Filming of season three of Netflix’s House of Cards will begin in four weeks’ time in Maryland, creator Michael Dobbs revealed at Norman Tebbit’s book launch last night.

Lord Dobbs, who was an advisor to Thatcher, said that he had to ‘tone things down a little bit’ to make the plot ‘credible’, although he’s clearly proud of his work, telling Mr S:

‘Kevin [Spacey] is wicked. It’s like the West Wing for Werewolves’.

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When he’s not the toast of America’s TV, Dobbs sits on the Lords’ standards committee. Channelling his inner chief-whip, Dobbs says he’s ‘tightening up on behaviour’ in the upper chamber:

‘We are doing things properly, making sure rules are obeyed and taxpayers’ money is not being squandered. So it’s been a busy afternoon’.

Real life Lord Urquharts beware.

Asked how things would differ if he were writing a contemporary British House of Cards, Dobbs said: ‘we won in 1979 and changed the world without so much as a computer’.

Meanwhile Lord Tebbit’s book, Ben’s Story, is about a radioactive telekinetic Russian dog.

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