Husbands and wives across London gathered last night to hear Tim Dowling’s informed advice on How to be a Husband. At last night’s launch of his book of that title, Dowling told Mr S that marriage isn’t dissimilar from flying in a police helicopter – a task he’d confronted earlier in the day.

‘You get on it, you don’t know where it’s going or why you’re in it,’ he started, before pointing out ‘the difference is that you can’t put children in the helicopter and you can’t get out when the person next to you is being sick.’

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Industry friends were present, including publisher William Sieghart, columnists Janice Turner and Rachel Johnson, and novelists Louisa Young and Ben Mcintyre with wife, journalist Kate Muir. Also in attendance were chefs Simon Hopkinson and Rowley Leigh.

And what did Mrs Dowling make of her husband’s advice? ‘Take a parachute.’

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