Apple Hosts Event At Company's Town Hall

Banks are doing too little, too late to combat online fraud

6 December 2016 12:32

If the movie Bonnie and Clyde with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway is on TV again this Christmas, it might…


We need to be more sceptical about financial adverts

7 November 2016 12:03

Scepticism has a solid place in the history of British philosophical enquiry. Back in the 18th century, empiricists such as David…

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The City watchdog is to scrutinise overdraft charges, but it may be too little, too late

3 November 2016 13:20

It’s about time. The city watchdog has announced it will take action to improve competition in the current account market.…

We should be flattered not threatened by France’s bid to take on the City

22 October 2016 10:05

The French are trying to seduce the British to come and work in Paris. A video hymns the delights of…

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Bank branch closures are destroying our communities

12 August 2016 10:14

We are fast approaching a time when massive tracts of this fine country of ours (greenfield, brownfield, urban, rural) will…

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Calling the bank is a soul-sapping experience – but it needn’t be that way

6 July 2016 10:30

It’s a riddle of the modern age: when is your bank not experiencing ‘unusually high call volumes’? You can puzzle…

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The banks have serious problems, but a European-wide crisis? Let’s be serious

10 February 2016 12:37

A new European banking crisis. Seriously? Starting at Deutsche Bank? That’s the way markets were pointing on Tuesday as Deutsche’s…

A banker is hung in effigy as part of an art installation in Miami, Florida. Image: Getty

The perverse consequences of punishing the banks

29 July 2014 17:20

Lloyds Banking Group is to pay fines of £218 million for fixing interest rates including Libor (the rate at which…

The Changing Face Of The UK High Street

Britain’s banks fail the poor

28 July 2014 11:36

Britain’s banks aren’t working for the poor. We, the better off, might moan when our internet banking crashes or in-branch…

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Ed Miliband’s tricky second album

17 January 2014 13:10

Ed Miliband has spent the past few months celebrating the success of his conference pledge to freeze energy prices. He…

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Ed Miliband’s ‘One Nation Economy’ speech: full text and audio

17 January 2014 11:59

listen to ‘Ed Miliband’s ‘One Nation Economy’ banking reform speech’ on Audioboo Today I want to tell you what the…

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Don’t blame the banks for not lending enough to small businesses

6 September 2013 10:35

It is now a truism in Westminster to argue that banks are failing UK businesses, especially smaller ones, by reining…

The Treasury Select Committee criticised the FSA's oversight of RBS. Picture: Getty

Selling RBS

16 February 2013 15:17

The state owning banks is not a good thing. It is, as the annual row over bonuses at RBS demonstrates,…

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Mervyn King vs. Goldman Sachs

15 January 2013 16:39

What did the Governor of the Bank of England think of Goldman Sachs’ plan to wait until the 50p rate…

Food and finance are two areas where children and their families would benefit from better education. Picture: Getty

Don’t ban Frosties: teach children the life skills they need to make choices

5 January 2013 14:00

What a very sensible idea from a group of more than 200 MPs in today’s FT: teach children about personal…

The Osborne Austerity

Will Osborne have the luck of the Irish with his 4G auction?

16 November 2012 13:10

Could George Osborne be in line for a genuine windfall? The Chancellor is getting quite good at conjuring fake ones…

The 'great reckoning' is underway against the elites in Britain; but real reform remains elusive. Image: Getty

The Great Reckoning

28 October 2012 16:35

In my Observer column today, I talk about the scourging of Britain’s failed elite. To give readers an idea of…

Ed Miliband addresses the TUC rally in Hyde Park today. Photo: Anthony Devlin/WPA-Pool/Getty Images

It isn’t Miliband’s anti-austerity message that should worry the Tories but his pitch for small business support

20 October 2012 19:19

Ed Miliband’s speech to the anti-cuts rally today was well-pitched. The lines about how any government would have to make…

Nick Clegg And Vince Cable Give A 5 Point Plan On Tackling Banker's Bonuses

A nice new row for the coalition

15 August 2012 9:07

When Nick Clegg announced he was giving up the struggle on House of Lords reform, he named a number of…

Anne Enright, Joe O'Shaughnessy

Shelf Life: Anne Enright

25 July 2012 11:47

Winner of the 2007 Man Booker Prize, Anne Enright is on this week’s Shelf Life. She tells us which book…

Bank Of England Considers Further Quantitative Easing

More smoke from the Libor fire

20 July 2012 16:00

A new cache of emails released today by the Bank of England reveal its deputy governor Paul Tucker was warned that it…

General Election - Economy

We need a minister to defend the City of London

20 July 2012 10:18

Is the City of London worth defending? Not many in the government seem to think so. Vince Cable, the Business…

May Day Demonstrations In London

City retribution

19 July 2012 11:00

When City AM editor Allister Heath was leaving the BBC’s Westminster studios on Friday, the last thing he would have…

The Libor mud-slinging makes things murkier

16 July 2012 22:45

As the inquiry into Libor-fixing by the Treasury Select Committee rolls on, two things become apparent – one, as the…

General View of Canary Wharf Skyscrapers

MPs should move their money from big banks

16 July 2012 13:31

by Stephen Williams MP The Libor scandal has shown the UK’s banking sector in its worst light. The public has…