Afghan withdrawal

An Afghan soldier mans the machine gun on a helicopter ferrying troops from Camp Bastion in Helmand province to Kandahar military base. October 12, 2009. (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

Farewell to Afghanistan (for now)

26 October 2014 22:01

Britain has ended combat operations in Afghanistan. The war did topple the Taleban, but it hasn’t got rid of them. It has improved some things in Afghanistan – better roads,… Continue reading

Afghanistan is not worth another life, says Lord Ashdown, except if that life is sacrificed in securing withdrawal.

Lord Ashdown: Get out of Afghanistan quickly

16 November 2012 9:56

The headline on Lord Ashdown’s piece on Afghanistan in today’s Times (£) will please Lib Dem strategists. ‘This awful mistake mustn’t claim more lives.’ It allows the Lib Dems to… Continue reading


A black anniversary

19 August 2011 8:57

Even after 10 years, Afghanistan still has the capacity to shock. Details of the attack on Kabul are vague, but it seems that a posse of Taliban fighters dressed in… Continue reading


Making the peace is a risky business

16 July 2011 12:18

The UN has lifted sanctions on 14 Taliban leaders, the strongest indication yet that the international community is opening a negotiated settlement with elements of the Afghan insurgency. Indeed, Germany’s… Continue reading


The Afghan conflict creates other conflicts for Cameron

5 July 2011 9:00

Another day, yesterday, to remind us of the precariousness of everything in Afghanistan. With David Cameron in the country, it was announced, first, that a British soldier had gone missing… Continue reading


What will emerge from the ashes in Afghanistan?

29 June 2011 9:03

On Monday, James drew attention to Dexter Filkins’ stark assessment of the situation in Afghanstan and of the strength of the Taliban. Today, the attack on a hotel in Kabul… Continue reading


Retreating from Kabul

8 June 2011 10:41

Britain’s former envoy to Kabul, Sherard Cowper-Coles, has written an op-ed about NATO’s coming withdrawal from Afghanistan in this morning’s Times (£). The unspoken analysis is that: having failed to… Continue reading


The coalition’s 2015 problem

31 May 2011 16:10

The generals and the politicians are at odds with each other. This much has been clear since the run-up to last year’s Defence Review, but it finds a particularly clear… Continue reading


What the death of Bin Laden means for Af-Pak policy

2 May 2011 14:21

The political and strategic implications of Osama Bin Laden’s death are legion. One of the biggest impacts of this operation could well be that it speeds up the US withdrawal… Continue reading


Obama’s military reshuffle

28 April 2011 19:27

President Obamna’s nomination of  General Petraeus to run the CIA will have a huge knock on effect on the US military. Petraeus will have to resign his commission to take… Continue reading


Saluting the fallen in Afghanistan

14 November 2010 16:01

It is to be hoped that Prince William’s visit to Afghanistan for Remembrance Sunday was a morale boost to the troops out there, a reminder that the nation appreciates their… Continue reading


The defeated brother delivers a winning speech

27 September 2010 11:32

David Miliband’s address to the Labour conference ended as it began: with a  standing ovation. Sentimentality and sympathy, perhaps – but it was also deserved. This was a speech that… Continue reading


Cameron’s close shave

27 August 2010 13:03

As Paul Goodman notes, being Prime Minister means taking risks. So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised to read in the Times (£) that, during his recent trip to Afghanistan, the… Continue reading