Andrew Mitchell


PMQs sketch: And they’re back

3 June 2015 16:33

‘Don’t gloat’. Cameron trotted along to the Commons today with this commandment ringing in his ears. He nearly managed it. But his manner betrayed his state of mind. There was… Continue reading

A 'sincere' rebel (Photo: Getty)

Tory rebels are already starting to cause trouble

3 June 2015 15:52

David Cameron might have had an enjoyable session teasing Labour at Prime Minister’s Questions, but as soon as he’d finished doing so in his head-to-head with Harriet Harman, he was… Continue reading

Former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell Loses His Plebgate Libel Case

The Plebgate judge thought PC Rowland was a pleb

11 December 2014 12:55

In paragraph 135 of his judgment in the Andrew Mitchell ‘Plebgate’ case, Mr Justice Mitting says that P.C. Rowland, the police officer whom Mr Mitchell was suing for libel, is… Continue reading

(Photo: Andrew Yates/Getty)

Listen: Roger Helmer reveals Ukip’s approach to candidate selection

8 December 2014 15:45

Ralph Atkinson ranted this weekend that Ukip have ‘standards of democracy lower than the unelected European Commission’ after he was allegedly ousted as the Ukip candidate for Hastings and Rye in… Continue reading

Former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell Loses His Plebgate Libel Case

What next for Andrew Mitchell?

27 November 2014 19:14

Toby Rowland didn’t have the ‘wit, imagination or inclination’ to invent the account he produced of Andrew Mitchell calling police officers ‘plebs’ at the gates of Downing Street. In any… Continue reading

This year's winner, Diesel and Rob Flello MP

Westminster’s gone barking

24 October 2014 10:40

It’s that time of year again – sandwiched between conference season and the Autumn statement – when the nation’s political pooches (and their owners) descend on Westminster. Yes, yesterday saw the… Continue reading

Mitchell apology

Andrew Mitchell demands the police publish transcripts of ‘plebgate’ hearings

20 May 2014 19:24

The plebgate scandal has flared back to life tonight with a letter from Andrew Mitchell to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Bernard Hogan-Howe. Mitchell alleges that one of the… Continue reading

Maria Miller's support is vanishing as press moves in for the kill. (PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Tory MPs turn on Maria Miller – and Dave

7 April 2014 14:38

Maria Miller is losing friends, fast. Furious briefing over the last 24 hours has seen a host of Tory MPs withdraw their support for the embattled Culture Secretary - and question the judgment… Continue reading

Andrew Mitchell, Danny Alexander and Patrick O'Flynn spinning for their parties.

Nick vs Nigel debate: The room spun

26 March 2014 21:54

Nick Clegg had been given the night off babysitting; but, after the poll verdict on tonight’s EU debate with Nigel Farage, he may wish he’d stayed at home with the… Continue reading

Why are Rupert Murdoch's men after Andrew Mitchell? (BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)

Why are Rupert Murdoch’s men damning Andrew Mitchell?

13 February 2014 12:56

If you want to picture Rupert Murdoch imagine an old man on a tight rope. On the one hand, his newspapers must pursue his interests – say that everyone but… Continue reading

Andrew Mitchell held a press conference today, vowing to continue the Plebgate fight. Photo: Getty Images.

Andrew Mitchell vows to continue Plebgate fight

26 November 2013 18:22

So Andrew Mitchell is going to pursue his fight with the police over the ‘plebgate’ row, even though the Crown Prosecution Service said there was insufficient evidence to suggest the… Continue reading

Chris Jones and Stuart Hinton arrive for questioning. Image: Getty

Under questioning, the Plebgate police stick to their lines

5 November 2013 18:35

All the best apologies these days are celebrated with a nice autotune session on YouTube. But this afternoon’s apologies, if you can call them that, from Detective Sergeant Stuart Hinton… Continue reading

Inspector Ken MacKaill, Sergeant Chris Jones and Detective Sergeant Stuart Hinton have not been cut loose by the Police Federation. Image: Getty

Feeding the Feds

28 October 2013 12:21

‘ello, ‘ello, ‘ello. What’s all this, then? The Police Federation has been trying to distance itself from the three coppers who who were hauled before Parliament last week to explain… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Andrew Mitchell: A strange apology

21 October 2013 16:51

Over the past thirteen months since the ‘plebgate’ row broke over Andrew Mitchell and subsequently broke the then chief whip’s career, a number of pieces entitled or themed ‘Andrew Mitchell:… Continue reading

Poster campaign against police cuts

A plot to harm ministers has harmed the plotters more

16 October 2013 9:00

Presumably one of the motivations behind the decision of Police Federation members to try to discredit Andrew Mitchell was an attempt to discredit the government’s wider reforms of and cuts… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 16.29.50

Theresa May’s apology to Andrew Mitchell

15 October 2013 16:50

Giving evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee this afternoon, Theresa May said it would be ‘appropriate’ for the West Mercia chief constable to apologise to Andrew Mitchell over the… Continue reading


Why can’t Justine Greening pretend to enjoy her job?

29 September 2013 16:11

Does Justine Greening enjoy being International Development Secretary? I ask only because while the text of her speech to the Conservative party conference contained a lengthy defence of aid spending,… Continue reading

Public Administration Select Committee Publish Their Report Into The Andrew Mitchell Plebgate Inquiry

Andrew Mitchell is still waiting for justice

12 September 2013 9:29

A week ago next Thursday marks the first anniversary of the Curious Incident of the Chief Whip in the Night-time. The chief whip, Andrew Mitchell, did nothing — or very… Continue reading

Public Administration Select Committee Publish Their Report Into The Andrew Mitchell Plebgate Inquiry

We know Andrew Mitchell was framed. Now, give him his old job back

12 July 2013 10:36

Andrew Mitchell was forced to resign as the Tory Chief Whip last autumn because he called policemen at the Downing Street gates ‘plebs’. Then it turned out, as I suggested… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Andrew Mitchell, friend of the civil service

10 June 2013 13:17

Tensions between some ministers and the civil service are at boiling point, with vicious briefings taking place on both sides. Seemingly keen to keep the pen-pushers sweet, former Chief Whip… Continue reading

Public Administration Select Committee Publish Their Report Into The Andrew Mitchell Plebgate Inquiry

Is Andrew Mitchell the right man for Britain in Europe?

4 April 2013 10:50

It now looks almost certain that Andrew Mitchell will be our next EU Commissioner in 2014. The job was not advertised and the backroom selection process remains a mystery. In… Continue reading

Andrew Mitchell

Mitch’s pitch on Europe

20 February 2013 17:52

Andrew Mitchell’s piece in the FT today marks his return to normal politics post-Plebgate. Up to now, Mitchell has confined his post-resignation comments either to his old stomping ground of… Continue reading

This man needs your help. Image: Getty

Can you help Andrew Mitchell?

10 January 2013 16:22

Andrew Mitchell, formerly of DFID, urgently needs Coffee Housers’ help. It seems he won’t believe DFID wastes money, unless he sees actual, concrete examples. Last week, in the magazine, we… Continue reading


Three problems with Sir Jeremy Heywood’s ‘plebgate’ evidence

10 January 2013 14:56

Sir Jeremy Heywood’s evidence to MPs on the Andrew Mitchell row didn’t go down very well at all this morning. Though a powerful man, the Cabinet Secretary is not well-liked… Continue reading


PMQs: Leaders trade dull insults as Andrew Mitchell holds court

9 January 2013 13:37

No one could call today’s PMQs illuminating. Ed Miliband led on the whole embarrassment of a Downing Street aide being snapped with a memo about whether to release a full… Continue reading