Autumn statement


MPs push George Osborne to give Autumn Statement wings

18 November 2014 12:52

This year’s Autumn Statement isn’t going to be full of a great deal of Christmas cheer. But as it’ll take place just over five months before the General Election, Tory… Continue reading

Balls. Image: Getty

Ed Balls is back on form, but that doesn’t give Labour economic credibility

10 December 2013 13:40

There were two key lessons from Treasury Questions today. The first is about Labour’s post-autumn statement line of attack. We already knew from Ed Balls’ briefing last Thursday that he… Continue reading

(Photo: Toby Melville - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Coalition parties near a deal on energy bills

27 October 2013 15:20

The good news for the Cameroons on energy is that it looks like they’ll get an agreement by the Autumn Statement to take at least some of the green levies… Continue reading

Liam Byrne says the balance of welfare in this country is 'completely out of whack'. Picture: Getty

Liam Byrne interview: The welfare system is ‘completely out of whack’

13 December 2012 11:34

Liam Byrne is a modernising, Blairite Labour MP, and in case you were in any doubt about that, he conducts his interview with Coffee House sitting next to a framed… Continue reading

Robert Chote (L) of the OBR.

We’ve shown forecasts are unreliable, jokes OBR chief

11 December 2012 13:34

‘We’ve done quite a good job at demonstrating the limitations of economic forecasting,’ half-joked Office for Budget Responsibility Chairman Robert Chote at the start of his Treasury Select Committee appearance… Continue reading

Ed Balls today said Labour would probably oppose the Welfare Uprating Bill. Picture: Getty

Ed Balls says Labour will oppose the Welfare Uprating Bill

11 December 2012 13:23

Ed Balls gave the clearest indication yet today that his party would vote against the government’s plans to cap benefit rises to 1 per cent rather than in line with… Continue reading

Ed Miliband is making noises about opposing the government's latest benefits cut. Picture: Getty

Will he, won’t he? Ed Miliband makes noises about benefits war

9 December 2012 9:46

Ed Miliband is ready to wage war with David Cameron and George Osborne over the Welfare Uprating Bill, which will see benefits rise by 1 per cent a year, rather… Continue reading

This time it's amber. Next time, a red light for Osborne from S&P- unless he can grow the economy.

Citi: Osborne “no longer has credible plans” to tackle debt

7 December 2012 15:24

Britain will lose its AAA rating within 18 months because George Osborne ‘no longer has credible plans to put the debt/GDP ratio on a stable or declining path’ according to… Continue reading

A new poll suggests the Autumn Statement has improved George Osborne's standing with the public. Picture: Getty Images

The public’s verdict on the Autumn Statement

7 December 2012 13:23

We’ve only had two days to digest it, but the early signs from YouGov are that George Osborne’s Autumn Statement has gone down a lot better than his March Budget.… Continue reading

Picture: Carla Millar

Osborne’s ghost of Christmas future

7 December 2012 8:54

There was plenty to welcome in George Osborne’s budget, from the proposed corporation tax cut to scrapping the 3p fuel duty rise. But to read Jonathan’s seven-graph summary is to realise that… Continue reading

Nick Clegg and David Cameron

For the Autumn Statement, stability: for the mid-term review, ambition

6 December 2012 18:52

After months of squabbling and not-so-civil war, the coalition now appears to be functioning again. This is one immediate consequence of George Osborne’s Autumn Statement. The Chancellor was allowed to… Continue reading

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The Autumn Statement in 7 graphs

6 December 2012 18:18

1. Growth evaporating. The Office for Budget Responsibility once again downgraded its growth forecasts for 2012-13 and, for the first time, also did so for 2014-16. Despite that, the OBR… Continue reading

The IFS says the policies in George Osborne's Autumn Statement will hit the rich and the poor, but make the upper middle better off. Picture: Getty Images

A budget for the squeezed middle

6 December 2012 16:55

Ed Miliband may have coined the term, but it seems George Osborne has the squeezed middle on his mind too. The overall effect of yesterday’s budget* was to take from… Continue reading

Ed Balls and Ed Miliband look set to vote against the Welfare Uprating Bill. Picture: Getty

Labour aims to change political dynamic around benefits uprating

6 December 2012 11:58

It now looks almost certain that Labour will vote against the 1 per cent uprating for most working age benefits. Labour is pointing out that because this also includes tax… Continue reading

George Osborne

If Britain loses its AAA rating, Osborne will lose one of his key attack lines

6 December 2012 10:08

George Osborne’s admission that he will not meet his target to have debt as a percentage of GDP falling by 2015/16 has serious consequences for one of his central messages.… Continue reading

George Osborne delivers his Autumn Statement to the House of Commons.

