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A hard-Left anarchist tears into Isis and its liberal apologists. Blimey

15 November 2014 17:44

Update: He’s called Martin Wright and you can see a clip of him speaking here at a Class War event in…

In today's Guardian, George Monbiot, former anarchist and man of the people, describes his conversion to the bourgeoisie. Image: Getty

George Monbiot joins the bourgeoisie

26 December 2012 18:42

They always manage to pull something special out of the hat at Christmas, over at the Guardian. Last year it…

Up Down and More of This Irish Anarchy

2 May 2012 22:05

A propos nothing at all except coming across it in a comment over at Slugger O’Toole, here’s a jolly tale…

Fianna Fail: Winning the Anarchist Vote (Though Not Much Else)

17 February 2011 19:22

Who knew Sligo Town was such a cradle for logic and anarchy? If only more usually-pointless TV vox pops were…