There are so many Russians in London that they are able to pack the Royal Albert Hall for the launch of their own season. Bentleys lined South Kensington for last night’s Russian Debutante Ball. The Royal Philharmonic struck up some tunes, the Bolshoi danced and three of the most famous Russian tenors – Dmitry Korchak, Daniil Shtoda and Vladimir Galouzine – were in fine voice. 75 Russian debs waltzed their way into London society. The take over is complete.

The irony was not lost on the ball’s organisers, who nodded to the somewhat frosty relationship between the UK and Russia currently. Mr S’s Russian is a little shaky; but, luckily, he had a translator on hand:

‘We are not an aggressive people, we love balls. We want to show that to the people of Britain. Rather than anything aggressive that might be happening right now we want to portray an image of security.’

‘We are not aggressive’ was stressed many times. It almost seemed a little, I don’t know, aggressive.

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