Autumn Statement sketch: Sub-arctic Chancellor warms up the Commons

5 December 2012 17:56

From our sub-arctic chancellor this was a rip-roaring performance. Using all the arts perfected by Gordon Brown, he dazzled the house with his Autumn Statement. A chancellor should never be… Continue reading

bond markets

Autumn Statement: How long can we keep skating on thin bond market ice?

5 December 2012 17:45

In today’s Autumn Statement there was some great news on jobs and fuel duty, but it’s surrounded by a surreal atmosphere. We must still beware the bond market. Employment is… Continue reading

Lord Oakeshott criticised the decision to leave a mansion tax out of the Autumn Statement.

Autumn Statement: Lord Oakeshott claims George Osborne dances to donors’ tune

5 December 2012 17:40

The Liberal Democrats are keen to use today to show that Coalition works, but Lord Oakeshott is in a less charitable mood. I’ve just had a chat with him about George… Continue reading

George Osborne chose to focus on the 'strivers' in his statement. Picture: Getty

Autumn Statement: George Osborne moves into a stronger position

5 December 2012 15:41

There’s a sense of satisfaction among Tories, and Osborne allies in particular, this afternoon. First, the Autumn Statement didn’t all leak out in advance. Instead, the Chancellor had some news… Continue reading

Tory MPs have been briefed on the lines they should use about the autumn statement in interviews. Picture: Getty

Leaked Autumn Statement briefing for Tory MPs focuses on ‘global race’ and spending switch

5 December 2012 10:43

I’ve been passed the Tory ‘lines to take’ for MPs to use in media interviews for the Autumn Statement today. As I blogged a little earlier, the words ‘global race’… Continue reading

George Osborne has to persuade voters that the Conservatives are the ones to trust on the economy, and his colleagues that they should back him, too. Picture: Getty

George Osborne’s race to persuade voters and colleagues to back his plan

5 December 2012 9:31

George Osborne has managed, so far, to manage the run-up to the Autumn Statement far better than he did the Budget. There have been no cat fights across the pages… Continue reading

George Osborne and Danny Alexander in Downing Street today. Picture: Getty

Autumn Statement: What Osborne will say

4 December 2012 18:50

Lower growth, bigger deficits, targets missed — that’ll be the backdrop to George Osborne’s Autumn Statement tomorrow. So what medicine will he prescribe to make it all better? As usual, many… Continue reading

The Osborne austerity has meant core spending cut by just 3pc over 3 years. Debt is soaring - and voters who wanted him to fix all this will be deeply unimpressed in 2015.

Autumn Statement: Downgrades R Us

4 December 2012 13:45

How much trouble is George Osborne in? We don’t need to wait until his mini-Budget tomorrow, we already know most of it. And we’ll enter that peculiar Budget game, where… Continue reading

Michael Gove was held up as an example at Cabinet today of a minister who was successfully cutting departmental spending. Picture: Getty

Autumn Statement: Michael Gove becomes the poster boy for Whitehall cuts

4 December 2012 12:28

George Osborne briefed the Cabinet this morning on tomorrow’s Autumn Statement, giving ministers some good news and some bad news. The good news is that he is launching £5 billion… Continue reading

The Tories have been consulting their members on what their welfare policy should be for 2015. Picture: Getty

Cut housing benefit for under-25s? Yes, but be careful, say Tory members

4 December 2012 10:00

George Osborne might have failed to get his housing benefit cut for the under-25s past the Lib Dems in time for the Autumn Statement, but, as James reported in his… Continue reading