What is it with the Daily Mirror and its spectacular ability to cock up its front page? We all remember the circumstances that led to Piers Morgan’s (first) spectacular fall. And the current editor is not having such a good run of things either. First there was the splash about British children living below the poverty line, but the photo used to illustrate the piece was taken in America in 2009. And today the paper has an incredible global scoop:

Monday’s Mirror front page exclusive: Ebola terror as Sierra Leone passenger dies at Gatwick http://t.co/YijDuBzYtX pic.twitter.com/5eS9SHyV2i

— Daily Mirror (@DailyMirror) August 3, 2014


Fortunately, it’s set to remain an exclusive because the story is weapons grade baloney. There was no ‘Ebola Terror’; the tests were negative. Red topped, red faces all round.

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