Barack Obama

President Obama And The First Lady Attend Town Hall Event In Central London

Obama warns of countries who ‘use trade as a weapon’. Like USA over Brexit?

25 April 2016 18:25

President Obama has taken his European tour to Germany, where he touted the ‘indisputable’ benefits of an EU-US free-trade pact. Speaking…

EU Referendum - Signage And Symbols

Is it possible to be both pro-EU and patriotic?

25 April 2016 15:21

It’s safe to say that last week was a good one for the Remain camp, thanks in large part to the endorsement from…

Coffee House shots: What’s next for the Brexit campaign?

25 April 2016 12:33

The EU referendum rumbles ever closer but after a bad week for the leave campaign following Barack Obama’s controversial intervention…

President Obama Meets With David Cameron At Downing Street

Brexiters shouldn’t knock Obama too hard. Most Brits still like him

24 April 2016 8:30

I suppose it’s inevitable that Brexiters will angrily reject Obama’s intervention, especially his line about Britain being left ‘at the…

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Has Obama been watching too much Netflix?

23 April 2016 10:58

There was something odd about Obama’s ‘back of the queue’ Brexit comment yesterday — and it wasn’t just that he…

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Number 10 might be more confident than ever of EU referendum victory, but they’re still trying to load the debate dice

23 April 2016 10:00

Downing Street is more confident than it has ever been that the EU referendum will be won. It is not…

The Spectator podcast: Obama’s Brexit overreach

23 April 2016 8:30

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President Obama Meets With David Cameron At Downing Street

Obama’s threat: vote for Brexit and the USA will put you at the ‘back of the queue’

22 April 2016 17:53

David Cameron and Barack Obama arrived at the Foreign Office for their press conference today with two clear aims. The…


Watch: Barack Obama’s 22 vehicle motorcade

22 April 2016 17:35

As Barack Obama urges the UK to stick with the EU on his final official trip to Britain, there has…

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Boris Johnson’s attack on Barack Obama belongs in the gutter

22 April 2016 14:58

Boris Johnson is a former editor of this newspaper, and as such has the right to be treated with a…


Who is Barack Obama to lecture anyone on foreign policy?

22 April 2016 8:49

Nobody could describe Donald Trump as lacking in self-confidence, but the billionaire egomaniac is emotional jelly compared with King Barack.…

President Obama arrives in the UK (Photo: Getty)

Yes, Obama may be deeply annoying. But on Europe, he's right

22 April 2016 8:16

You don’t like Barack Obama’s foreign policy? Fine, I don’t either. You are impatient to know who the next president…

The Spectator podcast: Obama’s Brexit overreach

21 April 2016 7:54

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President Obama And Prime Minister Cameron Meet At The White House

Leave campaigners brace themselves for ‘In’ onslaught

20 April 2016 11:07

If the number of foreign politicians and international organisations that the government is enlisting in the campaign to stay in…

G7 Leaders Meet For Summit At Schloss Elmau

Boris v Barack on Brexit

16 April 2016 10:55

The US President flies into town next week to wish the Queen a happy 90th birthday and to encourage Britain…

Why Obama’s Brexit intervention will matter whether we like it or not

15 April 2016 8:42

It now looks likely that Barack Obama’s visit to London next week will see the President calling on Britain to…

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Albany, NY

Dear Guardian, stop patronising America

14 April 2016 13:41

Oh dear. I’ve always admired Jonathan Freedland, and he usually writes so well about America. But his latest contribution to…

The Stones' first flat in Edith Grove

The Rolling Stones’s Saatchi show is clearly a money-spinner – what’s wrong with that?

11 April 2016 20:15

The most restless, resilient, rapacious rock & roll group in the world is on the move again. Less than two…

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Viva Obama! Viva Fidel! Viva Jean-Claude Juncker!

24 March 2016 12:04

In Cuba, they are shouting: ‘¡Viva Obama! Viva Fidel!’ What a slogan. The FT headline ignorantly described this as a…

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Don’t listen to Obama – real Americans want Brexit

14 March 2016 12:31

Because Americans love Britain, and because we are a presumptuous lot, we often advise the United Kingdom on its foreign…

Raisa Gorbachev Foundation Annual Fundraising Gala Dinner - Arrivals

Boris vs Barack in the EU referendum campaign

14 March 2016 9:06

As the EU referendum campaign wears on, the rules of engagement from both sides are becoming clearer – or at…

David Cameron addresses the crowds in Benghazi, Libya (Photo: Getty)

Barack Obama is right: David Cameron let Libya fall into the abyss

11 March 2016 17:04

In their interview in the Christmas edition of The Spectator, Fraser Nelson and James Forsyth asked the Prime Minister whether he…


Revealed: Labour spent £184,000 on Miliband’s debate coach

20 January 2016 12:40

Today the Electoral Commission have released the campaign expenditure returns of the six political parties that spent £250,000 or more…

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Western weakness presents Putin with an opportunity in Syria

20 November 2015 17:54

The West has failed in its principal, post 9/11 objective: to deny terrorists sanctuary. Islamic State is a terrorist enclave…

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (R) looks on as Ben Carson speaks during the presidential debates at the Reagan Library on September 16, 2015 in Simi Valley, California.

Unlike Ben Carson, I’d like to see a Muslim American president

21 September 2015 20:50

Well that all got quite ugly quite fast. Last week Donald Trump, a contender for US Republican party’s Presidential nominee,…