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Are there any Jews who still support Labour?

4 May 2016 11:10

Many years ago, sometime in the last century (how worldly I feel writing that!) I was at the launch party…


I know who I’m supporting in the Corbyn-Hodge leadership contest

3 May 2016 19:27

Christ help us – Corbyn or Hodge! I think, given the choice, I’m pretty firmly with Jezza. One deranged bien-pensant…


Britain’s Christian culture has risen above the recent religious brawl

3 May 2016 16:05

Our political culture contains some tension between Jews and Muslims. And some secular anti-Semitism, particularly on the left, and some…

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Have Hamas declared their support for Jeremy Corbyn?

3 May 2016 15:30

It’s less than 48 hours until the polls open for the local elections and following last week’s anti-Semitism media-storm, Corbyn…

Ken Livingstone Leave Millbank Amid Calls For His Resignation

Zero tolerance for anti-Zionists? The right is now as PC as the left

3 May 2016 12:47

So now we know: the right and the respectable left are just as good at PC purges as potty, radical…

Diane Abbott

Diane Abbott says it is smear to say Labour has a problem with anti-Semitism

1 May 2016 12:35

Labour might have hoped that the announcement of an independent inquiry into the issue of anti-Semitism in the party would…

Labour Leadership Contender Jeremy Corbyn Talks To Supporters In The North West

The battle for Labour’s soul

30 April 2016 10:18

Normally, when we talk about a party being in ‘crisis’ we are really referring to a policy dispute or a…

‘Labour at war’: Papers make miserable reading for Corbyn as Ken row rumbles on

29 April 2016 8:10

The Labour party knew that the row over Ken Livingstone’s suspension was not going to disappear overnight. And this morning’s…

GMB union annual conference - Dublin

Labour’s anti-Semitism problem stems from its grassroots

28 April 2016 20:03

If I were the Conservative party I’d be getting worried: Labour’s implosion is happening too fast. At this rate they…

Today in audio: Ken’s day to forget

28 April 2016 17:29

Ken Livingstone has been suspended by the Labour party after plonking himself firmly at the centre of the anti-Semitism row…


Watch: John Mann takes on Ken Livingstone over anti-Semitism – ‘you are a Nazi apologist’

28 April 2016 13:09

As the Labour party continues to implode over the party’s handling of Naz Shah’s anti-Semitic social media posts, a number of MPs…

Naz Shah and Ken Livingstone

Labour’s halfwits have revealed their anti-Semitic side

28 April 2016 11:51

My guess is that the people who voted for Naz Shah at the last election think she did not go…

Jeremy Corbyn And Ken Livingstone Attend A Labour Leadership Rally

Jeremy Corbyn must now confront Labour’s anti-Semitism problem

28 April 2016 11:20

What is being said by senior figures in the Labour party about anti-Semitism at the moment is as depressing as…

Boris Johnson and Rupa Huq

Listen: Rupa Huq’s disastrous attempt to defend Naz Shah’s anti-Semitic posts – ‘I retweeted a picture of Boris Johnson on a zip-wire’

28 April 2016 9:20

Oh dear. Whichever bright spark over at Labour HQ decided it would be a good idea to send Rupa Huq…


Labour accused of editing Naz Shah’s apology to remove references to anti-Semitism

27 April 2016 16:45

It’s finally happened. Over 24 hours after news first broke of Naz Shah sharing anti-Semitic posts online, the Labour MP has…

Naz Shah and Malia Bouattia

What a week for integration Britain!

27 April 2016 12:52

It’s been a terrific week for integration Britain.  First the National Union of Students (NUS) elected what the BBC joyously…

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Introducing the new NUS president – who wouldn’t condemn Isis

20 April 2016 14:22

Students have been getting a bad rep of late. Whether it’s safe space advocates proposing motions to ban free speech societies or…


Sadiq Khan’s pledge to tackle Labour anti-Semitism hits a bump in the road

21 March 2016 13:43

Since Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour leader, the party has been dogged by rumours of anti-semitism in certain factions of…

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France has become a religious battleground

15 January 2016 16:47

The new year has not started well for France. On the last day of 2015 – the most traumatic year…

Hamas member Aziz Dweik, of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) walks with Gerald Kaufman MP (Photo: Getty)

Will Jeremy Corbyn condemn Gerald Kaufman’s comments about ‘Jewish money’ influencing the Tories?

29 October 2015 13:08

Sir Gerald Kaufman is Jewish, which he seems to use as an excuse to make claims that would, ordinarily, be…


Why does the left care more about Islamophobia than anti-Semitism?

9 September 2015 10:51

Why do leftists care more about Muslims than they do about Jews? If that sounds confrontational, consider this: this week,…

An Iranian woman walks past an anti-US mural painted on the wall of the former US embassy in Tehran on November 19, 2011.

The short road from anti-Westernism to anti-Semitism

24 August 2015 17:37

Corbynmania has unleashed a great feeling of hope and change in the British public, especially among people hoping to wipe…


The left is rapidly losing its moral authority on racism

19 August 2015 16:04

On Monday, Jeremy Corbyn was questioned by Channel 4 News about yet another Holocaust denier and anti-Semite of his acquaintance.…

Jeremy Corbyn's Policy Ideas For Young People Launch

Jeremy Corbyn is not an anti-Semite but he is reaping what he sowed

18 August 2015 18:24

People keep asking me if I think Jeremy Corbyn is anti-Semitic. I don’t. Or at least I think it’s vanishingly…

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Tony Blair’s new job shows how self-important and detached he has become

4 June 2015 17:49

A spectre is haunting the world: the spectre of Tony Blair’s ego. Mr Blair has wasted eight years pretending to…