2015 general election

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The confusion of Ukip’s immigration policy

31 March 2015 17:09

Immigration is a pretty important driver for voters who turn to Ukip. So you would have imagined that the party might have spent a while really making sure that its… Continue reading


Can Natalie Bennett exceed expectations on Thursday night?

31 March 2015 12:09

Few politicians can have gone into a debate with lower expectations than Natalie Bennett. After her ‘brain fade’ on LBC, the Green leader has been roundly written off. There have… Continue reading

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Cameron: It is me or Miliband

30 March 2015 12:55

It is rare for politicians to mention their opponents by name – don’t give them the publicity is the normal approach. But standing in Downing Street just now to announce… Continue reading

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Stakes raised ahead of Thursday night’s debate

29 March 2015 13:00

The stakes have been raised, at least psychologically, for Thursday night’s debate. Today’s YouGov poll has Labour four points ahead, in contrast to a two point Tory lead in their… Continue reading

Oscar Pistorius at the Pretoria High Court. Photo: Alet Pretorius/Foto24/Gallo Images/Getty Images

Revealed: Labour candidate’s joke about Oscar Pistorius shooting

23 March 2015 18:02

David Cameron is facing calls from Labour to discipline a local council candidate after they dressed as Oscar Pistorius for a costume party. Gregg Peers – who is standing for the Conservatives… Continue reading

Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband Speaks At The Scottish Labour conference

Ed Miliband’s brother bother is back

23 March 2015 11:44

Miliband finally got some good media coverage this weekend. Alas, it was David rather than Ed who was on the receiving end. The Labour leader’s brother was branded ‘Celebrity Big Brother’… Continue reading

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When will voters really tune into the election campaign?

22 March 2015 10:33

With just over six weeks to go to polling day, the mood of the parties is now largely determined by the opinion polls. This morning’s crop are a mixed bunch.… Continue reading

Boris Johnson Stand For Selection As An MP

The Boris approach

21 March 2015 11:46

It is sometimes easy to forget that Boris is more than just a personality, that he has policy views too. In interviews with The Mail and The Times this morning,… Continue reading

Prince George Of Cambridge First Birthday

Royal baby due at height of general election campaign

18 March 2015 16:37

Two of the biggest media circuses are set to collide. The 2013 press storm that greeted the arrival of Prince George looks likely to return when the Duchess of Cambridge gives birth… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: David Cameron shows off his well-stocked kitchen

17 March 2015 15:15

Sarah Vine criticised Ed Miliband in the Daily Mail after the Labour leader posed with his wife Justine in a bare kitchen for a BBC interview. Although the ‘forlorn little kitchen’ turned out to just be… Continue reading

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PMQs sketch: Miliband could have lost the election today

11 March 2015 16:33

Was this the day Ed Miliband lost the election? Only two PMQs remain before polling day and the Labour leader used all six questions to ask David Cameron one thing:… Continue reading

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Nigel Farage calls for Electoral Commission to be closed down after FUKP decision

9 March 2015 9:49

Mr S’s disclosure that the Electoral Commission have approved Al Murray’s Freedom United Kingdom Party as an official party for the election has not gone down well with Nigel Farage. The leader… Continue reading

Ian Bone predicts rioting on the streets if Dan Snow, above, is chosen as the Tory candidate for Kensington

Good news for the Class War candidate in Kensington

7 March 2015 10:00

After Mr S brought you the news last week that old-school anarchist and ‘Class War’ editor Ian Bone wanted to run in Kensington, his class struggle group – in a surprisingly officious process… Continue reading


Exclusive: Electoral Commission gives Al Murray’s party the green light

6 March 2015 16:11

Oh dear, Mr S has some bad news for Nigel Farage. The Ukip leader’s South Thanet rival Al Murray has had his application to make the Freedom United Kingdom Party… Continue reading

UKIP Spring Conference

Ukip should not attack others for attacks

6 March 2015 14:07

‘What I’m seeing in this election is the influence of these big American advisers and it’s becoming the most negative, personal and nasty campaign I’ve ever seen.’ So said Nigel… Continue reading


Coffee Shots: Nick Clegg takes a cooking lesson

5 March 2015 16:30

Miriam Clegg said in a recent interview that she had banned her husband Nick Clegg from the kitchen on ‘health and safety grounds’. But happily, the leader of the Liberal Democrats can… Continue reading

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Has a Tory MP been editing his Wikipedia page from the Houses of Parliament?

5 March 2015 14:12

Thanks to the internet, it has become increasingly difficult for politicians to hide any past indiscretions. However, this hasn’t put some MPs off from trying. Mr S has noticed some edits… Continue reading

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National parties no more

28 February 2015 14:10

All the election forecast models agree, the next election result is going to be remarkably tight. On these models, neither Labour nor the Tories are going to come close to… Continue reading

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How bad are things for the Liberal Democrats?

19 February 2015 20:00

One of the most remarkable things about this parliament is how the Liberal Democrats have continued to hold their nerve in the face of truly dire poll ratings. Now, partly… Continue reading

To the left, to the left, (Photo: Getty)

Watch: Ed Miliband mucks up his lines

16 February 2015 17:47

Ed Miliband appears to have found some safe ground for his party this week, attacking the Tories whenever he can over tax avoidance claims. If he plans to continue on this note, Mr… Continue reading

Conservative Party Conference 2012

Tory MP accepts donation from banker who used same tax avoidance scheme as Jimmy Carr

16 February 2015 13:19

With the Tories currently getting flak for holding a ball for the party’s super rich donors in the same week queries were raised about their tax habits, Ken Clarke appeared on the Sunday… Continue reading

David Haigh is a former managing director of Leeds United

Conservatives invite Dubai prisoner David Haigh to attend Tory campaign day

13 February 2015 13:20

Conservative HQ might want to think a bit more carefully in the future when it comes to the guest list for their events. Mr S only makes the suggestion after… Continue reading

Green party leader Natalie Bennett. Picture: PA

Greens finally admit a thousand members have not paid up

10 February 2015 14:26

The Green Party have finally admitted that their numbers are a bit squiffy. No, not their bonkers universal minimum income plans, rather their artificially inflated membership data. Mr S has… Continue reading


Conservatives website glitch ‘reveals’ non-target Tory seats

10 February 2015 13:41

With the Tory’s Black & White Tie Ball to prepare for yesterday, it’s understandable that the brains at Conservative HQ may not have been 100 per cent focussed. This could explain… Continue reading

Larry the Downing Street Cat Waits Outside Number 10

Will anyone be able to govern Britain after the next election?

8 February 2015 10:35

With every week that goes by, the more likely it is that the next election could result in a stalemate with neither Labour nor the Tories able to put together… Continue reading