Falkland Islands’ pitch to Jeremy Corbyn falls on deaf ears

26 September 2016 19:32

In a crowded field, one of Jeremy Corbyn’s more controversial suggestions during his time as Labour leader has been putting…

Alicia Castro, Argentine ambassador to the UK (Photo: Juan Mabromata/Getty)

Argentina’s ambassador to the UK trolls the Tory backbenchers

3 March 2015 12:36

Nothing like a bit of Argie-bargie to get the Tory backbenchers going. Mr S has been passed a letter and…

Former SS and Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann (1906 - 1962) in Nazareth, preparing his defence in the trial brought against him for war crimes (Photo: Evening Standard/Getty)

Adolf Eichmann hoped his ‘Arab friends’ would continue his battle against the Jews

27 January 2015 9:56

Over Christmas I finally got around to reading Eichmann Before Jerusalem by Bettina Stangneth.  I cannot recommend this book –…

'Can we suffer Phil Neville’s mogadon monotone drawl for much longer?' Asks Rod Liddle.

World Cup diary: I can’t take much more of the BBC’s coverage

15 June 2014 22:20

It takes quite a lot for me to feel even mildly sympathetic towards the French, but they had my support…

Argentina's President Kirchner is not afraid to play on the global stage by her own rules. Britain should stop her. (JAVIER SORIANO/AFP/Getty Images)

Argentina’s G-20 membership should be revoked

12 August 2013 17:07

When Argentina appears in British public discourse, it is normally in relation to one of the two ‘f’s – football…

Argentina's Foreign Minister Hector Timerman stoked tensions over the Falkland Islands at a meeting in the UK Parliament earlier today. Image: Getty

Argentina’s Foreign Minister compares the Falklanders to Israeli settlers

5 February 2013 16:50

Argentina’s foreign minister, Hector Timerman, is in town. He spoke to all the All Party Parliamentary Group on Argentina earlier…

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has gone on the attack over the Falklands in today's newspapers. Picture: Getty

Cristina Kirchner forgets the most important people in the Falklands row: the Islanders

3 January 2013 9:20

The British government has been gently rattling the bars in its stand-off with Argentina over the Falklands of late: giving…

Colombian tango dancers perform during a

Bad times in Buenos Aires – Shiva Naipaul Prize, 1996

15 August 2012 18:03

Miranda France won the Spectator/ Shiva Naipaul Memorial Prize in 1996. Her winning essay (below) formed the heart of her first,…

Argentine President Cristina Kirchner de

Stop funding Argentina

8 June 2012 16:15

One of the justifications for Britain’s large, and rapidly growing, international development budget is that it promotes our national interests.…


The US has taken a stance against Argentina’s brinkmanship — it’s time we joined them

8 May 2012 16:48

The 30th anniversary of the Falklands War – and the bellicose rhetoric (and videos) currently emerging from Buenos Aires —…


The EU against new booze

20 April 2012 12:11

You don’t expect to find so much politics in a booze mag, but there’s an intriguing story in a recent edition…


A new Argy-bargy

2 April 2012 17:52

Another article to mark the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War — this one from the current issue of the…


From the archives: Defending the Falklands

2 April 2012 11:40

To mark the 30th anniversary of the start of the Falklands War, here’s Ferdinand Mount’s column from the time:The last…

Sean Penn: A Kissinger For Our Time

24 February 2012 10:55

One of Henry Kissinger’s great gifts is the ability to write op-eds that are clear as petrol. I recall one…

Falklands Talks? There Is Nothing To Talk About.

3 February 2012 14:14

So much for today’s Guardian. In the Independent, Philip Hensher has a grand solution for the “Falklands Problem”: we should…


The politics hovering over the Falklands

1 February 2012 18:33

With HMS Dauntless and now Prince William gliding across the Atlantic to reinforce Britain’s claim on the Falklands, there’s no…

Cameron’s fight over the Falklands

18 January 2012 18:24

Thirty years on from the Falklands War, and the hostility between Britain and Argentina persists. And it was that hostility…

Fog around the Falklands

22 December 2011 12:48

For the populist president of Argentina, Cristina Kirchner, the ban on Falklands-flagged ships agreed by the Mercosur summit in Montevideo…

An American context for UK defence cuts

4 August 2011 17:42

Yesterday’s defence select committee report provoked stern critiques of the government’s defence policy from Alex Massie and Matt Cavanagh. It…

9 March 2002: What though the spicy breezes blow soft o’er Buenos Aires, incompetence messes it up

24 June 2011 18:05

As the world braces itself for the inevitable Greek default, and investors look nervously at potentially exposed banks, perhaps it’s worth…

Cameron vs Kirchner

18 June 2011 14:41

After stating the obvious at PMQs this week — that the Falklands would remain sovereign British territory as long as…

Britain’s threadbare defence establishment

10 November 2010 15:40

A mutiny is brewing. Several former admirals, led by Lord West, have written a seething letter to the Times (£),…

Great Moments in Analysis: Argentine Edition

28 October 2010 14:46

I don’t really have anything to say about the death of Nestor Kirchner and nor, it seems, do the analysts…

Hillary Clinton & the Falklands

2 March 2010 20:31

Bagehot of the Economist is beginning to have some doubts about the Obama administration: I have hesitated to read drastic…

Obama, Reagan and the Falklands

28 February 2010 22:20

A follow-up to this post: sure, excitable Conservatives in Britain and the United States see the Obama administration’s disinclination to…