Angela Merkel

Cameron takes on Europe

28 October 2010 9:10

European leaders, we are told, have been charmed by David Cameron since he formed the coalition government – today, we must hope that he can use that charm to good… Continue reading


Cameron prepares for the Brussels offensive

25 October 2010 14:58

David Cameron’s first battle with the EU opens on Thursday. Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy hope to introduce a treaty that will deliver tough sanctions on eurozone members that break… Continue reading


Time for a new approach to the EU

19 October 2010 13:25

All eyes are on the spending review, but yesterday another potentially huge challenge landed in the Coalition’s in-tray: the prospect of a new EU treaty.   In the small town… Continue reading


Finessing the coalition’s EU referendum lock

14 September 2010 10:53

The Coalition Government’s proposal for a ‘referendum lock’ on future transfers of powers to the EU has already been branded “worthless” by some Tory backbenchers . It’s easy to share… Continue reading


Battling for the budget rebate

11 September 2010 10:51

A plain speaking man, Janusz Lewandowksi. This week, the EU Budget Commissioner said, not without a clear note of pleasure, that ‘the rebate for Britain has lost its original justification.’… Continue reading


Cameron’s intervention causes uproar

7 July 2010 18:20

Iain Dale has news of fresh ruptures in the Tories’ controversial European grouping. Here are the details: ‘Last week David Cameron held a meeting at Number Ten with the Polish… Continue reading


The euro crisis is an opportunity for Cameron

17 June 2010 16:14

Gerard Baker has written the cover piece for this week’s magazine and it’s a must read. In it, he explains why ‘closer fiscal union’, as Rompuy terms it, is not… Continue reading


Cameron’s European balancing act

17 June 2010 12:28

So David Cameron strides onto the European stage today, with his first EU summit since becoming Prime Minister. And early signs are that it’s going to be a peculiar day… Continue reading


German lessons

26 May 2010 10:31

Angela Merkel’s fall from favour is something David Cameron ought to bear in mind as he looks for lessons to guide his term in office. The German chancellor could do… Continue reading


Goodbye Euro?

29 April 2010 9:12

I have just visited the two countries that are making the headlines in the European newspapers – Germany and Greece. During my trip, I met officials, journalists, and key advisers… Continue reading


Don’t mention ze Europe

13 April 2010 10:37

The Conservative Party’s departure from the European People’s Party came down to a choice of expediency over principle. If you are inclined to accept that Britain will stay in the… Continue reading


Germany to the EU: no more integration

24 March 2010 10:22

A Conservative Party article of faith has been the belief that other Europeans are innately more pro-EU than the British. In the past, this has undoubtedly been the case. Poll… Continue reading


Germany, where art thou?

13 March 2010 12:07

It is more than 100 days since Guido Westerwelle became Germany’s foreign minister and the questions about Germany’s diplomatic introspection remain. They may have even grown and are becoming problematic… Continue reading


The prospect of another EU treaty is a huge problem for reformer Brown

9 March 2010 17:34

It seems there must be discussion about a potential European Monetary Fund, and an organisation to manage Europe’s economies that circumvents Maastricht, to avert future fiscal crises. So much for… Continue reading


Cancel the London Afghanistan Conference

7 January 2010 17:14

In a few weeks time, a slew of foreign ministers will descend on London to attend a conference on Afghanistan. No.10 will use the event to sell Gordon Brown as… Continue reading


Europe: ignoring the Lisbon Treaty when it suits them

21 December 2009 9:22

Is Greece too big to fail? When the Eurozone project was up and running, its taxpayers were promised: this was not a system where they’d have to bail out a… Continue reading


Why my money is on Balkenende

19 November 2009 17:14

When it comes to the position of the first European President, the worst thing to be is the frontrunner as Tony Blair found out the other week. As soon as… Continue reading


What would the Tories take back from Europe?

9 October 2009 18:08

Assuming that the Lisbon Treaty is ratified, that the Conservative Party wins the next election and that Angela Merkel and Nicola Sarkozy want Britain to remain in the European Union,… Continue reading


Sarkozy revs up Franco-German motor, leaving Britain behind

1 September 2009 16:02

Last week, French President Sarkozy spoke to the annual gathering of his country’s ambassadors. Since he came to power, the French leader has used the annual event to welcome his… Continue reading