The row over the immigration status of Ed Miliband’s American guru Arnie Graf rumbles on (with a question at PMQs).

Sprung with the story on TV yesterday, Labour’s Chris Leslie dismissed it as ‘mischief’ and then mumbled something incomprehensible about Lynton Crosby, the Tories’ Aussie guru.

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I’m told, however, that Crosby has a Tier 1 visa for highly skilled migrants. The Home Office defines the Tier 1 category thus:

‘The Tier 1 (General) category allows highly skilled people to look for work or self-employment opportunities in the UK. Tier 1 (General) migrants can seek employment in the UK without a sponsor, and can take up self-employment and business opportunities here.’

So there goes that little diversionary tactic, leaving Labour with the awkward fact that they have reimbursed the work permit-less Graf for his expenses and lost earnings. Ho hum.

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