Autumn statement

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Employees lose out after salary sacrifice perks scrapped

29 November 2016 12:50

If you’re not familiar with the term, then ‘salary sacrifice’ is a bit of a puzzler. Just what is your…


A crackdown on pension scams is welcome but we need action not words

25 November 2016 11:28

There was one nugget in Philip Hammond’s first – and last – Autumn Statement that was met with almost universal…


Insurance costs to rise again thanks to the Chancellor

24 November 2016 12:07

While there were plenty of people-pleasers in yesterday’s Autumn Statement, it’s safe to say that insurance companies were not happy.…

Cobra Meet To Discuss Latest  IS Developments

Philip Hammond has reached out to an ignored class of workers

24 November 2016 11:30

Not that he made much of a fuss about it, but Philip Hammond made a bit of history in his…


How worried is Philip Hammond about Theresa May’s JAMs?

24 November 2016 10:45

‘Theresa May and I have made it clear that we are very committed to returning the public finances to balance,’…

Philip Hammond’s productive afternoon

23 November 2016 17:12

For most people being Foreign Secretary would be a great job, but Philip Hammond never looked like he particularly relished…


John McDonnell’s response showed how irrelevant Labour has become

23 November 2016 15:29

No-one envies the person whose job it is to respond for the Opposition to an economic statement that has just…

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Chancellor’s rabbit in hat misjudges public mood

23 November 2016 15:24

Despite promising no rabbits in hats or displays of showmanship  — unlike his predecessor — Philip Hammond managed to offer…


The government’s latest growth forecast isn’t worth the paper it’s written on

23 November 2016 15:15

Facebook and Barack Obama have said they both want to tackle ‘fake news’ on the internet. The battle should start…


Philip Hammond is just about managing

23 November 2016 14:58

From the moment she arrived in 10 Downing Street, Theresa May has been commendably clear about her economic priorities for…

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Moaning millennials have just made the rental market fairer

23 November 2016 12:43

Online petitions don’t actually change things, do they? What a silly waste of time. Politicians don’t actually listen to…the people,…

The Autumn Statement as it happened

23 November 2016 12:38

Philip Hammond offered up few surprises in his Autumn Statement. As predicted, he said the minimum wage will go up (slightly), fuel…

Property Prices Continue To Increase

Don’t be too quick to applaud the Chancellor’s ban on letting fees

23 November 2016 12:01

If there’s one thing sure to get estate agents’ knickers in a twist, it’s a threat to their income. And…

What the papers say: Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement

23 November 2016 8:49

The Sun has warm words for Philip Hammond ahead of his Autumn Statement announcement this afternoon. The Chancellor’s plans for…

What the papers say: Theresa May’s ‘betrayal’ of workers

22 November 2016 8:37

Theresa May’s decision to row back on her pledge to put workers on company boards receives a mixed reception in…

Will Philip Hammond be arrested after the Autumn Statement?

22 November 2016 7:53

So, austerity is to end. Or that is what the briefings for Wednesday’s Autumn Statement seem to indicate: Philip Hammond…


It’s time to smash the whole welfare system

27 November 2015 17:40

George Osborne’s Autumn Statement, with its backtracking on the slashing of tax credits, leaves a huge question hanging over 21st-century…


John McDonnell lectures George Osborne on Chairman Mao (yes, really)

25 November 2015 14:46

With Diane Abbott recently given the nickname Madame Mao by her colleagues over her behaviour since Jeremy Corbyn was elected as…


Tory MPs hold their breath for tax credit changes

29 October 2015 11:00

George Osborne received a fulsome banging of desks last night at the 1922 Committee, joking that he should come back…

Chancellor George Osborne Delivers His Autumn Statement

Podcast special: a good Autumn Statement for George Osborne?

3 December 2014 19:49

George Osborne appears to have delivered a successful Autumn Statement, but are there some dark secrets in the details? In…

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George Osborne’s fact-finders come up trumps in the Autumn Statement

3 December 2014 17:24

Osborne got his chance to audition for Number 10 today. He hasn’t the fluency and the synthetic chumminess of Cameron.…

What colour is this tie?

Autumn Statement Tricks: Osborne confounds the betting market

3 December 2014 13:01

Ignore the numbers, the spin and the bleak borrowing – there is only one question that needs answering. What colour…

U.K. Chancellor George Osborne Launches National Loan Guarantee Scheme

What’s Osborne plotting now? Tories plan mysterious vote after Autumn Statement

2 December 2014 17:08

The Conservative party is all abuzz this afternoon, but it’s not about the Autumn Statement. They’ve been told that there…

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George Osborne’s Autumn Statement choreography makes life doubly difficult for Labour

2 December 2014 8:59

George Osborne is choreographing his autumn statement week to make things as difficult as possible for Labour. At present senior…

Chancellor George Osborne Meets Women Leading The Economy

George Osborne’s roads bonanza is the most fun he’ll have for a while

1 December 2014 8:54

George Osborne has been looking forward to this particular Autumn Statement for a while because it is the opportunity for…