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David Cameron is acting in a principled way over Juncker – so let’s back him

27 June 2014 12:52

It’s pretty rich hearing the Labour Party criticize Cameron for taking a principled stance on Europe. How vulgar, they say,…

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Cyprus: This isn’t a tax, it’s a bank raid

18 March 2013 15:52

You know this levy on Cyprus bank deposits? It’s not a levy. A levy is a kind of tax, and…

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Who wins as Spain stutters?

11 June 2012 18:00

The news that matters today isn’t what was said at Leveson, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the government won’t act…


The staring contest over Greece

15 May 2012 17:50

Now that negotiations have broken down in Athens, and there will be another election, we face the prospect of an…


Get set for more Greek elections

11 May 2012 14:50

A second Greek election is looking more and more likely, with party leaders unable to form a coalition. I reported…


The Greek tragedy goes on

8 May 2012 9:18

‘The eurozone’s weakest link just got weaker.’ So says Tristan Cooper, sovereign debt analyst at Fidelity Worldwide Investment, on the…


The hurdles facing Greece

21 February 2012 19:00

Greece’s problems are far from over. As Pete said this morning, the €130 billion bailout hardly means the country is…


Bailout country

16 February 2012 11:48

With the political wrangling over another Greek bailout continuing today, we thought CoffeeHousers might care to read (or re-read) Faisal…


The steady erosion of Greek democracy

15 February 2012 17:35

The longer this Greek crisis goes on, the clearer the various agendas at play are becoming. As the Greek finance…


Greece needs to quit the eurozone

10 February 2012 14:05

The Greek people are being crucified on a cross of euros. Unemployment there is 21 per cent and rising fast…


When one euro is worth more than another

27 January 2012 23:21

Faisal Islam has a very interesting report from Davos on how at least one bank no longer believes that a…

Who will bail out the EU bailout fund?

8 November 2011 13:33

While all eyes are fixed on Italy’s ever-increasing borrowing rates, a far larger problem may well be emerging. The EU…

Papandreou to go, but uncertainty remains

7 November 2011 9:13

The eyes of Europe, which have been focused on Greece all week, will see a slightly brighter picture today –…

The euro is destroying Europe

3 November 2011 10:56

This week’s issue of The Spectator hits the newsstands today. Here, for CoffeeHousers, is James Forsyth’s Politics column from it:…

What will Osborne’s offer to the IMF amount to?

16 October 2011 10:04

George Osborne’s allies may be filtering across government, but what of the man himself? He was at a meeting of…

Slovakia says "nie" to the euro bailout

11 October 2011 22:08

Slovakia is a small country that most people might confuse for Slovenia at a Pub Quiz. It has been a…

Lagarde’s appointment is a win for Osborne

28 June 2011 19:19

The appointment of Christine Lagarde as head of the IMF is a diplomatic victory for George Osborne. The Chancellor was…

Cameron: no more bailouts

24 June 2011 9:19

It’s another of those special Cameron victories in Europe: we’re in for a second Greek bailout, but not quite as…

How the Finns might rock the European boat

20 April 2011 18:51

Normally, the results of the Finnish elections don’t merit much discussion. But the success of the True Finns, the only…

Another Eurozone country bailout looms

24 March 2011 0:08

The front pages of tomorrow’s papers are a mixed bag for George Osborne. He’ll be happy with The Sun’s welcome…