increasingly, experts disagree with each other. Nearly all of them believe in man-made global warming, but they’re not sure how bad the problem… Continue reading

(LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

Tony Hall: the BBC is like James Bond

23 July 2015 13:24

As staff at the BBC face cuts and budget tightening following the Government’s plans to reform the Corporation, their director-general Tony Hall has offered his own defence of the licence fee.… Continue reading


Laura Kuenssberg is appointed as the BBC’s new political editor

22 July 2015 16:41

After weeks of speculation over who will be the BBC’s next political editor, a senior BBC employee today announced on Twitter that Laura Kuenssberg is to be Nick Robinson’s successor. However, just… Continue reading


Bill Turnbull joins the BBC’s C-word hall of fame

21 July 2015 12:57

Bill Turnbull has achieved online fame after he mispronounced a word on the BBC Breakfast sofa earlier today. During the programme, the presenter mistook the word ‘client’ for the word… Continue reading


Jeremy Vine finds his exit poll prediction is no laughing matter

17 July 2015 16:50

Nick Robinson recently revealed Jeremy Vine’s off-air reaction to the exit poll on election night. ‘So Scotland will go independent and the BBC will be shut down,’ the Radio 2… Continue reading


First James Naughtie, now John Humphrys slips up over Jeremy Hunt

16 July 2015 12:32

When James Naughtie steps down from the Today programme this autumn, his Jeremy Hunt gaffe will stand out as one of his more memorable moments. The Scottish presenter accidentally introduced him by… Continue reading

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Keep the cops away from the radical clerics, be they Christian or Muslim

15 July 2015 13:40

If you want to see our grievance-ridden, huckster-driven future, looks to Northern Ireland, which has always been a world leader in the fevered politics of religious victimhood and aggression. Just… Continue reading


Revealed: the documentary the BBC doesn’t want you to see

14 July 2015 11:35

Nate Silver has a lot to answer for. Yes, he called the US general election correctly – but he then led the fashionable view that opinion polling technology is now so… Continue reading

White Dee with her daugher Caitlin

Amanda Platell is wrong: only Ch4 would have had the guts to screen Benefits Street

11 July 2015 10:42

My Saturday morning would not be complete without Amanda Platell’s delicious put-downs in the Daily Mail, usually aimed at people who richly deserve them. But today she identifies a target… Continue reading


Place your bets! Bookies reveal favourites to be next BBC political editor

10 July 2015 17:19

Yesterday Nick Robinson confirmed reports that he is leaving his role as the BBC’s political editor to join the Today programme. Now the race is on to find a worthy… Continue reading

The BBC's Wimbledon coverage has changed venue following complaints from viewers

BBC performs U-turn over Wimbledon 2Day

7 July 2015 12:52

Last night Clare Balding greeted viewers of the BBC’s much lampooned Wimbledon 2Day with the news that they had relocated from the Gatsby private members’ club to a new show venue… Continue reading


Isil stands for Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. Does David Cameron not realise this?

2 July 2015 18:09

It is very easy to make David Cameron and the Scottish National Party look ridiculous. But as every soldier and journalist knows, just because a target is easy doesn’t mean… Continue reading

(Photo: Getty)

Why are politicians trying to boss the BBC around?

2 July 2015 17:16

One of the most striking things about the debate in the Commons this afternoon on Britain and International Security was that rather than debate the complexities of intervening in Syria,… Continue reading

Connie St Louis

Connie St Louis, the woman who brought down Sir Tim Hunt, faces questions over her CV. Where’s the media coverage?

28 June 2015 17:53

Connie St Louis, director of City University’s Science Journalism MA, is the woman who brought Sir Tim Hunt’s career crashing down in flames by tweeting out allegedly sexist remarks that… Continue reading

Bell Pottinger Summer Party

Rachel Johnson lifts the lid on Newsnight

23 June 2015 14:28

Rachel Johnson has never been shy of using her Notting Hill neighbours as a source of ‘inspiration’ for her series of chick-lit Notting Hell books. Her latest book Fresh Hell is no exception.… Continue reading

Jeremy Clarkson was spotted by the BBC's film crew at Queen's

Coffee Shots: Jeremy Clarkson is back on the BBC

17 June 2015 14:18

Last night Chris Evans was announced as Jeremy Clarkson’s Top Gear successor, following Clarkson’s fracas with a BBC producer. However, this doesn’t mean Clarkson won’t be appearing on the BBC… Continue reading


Chris Evans performs U-turn over Top Gear job

16 June 2015 20:56

After Jeremy Clarkson was suspended from Top Gear following a fracas with a show producer, reports soon emerged claiming Chris Evans would be his replacement. However, the radio host was quick to… Continue reading

British television BBC presenter of moto

Jeremy Clarkson returns to the BBC to work on Top Gear

15 June 2015 12:23

After Jeremy Clarkson was suspended by the BBC over an alleged fracas with a Top Gear producer, the presenter got on stage at a charity bash and told the audience that… Continue reading

BAFTA Los Angeles 2011 Britannia Awards - Red Carpet

Ed Vaizey offers the BBC a survival tip

12 June 2015 13:39

Given that John Whittingdale once described the licence fee as ‘worse than the poll tax’, the BBC were reported to be less than thrilled when David Cameron appointed the Tory MP as Culture… Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth II Attends The State Opening Of Parliament

Report by BBC journalist that the Queen is in hospital just a ‘silly prank’

3 June 2015 10:36

Given that the Queen looked in such good health last week during her speech, Mr S was surprised to hear ‘breaking’ news that she was being treated in hospital this morning.… Continue reading

Author Robert Peston With Political Book 'Brown's Britain'

BBC sent Robert Peston on course to ‘iron out his eccentricities’

2 June 2015 11:21

With the BBC up for charter renewal next year, increasing attention is being paid to the manner in which the corporation conducts itself. Things weren’t helped last week when a… Continue reading