John Bercow has opened a new front in his war with Tory MPs: he has apparently withdrawn the very fine Speaker Bercow’s Whisky from the gift shop in Parliament. The £30 10 year old single malt was a favourite Tory tipple, and not only for the amusement of joke toasts to Bercow but because it was actually drinkable. The troops are already convinced that Bercow is biased, and they cannot stand his pomposity. Could being forced back on the £23 House of Commons blended scotch be the final humiliation?

UPDATE: Good news! The Speaker’s minions have been in touch to inform Mr S that the whisky is still on sale, despite the lamentations of various Tory MPs. One hopes that this story was not merely another whispering campaign by naughty Tory MPs against their former colleague. That would be unpleasant.

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