Ramallah, August 2014 (Photo: Abbas Momani, AFP)

Recognising a Palestinian ‘state’ in Parliament is not only pointless, it’s dangerous

13 October 2014 17:36

Today in Parliament, MPs are voting on a backbench motion (supported by a one-line whip from the Labour party) proposing that…

Jerusalem Security Heightened Amid Threat Of Attacks

Death of the Two-State Solution

12 March 2013 13:49

At the (rejuvenated) New Republic, Ben Birnbaum has a comprehensive and comprehensively-depressing survey of the last-gasp prospects for a two-state…

Mahmoud Abbas addressing the United Nations earlier this evening. Image: Getty.

Abbas and the death of the two-state solution

29 November 2012 22:19

If anybody still wonders why there has not been a two-state solution long ago to the most famous – albeit…

Palestine presses on in the UN

4 November 2011 14:22

While the Palestinian bid for membership at the United Nations moved closer to rejection, it turned out that Palestine has…

The new Israel and Palestine question

22 September 2011 14:16

The halls of the UN are packed with presidents and foreign ministers. But for all the thousands of subjects under…

Abbas pitches for a Palestinian state

16 September 2011 17:39

As Daniel wrote this morning, the Middle East peace process has returned to the headlines. Palestinian President Abbas has called…