Ramallah, August 2014 (Photo: Abbas Momani, AFP)

Recognising a Palestinian ‘state’ in Parliament is not only pointless, it’s dangerous

13 October 2014 17:36

Today in Parliament, MPs are voting on a backbench motion (supported by a one-line whip from the Labour party) proposing that Britain recognises Palestine as a state. The motion attempts push a… Continue reading

Jerusalem Security Heightened Amid Threat Of Attacks

Death of the Two-State Solution

12 March 2013 13:49

At the (rejuvenated) New Republic, Ben Birnbaum has a comprehensive and comprehensively-depressing survey of the last-gasp prospects for a two-state solution to the Middle East ‘peace process’. If the two-state… Continue reading

Mahmoud Abbas addressing the United Nations earlier this evening. Image: Getty.

Abbas and the death of the two-state solution

29 November 2012 22:19

If anybody still wonders why there has not been a two-state solution long ago to the most famous – albeit least bloody – Middle East conflict, tonight’s UN speech by… Continue reading


Palestine presses on in the UN

4 November 2011 14:22

While the Palestinian bid for membership at the United Nations moved closer to rejection, it turned out that Palestine has a veto over which UN agencies the United States funds.… Continue reading


The new Israel and Palestine question

22 September 2011 14:16

The halls of the UN are packed with presidents and foreign ministers. But for all the thousands of subjects under discussion, this year’s General Assembly will be remembered for one… Continue reading


Abbas pitches for a Palestinian state

16 September 2011 17:39

As Daniel wrote this morning, the Middle East peace process has returned to the headlines. Palestinian President Abbas has called for Palestine to be granted full membership of the United… Continue reading