Angela Merkel

The deep Euro-crisis threatens political stability

16 September 2011 14:18

It is hard to overstate how serious the crisis in the eurozone is or what it might do to the politics of Europe. The European project is putting in danger… Continue reading


Merkel & Sarkozy have only words

15 September 2011 9:07

It was something of a mystery. Emergency conference calls about the future of the Eurozone were being made yesterday, but there was no news of those discussions. As it turned… Continue reading


The Euro-crisis heats up

14 September 2011 9:05

Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and George Papandreou are in crisis talks about Greek debt. There are rumours that they are preparing an "orderly default" for Greece. But, officially, Merkel is… Continue reading


Merkel’s hard game

29 August 2011 18:13

As James noted earlier, Angela Merkel’s response to the Eurozone crisis is hampered by the awkward arithmetic in the Bundestag. Merkel has been faced with these difficulties throughout the crisis.… Continue reading


Merkel’s domestic difficulties threaten the Eurozone

29 August 2011 14:09

As August draws to a close, Europe is bracing itself for a series of September sovereign debt crises. Events in Germany at the moment have the potential to make these… Continue reading


Further tension in the Eurozone

23 August 2011 11:00

The Eurozone’s political crisis is deepening. Further to the news that individual member states were seeking their own bilateral deals with Greece to insure their taxpayers’ money from default, the… Continue reading


Stumbling towards fiscal union

22 August 2011 14:12

Angela Merkel must tire of repeating herself. Eurobonds are “exactly the wrong answer” to the European debt crisis, she said yesterday for the umpteenth time. She added that they would… Continue reading


Tobin’s folly

18 August 2011 10:55

The Eurozone Tobin tax announced on Tuesday by Merkel and Sarkozy is intended to reduce market volatility. It could have the opposite effect, and, if introduced in Britain, could cripple… Continue reading


This isn’t just any solution; this is an M&S solution

17 August 2011 18:03

Banks and financial institutions endured a painful day’s trading, following Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy’s announcement yesterday that the Eurozone should adopt a ‘Tobin tax’, a charge on financial transactions.… Continue reading


Battle of the century

15 August 2011 17:58

The American historian Walter Russell-Mead has a cynical — but very possibly accurate — take on what the French are trying to persuade the Germans to accept with their plan… Continue reading


Back to the drawing board as Eurobonds look dead in the water

15 August 2011 13:22

Watch her lips: no Eurobonds. Angela Merkel’s Finance, Minister Wolfgang Schauble has told Der Spiegel: "I rule out Eurobonds for as long as member states conduct their own financial policies… Continue reading


Is Merkel getting her way?

21 July 2011 16:29

Below, courtesy of the Telegraph, is a leaked copy of the draft proposals on managing the Greek debt crisis.There are no measures to reduce Greece’s debts to sustainable levels; subsidy is the preferred… Continue reading


Common Franco-German position on Greek debt

21 July 2011 10:25

As I wrote earlier this morning, rumours of a ‘common Franco-German position’ on Greek debt were circulating in the early hours. Details are now emerging. Nicolas Sarkozy has dropped plans… Continue reading


Getting a grip of the crisis

21 July 2011 9:33

“I’m very worried, this building [the Treasury] is very worried and this government is very worried,” said George Osborne of the unfolding crisis in the Eurozone. In an interview with… Continue reading


Gearing up for another European drama

20 July 2011 10:51

Away from the amateur dramatics in parliament this afternoon, the government is fighting yet another battle with the European Commission over banking reform. European leaders will vote later today on proposals… Continue reading


Merkel is running out of patience with the eurozone

25 March 2011 10:54

Like an unseasonal Atlantic gale, the Portuguese sovereign debt crisis has blown in to ruin the latest EU summit. This meeting was intended to mark the beginning of the end… Continue reading


In Defence of Germany

18 March 2011 13:28

Among the many odd things about the Libyan "debate" is the argument that Germany’s decision to abstain during the Security Council vote is somehow disgraceful and proof that Germany still… Continue reading


A Grim St Patrick’s Day

17 March 2011 2:18

St Patrick’s Day is often pretty grim, not least on account of the American habit of suggesting the poor old boy is actually the patron saint of uncooked hamburgers. It… Continue reading


Meltdown danger

15 March 2011 9:01

The situation in Japan is deteriorating further. In the early hours of this morning, the last workers are said to have left the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant as the… Continue reading


Cameron signs up to muscular liberalism

5 February 2011 10:42

"State multiculturalism has failed." Angela Merkel put voice to that sentiment last October. Now it David Cameron’s turn to do the same. In a speech in Munich today, the Prime… Continue reading


What Cameron should push for in Brussels

17 December 2010 9:30

As David Cameron stays in Brussels for his third European summit as PM, it’s becoming increasingly clear that the EU’s approach to the eurozone crisis – put up short-term cash… Continue reading


A "two stone" solution to the Euro crisis will unbalance the coalition

15 December 2010 19:01

Whatever the British government wants, moves are now afoot on the Continent to address some of the structural problem with the Euro. They may in the end lead to some… Continue reading


Ireland’s crisis is the fault of Fianna Fáil, not just the euro

22 November 2010 9:07

In all likelihood, George Osborne will rise this afternoon to groans if not jeers. Britain looks set to lend Ireland £7bn as part of multilateral and bilateral bailouts. Many, particularly… Continue reading


G-20 in Seoul: Beyond “Camerkelism”

10 November 2010 17:59

David Cameron is now in Seoul for the first G-20 summit hosted by a non–G-7 member state. It will be the Prime Minister’s second G-20. But things have changed dramatically… Continue reading


A wasted opportunity for EU reform?

2 November 2010 11:10

David Cameron made his statement on last week’s EU summit yesterday, answering a range of questions on the 2011 EU budget increase and future changes to the EU treaties. The… Continue reading