Angela Merkel

David Cameron faces many tricky battles on Europe. Image: Getty

David Cameron under attack from voters, Ed Miliband, David Davis and Angela Merkel on Europe

18 November 2012 11:49

The Sunday Papers and the broadcast shows are packed with accounts of Britain’s fractious relationship with the European Union, and what that means for David Cameron. The Observer gives space… Continue reading


The View from 22 — Britain vs. Germany, kicking the Lib Dems and the BBC 28

15 November 2012 9:19

Are Britain and Germany heading for an almightily clash over the future of the EU? In this week’s Spectator, Christopher Caldwell argues that Angela Merkel has had enough of Britain’s… Continue reading

David Cameron and Angela Merkel discussing the EU budget on Wednesday. Picture: Getty

‘Cameron will not turn back’: EU budget summit under threat

9 November 2012 17:34

Will David Cameron be denied his veto moment after all? Brussels sources appear to think the European Union budget summit on 22 and 23 November could still be cancelled. A… Continue reading

Angela Merkel told the European Parliament today that she could not imagine 'that the UK would not be part of Europe'. Picture: Getty

Angela Merkel: I can’t imagine UK quitting the EU

7 November 2012 19:17

David Cameron and Angela Merkel are eating dinner together tonight, over which they will discuss the forthcoming European Budget summit. The discussion may make even the sweetest crème brûlée taste… Continue reading

Angela Merkel knows she needs to display some impatience with David Cameron's demands on the EU Budget. Picture: Getty

The Brussels budget imbroglio

26 October 2012 16:35

The EU budget negotiation, now a month away, promises to be David Cameron’s next big European test. The Prime Minister has repeatedly declared that he wants to see the EU… Continue reading

Angela Merkel is currently threatening to cancel the European budget summit if David Cameron threatens to veto every deal on the table. Picture: Carla Millar

Dave vs Angela, round 2

22 October 2012 12:06

David Cameron appears to be looking for a suite of examples for his party that he’s still fighting their corner. He’s about to deliver his speech on offenders, and his… Continue reading

Angela Merkel and David Cameron had a phone conversation last night about banking union. Picture: Getty

Angela Merkel’s nerves about Britain’s future in the EU

16 October 2012 8:56

The Prime Minister and Angela Merkel spoke last night on the phone to discuss the European Council meeting later this week. Downing Street said the pair ‘agreed that further work… Continue reading

Image: Getty

The EU wins the Nobel Peace Prize

12 October 2012 11:20

Today is not April the first; but the European Union has indeed won the Nobel Peace Prize. It is a bizarre decision given what is going on in Europe right… Continue reading

Eurofighter Typhoon Launched To Replace Tornado F3s

Whitehall’s mistake over BAE and EADS

11 October 2012 17:48

There have been some sharp responses to the demise of the proposed BAE EADS merger. My personal favourite is John Redwood’s pithy: ‘Several of you wrote in expressing dismay at the… Continue reading

The Eurozone Crisis Deepens As Greece Attempts To Avoid Bankruptcy

Whatever it takes to save the euro

30 July 2012 8:50

In case you were in any doubt about how committed eurozone leaders are to the survival of the single currency, Angela Merkel has put out another statement on doing ‘everything… Continue reading

Harriet Harman, Getty Images

Joining Harriet Harman’s feminist club

22 July 2012 16:13

If feminism is ‘a creed of women’s solidarity’, do you pick and choose about which women you’re in solidarity with? In the case of Harriet Harman, the answer is, well… Continue reading

Frankfurt City Feature

Europe’s illusory deal

29 June 2012 19:45

After Merkel’s decision to allow Eurozone funds to be used to bail out Spanish and Italian banks, the press tomorrow may declare – yet again – that some kind of… Continue reading

German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrives

Angela’s anguish on ESM vote

29 June 2012 14:15

This all feels rather miserably familiar. Eurozone leaders come to a dawn agreement about resolving the crisis. Markets react positively. The leaders appear on podiums to congratulate one another and… Continue reading

Italy, France, Germany and Spain Summit In Rome

Italy and Spain put Merkel in the corner

29 June 2012 9:00

It took them 13 hours, but eurozone leaders have finally agreed to use bailout funds to recapitalise banks directly. The deal, which was reached at 4am (David Cameron had gone… Continue reading

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Ber

Of technocrats and democrats

27 June 2012 9:15

A former European leader was a guest at a private dinner in London recently. It was a polite and reverential occasion, but conversation grew lighter as Sauternes gave way to… Continue reading

Debt Wracked Greece Goes To The Polls For Critical General Election

A turning point in Greece? Think again

18 June 2012 19:45

Things in Greece could have been worse after yesterday’s election, but that fact can’t be hailed as a ‘turning point’. Assuming that Greek political leaders form a coalition and push… Continue reading

Merkel And Hollande Meet Hours After Hollande's Inauguration

The morning after the night before

18 June 2012 9:00

This morning’s front pages are devoted to Greece, and the consensus is that the result of yesterday’s election amounts to little more than a stay of execution for Greece and… Continue reading

British Prime Minister David Cameron lea

Cameron defies increasingly isolated Merkel

8 June 2012 9:00

‘No’ used to be the French prerogative in matters of European integration. Charles de Gaulle made a late career out of it. But perhaps the title is passing to Britain.… Continue reading


Merkel heads to the G8

18 May 2012 19:10

I doubt that Angela Merkel is looking forward to the G8 summit very much. It will mostly consist of the other world leaders telling her to give ground on austerity.… Continue reading


Cameron vents his euro frustration

17 May 2012 12:36

David Cameron’s speech today is a sign of his frustration with the eurozone. Numbers 10 and 11 are increasingly irritated by how eurozone leaders are refusing to accept the logic… Continue reading


The staring contest over Greece

15 May 2012 17:50

Now that negotiations have broken down in Athens, and there will be another election, we face the prospect of an almighty staring contest. On one side, the Eurocracy, who will… Continue reading


Greece is still the word

15 May 2012 9:20

Remember when Europe’s leaders were basically saying, ‘Don’t worry, it’s all sorted’? Remember when they were putting out communiqués that started ‘The euro continues to rest on solid fundamentals’? No… Continue reading


Can Merkel and Hollande meet in the middle?

7 May 2012 17:03

This afternoon, it’s even clearer that the French and Greek elections are a significant moment in the life of the Eurozone. It’s not just the nervous market reaction to yesterday’s… Continue reading


Will Germany let Greece stay in the euro?

13 February 2012 12:35

The German government is split on the biggest policy question of the day, according to the FT’s German edition. As Open Europe points out, the paper has a senior member… Continue reading


Greece is still the word ahead of today’s eurosummit

30 January 2012 9:14

How about this for a claim by Nicolas Sarkozy, made in a TV appearance yesterday? ‘Europe is no longer at the edge of the cliff.’ It’s quite some statement, so… Continue reading