Barack Obama

President-Elect Trump And Vice President-Elect Pence Meet With House Speaker Paul Ryan On Capitol Hill

Surprisingly, Donald Trump’s inauguration will be relatively low-key

19 January 2017 10:50

Who would have thought it? The man who declared his presidential ambitions after arriving down a gilded escalator and whose…


Obama’s decision to free Private Manning disgraces America

17 January 2017 22:34

Barack Obama’s decision to commute the prison sentence of Private Manning is a final, disgraceful undermining of American interests by…

America won’t forget Obama’s message of hope

12 January 2017 16:16

Those who sneer at Obama for promising more than he could deliver have little understanding of the nature of moral…

What the papers say: Donald Trump hits back

12 January 2017 8:42

Donald Trump is dominating the headlines once again after he hit back furiously at reports that Russia had compromising videos…

Will we see a different Donald Trump at today’s press conference?

11 January 2017 8:20

When Donald Trump steps from his golden elevator in Trump Tower to address the assembled ranks of the world’s media…


Obama fell for his own myth

11 January 2017 8:17

Barack Obama’s farewell address was not one for the ages. Like his presidency, it was full of hope yet ultimately…

Britain was wrong to back the U.N’s anti-Israel resolution

4 January 2017 14:01

Like all the best mistakes, it was done for the right reasons. Knowing that for once the US wouldn’t veto,…

Benjamin Netanyahu has repeated his call for European Jews to immigrate to Israel (Photo: Menahem Kahana/Getty)

How Donald Trump emerged as Israel’s unflinching champion

29 December 2016 13:33

On Wednesday John Kerry managed to attract more attention with what amounted to a declaration of failure than any success…

Another mad day in Trumpland

23 November 2016 7:27

Yesterday was another mad day in Trumpland — or America, as it used to be called. The president-elect started the…

Liberal ideology created Donald Trump

8 November 2016 8:45

Dear Democrat voters, You are probably the most influential and powerful segment of the human race today. In terms of…


Trump’s big mistake? Turning the election into a personality contest

28 October 2016 9:00

If, on the night of Monday September 26, a US presidential election had been held instead of a televised debate,…

Hillary will beat Trump. But her presidency will be hamstrung just like Obama’s

8 October 2016 16:01

The more you study history, the more you realise how hopeless it is to try predicting the future. Even sophisticated…

What next for Barack Obama?

8 October 2016 13:13

What is to become of Barack Obama when he retires from the US presidency at the age of 55? I…

Who’s at the ‘back of the queue’ now, Obama?

30 August 2016 15:44

Wasn’t it one of the ‘Remain’ campaign’s big arguments that leaving the EU would deprive us of the ‘clout’ we…

Jeremy Corbyn Launches Ten Promises To Transform Britain

Boring Corbyn has got it all wrong on personality politics

6 August 2016 8:00

Brits sometimes think that ‘personality politics’ is a bad thing. Jeremy Corbyn has certainly suggested as much; just before he…

<> on August 2, 2016 in Ashburn, Virginia.

Donald Trump wins the war of words against Barack Obama

3 August 2016 9:32

Donald Trump doesn’t seem the forgiving type, so it’s no surprise he hasn’t let Barack Obama’s comments yesterday stand. Obama…

Democratic National Convention: Day Three

Barack Obama: the great unity president who divided a nation

28 July 2016 9:45

Hillary Clinton can count herself lucky to have Barack Obama cheerleading her bid for the presidency. The outgoing President is…


Bernie Sanders backs Hillary but not all Democrats are happy about it

26 July 2016 9:10

So after the glorious disunity of the Republican convention, now is the chance for the Democrats to pull together and…


Boris’s charm wins over at awkward press conference

19 July 2016 17:36

Fresh from banging his head on the door of Downing Street, John Kerry has just been speaking at a press…


Did Melania Trump just out herself as a Democrat?

19 July 2016 9:38

There’s no love lost between Donald Trump and Barack Obama. And yet for Melania Trump, the President’s wife Michelle appears to…

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy Meets US Secretary of State John Kerry

Why does the US’s new counter-extremism strategy ignore the only salient issue?

26 May 2016 12:56

The USA has a new CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) strategy. It is a typically curious document. I wonder in fact…

The Spectator podcast: Hillary’s America

21 May 2016 9:00

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The Spectator podcast: Hillary’s America

19 May 2016 7:56

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Bernie Sanders’ win in West Virginia shows why a Trump presidency is possible

11 May 2016 7:57

Just when it looked like the US primaries couldn’t throw up any more surprises, Hillary Clinton has been defeated overnight…


Very funny Barack, but can our politicians start taking themselves a bit more seriously?

3 May 2016 14:12

Tell me something. When you watch the above video of Justin Trudeau, does it warm your heart? Do you think…