Norman Baker was dispatched to the Home Office at the last reshuffle in order to have a strong liberal voice in the department; it was felt that the Tories’ favourite Lib Dem, Jeremy Browne, had been too ‘right wing’. Baker promised to give a ‘clear, liberal input’ from day one. Funny, then, that he is overseeing the reclassification of Ketamine from Class C to Class B, especially as Nick Clegg has said that Britain needs to look again at drug legalisation after his recent fact-finding trip to Columbia.

For the uninitiated, Ketamine is a horse tranquilizer that has somehow been labelled as a ‘dance drug’. Mr S recommends that some government types give Ket a whirl and see how the dancing goes – imagine dear old Norman and Nick staring at their hands for six hours while muttering about AV. Perhaps that would make it Class A.

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