Angela Merkel

Dave in Davos

26 January 2012 14:50

Reading Cameron’s speech to the suits in Davos, one thing stands out: he’s in no mood to stop ‘lecturing’ the eurozone, as Nicolas Sarkozy would put it. The whole thing… Continue reading


A taxing kind of spin

10 January 2012 17:15

The story being briefed out of the year’s first Franco-German Summit is that President Nicolas Sarkozy won the backing of Chancellor Angela Merkel for a tax on financial transactions, a… Continue reading


Happy New Year from world leaders

1 January 2012 16:22

It’s the New Year — a time when politicians all over the globe get on their soapboxes and preach to their people. From Merkel’s pledge to do everything for the… Continue reading


26 versus 1 — really?

14 December 2011 7:34

Judging from much of the coverage in UK media, you would be forgiven for thinking that Britain is on the fast track to becoming the North Korea of Europe —… Continue reading


Ten myths about Cameron’s EU veto

10 December 2011 18:55

The EU veto that Cameron pulled in the early hours of Thursday morning has been widely misunderstood on all sides. Here are the 10 most common myths: 1. Because of… Continue reading


A dozen questions for after the Brussels summit

9 December 2011 18:32

Cameron will be depicted in tomorrow’s press as either a Tory Boudicca or an Essex Bulldog (© Tristram Hunt), depending on your point of view. I suspect the truth is… Continue reading


What could Cameron have done differently?

9 December 2011 13:23

It is hard not to see the results of last night’s European meeting as the first step towards a fundamentally different — and much looser — relationship between Britain and… Continue reading


The Merkozy Plan fails to convince

9 December 2011 12:03

A day or so ago, the markets were rising in anticipation of what might be achieved at this Brussels summit. But this morning they’re mostly either unmoved, or — as… Continue reading


A defining moment

9 December 2011 10:27

David Cameron’s use of the veto in the early hours of this morning changes the British political landscape. The first thing to stress is that if the euro collapses it… Continue reading


Cameron says ‘No’

9 December 2011 7:43

It looks like Britain could be heading for renegotiation with the EU sooner rather than later. The UK, Hungary, Czechs and Swedes last night stayed out of a 27-member EU… Continue reading


Europe is the story again

8 December 2011 0:05

Today was one of those days when we saw just how divisive the European issue can be to the Conservative party. The sight of Malcolm Rifkind and Nadine Dorries treating… Continue reading


Cameron’s plan

7 December 2011 9:17

Much ado about a Cabinet split over Europe this morning. The Financial Times has interviewed Ken Clarke, whose europhile instincts are well known — something he shares with the senior… Continue reading


Yes, Virginia, History Matters: Eurozone Edition

5 December 2011 23:47

Broadly speaking, there are two ways of viewing the eurozone crisis: it’s a problem of economics or a problem of politics. Neither explanation quite suffices, of course, since it is… Continue reading


The Gospel according to Delors

3 December 2011 10:18

An old enemy of England nestles in the pages of today’s Daily Telegraph. Charles Moore travelled to Paris to meet Jacques Delors, the architect of the euro and advocate of… Continue reading


A tale of two cities

2 December 2011 15:03

Nicolas Sarkozy is grudgingly admired by French socialists as a political fighter, capable of thriving even in the most desperate situation. David Cameron is coming to understand what they mean. It… Continue reading


Merkel’s fiscal union won’t solve the euro’s problems

2 December 2011 13:15

Few people have been as vindicated about the failings of the euro as Marty Feldstein, who was chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under Reagan. In 1997 he wrote… Continue reading


Meanwhile, in Europe…

29 November 2011 18:09

There probably hasn’t been a meeting of European finance ministers as important as the one tonight. The euro is still at risk; with new governments in Spain, Italy, and Greece… Continue reading


The reasons for Angela Merkel’s popularity

28 November 2011 17:19

The British government is becoming ever more gloomy about the prospects for the euro, believing that Angela Merkel will not do what she has to if the single currency is… Continue reading


Paying for justice

23 November 2011 19:39

To British ministers, the role that the International Criminal Court played over Libya was key – it made clear that Colonel Gaddafi’s actions were unacceptable and would be subject to… Continue reading


The dangers of ever-closer union

22 November 2011 17:51

Yesterday, Fraser wrote that ‘reporting of European issues tends to ignore public opinion’. Today, Philip Stephens has neatly illustrated Fraser’s point in his Financial Times column. Musing on Britain’s possible… Continue reading


How ambitious is Cameron on Europe?

21 November 2011 14:45

Someone forgot to pack his handbag. We heard yesterday that David Cameron has agreed to let Merkel pursue full fiscal union – and in return she will… drum roll please… let… Continue reading


The vote in Spain

20 November 2011 17:31

The expected triumph of the centre-right Popular Party in today’s Spanish elections promises to have some interesting consequences for British politics. The PP have been in close touch with the… Continue reading


Cameron and Merkel: all smiles but no progress

18 November 2011 13:37

David Cameron and Angela Merkel were clearly keen to show that, whatever the tensions over the role of the European Central Bank, they still get on. I lost count of… Continue reading


The debate over Europe’s future

18 November 2011 9:36

We’ve got two interventions by high-profile European politicians in the British papers this morning. In the FT, German foreign minister Guido Westerwelle lays out Germany’s stance, providing a taste of… Continue reading


Berlusconi: latest victim of Europe’s reverse Arab Spring

12 November 2011 21:22

Berlusconi has finally resigned – and so continues what seems to be the Arab Spring in reverse (a Gnirps Bara). In the Arab world, people rose up against undemocratic juntas… Continue reading