‘I don’t think Russell Brand has read much Orwell’, says the Catholic Herald, responding to the multi-millionaire revolutionary’s YouTube claim that IS are less of a threat than David Cameron:

‘Not just because he recently described Owen Jones as our generation’s incarnation of the left-wing iconoclast, but because yesterday he engaged in the kind of apologia for foreign fascism which the great man built his reputation on condemning.’

Brand’s video has now been seen by more than 200,000 people, and guess who is helping him make these visual treats happen? Non other than the self-confessed plagiarist and disgraced former Indy columnist Johann Hari.

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Hari was the ideological lodestar for the latest generation of lefty scribblers like Owen Jones and Laurie Penny, before his astonishing fall from grace upon being exposed for inventing quotes and even whole interviews. He claims in the biography of his new book that he ‘currently produces Russell Brand’s podcast and YouTube channel’. Though Johann has a track record for making stuff up, something tells Mr S this one is on the money.

All this makes Random House’s claim in May that Hari was not writing Brand’s revolutionary manifesto, that will be published for profit, look a little shaky.

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